Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I caved, I finally got the holy grail concealer that the blogging world is raving about and I have to say I'm impressed! You will be too when you see the proof below, it is simply the best, better than all the rest!
 The lightest shade is the concealer, the other shade is the foundation i've been using with this! The formula is fairly thick but not overly, it doesnt dry immediately so gives enough time to blend and build up if you really need to but its such a good coverage you dont have to. It works brilliantly on spots and dark patches. It doesnt dry the skin and leave like scabby bits at the end of the day (sounds gross but we've all been their if we have dry skin).  I really enjoy using this and although the packaging is wearing the product is fantastic and for £4.19 its brilliant! Much cheaper and worthy than my mac!

I'll let these photos do the talking really, to prove how amazing it is for redness, under eye circles, blemishes and freckles!

Sorry for the gross skin, but this really does prove how amazing it is! The shade range is really versitile and not too orangey either! I cannot stress how good it is, especially if you suffer from dark circles like myself! If you question buying this and just havent done so yet, do it! Especially for christmas!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the difference for yourself! Go buy it!

p.s yay for blogging, and thank you for helping me reach 540 followers!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


If you're not blessed with straight teeth and have been told you've got braces, you just want to find out or you may already have them, then this post is for you. I've had my braces for nearly a year now so I pretty much have had everything thrown at me. I'll say it now before you really read on, I will go into slight detail, and they're are obviously pictures of teeth, if you are not fans of either things about dentistry then I'd advise not reading on, however this is helpful as I will give you tips and things and things that the dentist or friends tell you haha!

So, lets start from the beginning, I got my braces in November 2010. This is what I looked like before braces. This was 2009 despite the label ha-ha, this was a meal out at Frankie and Bennie's and as you can see, I am a big smiler, and this was how I used to smile, you can see a full set of teeth and there are some that poke out more. Despite not visiting a dentist for 2 years 2008-2009 as they kicked me off the list as it went private, I had not many problems with my teeth and I didn't really think that I needed braces because I was happy to smile and I was happy with my smile.

Later on, my parents decided it would be good to get a check up on my teeth and despite a small amount of discoloration, I didn't think the first appointment would be ' YOU NEEDED! Braces'. So I said yes, I was ready to have them, no time like the present and to be on the NHS and get £2000-£4000 worth of dentistry performed for free I would be very silly to say no. 

I think my teeth had got somewhat worse in the months before my treatment, shown here.

You can see my overbite, and I dont know the correct term but obviously teeth that are not aligned or straight. I think this photo really sums up how bad they got, and luckily two months later I got the brace.
So November, I got my brace put in, here's kinda the running order of that day.
-I was told to come in for a 45 minute appointment, thinking it would be moulds, photos and xrays ect. So theres me in my school uniform just popped out of school thinking I'd be returning, I go in to find I get an xray and they put the brace on. 
-I had been told by my regular dentist (I have two, regular teeth inspection , and Orthodontist, the one who deals with all things brace related) that I would have 2 teeth out to even out the teeth and to remove the crowding.
-The brace was put on and then they told me to return in 2 months. That was it, you get given a brace pack with things to help you out and you're done.

Things they do not tell you: 
-You're lips go incredibly dry because you're mouth is like opened up wide by a separator so all teeth are visible. Make sure to apply tons of vaseline to your lips before your treatment so that you dont walk out feeling like you've not drunk in 2 years.
-Instantly your teeth feel sensitive, you cannot bite on even bread or put glasses in your mouth because if the glass was to accidently touch your teeth, trust me, it hurts!
-You just want to sleep, that is the main pain reliever.

Basically, I went home and took the day off school, I didn't know really what was to happen so I just stayed home and laid down. It aches a lot, not like a pain its just an ache that cant really be treated with paracetamol, it helps a little but it doesn't work because you're moving teeth which cant exactly be treated for pain.

My main advice which no one gave me, is to sleep, find a comfy cushion (that you don't mind dribble on, ew!! I know, but you're mouth goes a bit odd and you may dribble in your sleep ,only the first day.) Just relax it. 
As for food, there isn't much I did eat. I think the best food is a non spicy chilli con carne, because you don't have to chew it and it will stop the hunger. Some people say Ice Cream, but I found anything cold hurt. Its up to you what your pain threshold can take, everyone is different but this was my experience.
The first day you look really odd in braces, they probably wont 'suit' you on the first day as your mouth wont open the way it should. 

So a month later, I had one tooth taken out, which is the worst. I had like 7 injections to numb my gums because apparently my gums are just too macho for one. That is the worst because the took it out with a brace in, not even sure that was like possible, but it is. Then another week later I had the same tooth on the other side out. I really didn't like the gap, it made me feel a bit weary of my appearance, but they soon hide away, and you can barely see mine anymore.

So every few months they are tightened, thats not much fun as they ache quite a lot however you see instant results with the tightening and the gaps become smaller each time. Mine still have a little to go but they've decreased a lot.  Here are some more pictures of me and my brace over the past year, and then I'll go onto bands.

So as you can see, the sticky out tooth in the first picture is unnoticeable, gaps are not noticeable and overbite is definitely smaller. The top two pictures are 8 months of treatment.

So onto bands! These are like the big pull, I dont honestly know how long I have left, but from what i've seen through friends and online, bands are put on near the end of your treatment to make everything really work. They do ache for like 2 days and eating is such a pain. Physically and not. Again I ate chilli and really soft things. You have to take them out every meal and sometimes on a snack, rumored that if you wear them when you eat it helps them to work but I have no idea if its true, I just cant be bothered to keep taking them out. You get a few packets to get on with and the dentist will show you how to apply yours, mine are like this.

Sorry about the skin and the close up, the bands are a yellow colour which is such a pain as it looks gross. I also have the brackets on it on the top teeth. As you can see everything is straight and on its way to nearly being finished.

Basically, its been a long road, but you get used to them. Apart from pictures I cant really remember not having them on. Brushing is easy, eating got so easy that I could have a corn on the cob. 

The worst foods are BREAD! (bread is the worst, gets so stuck its like the devil) and Apple would probably break your teeth. I even managed to eat gum (slaps wrist, despite not meaning to).

Pain/ache's only last a few days, and whats a few days for a lifetime of straight teeth and nice smiles.


I will obviously post you my new smile when it is done, I cant imagine I have more than 6 months to go. (Trust me, goes so quickly, It feels like I've only had the brace for a few months, not 10/11!)

I hope this has honestly helped you out, I really recommend them if you have the opportunity to get them.

Many thanks for reading all of this!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream.

 I recently decided to buy the Creme puff from Collection 2000. I currently own cotton Candy which is not what I even expected it to be but I am thoroughly pleased with.
Despite reading so many positive reviews on these, I still thought with my dry lips from my braces, I was adamant that this would make them dry and obviously cracked but it's the utter opposite. The consistency starts off slightly wet, but dries to a beautiful matte and pigmented colour. Cotton Candy is a beautiful hot pink which in look instore I thought was a plain pink but I think I'm more happier with this colour. It is a mousse/fluffy consistency which smells like American Cupcake Sponge haha, so odd to think of that but it occurred to me last night that was the exact smell. It is a gorgeous smell and it comes with a sponge applicator which is very easy to use. Application is so easy and can be so precise that you can see where I just missed a small section of my mouth, but no big deal but the brush is so easy to make a precise application and it doesn't smudge everywhere.

It's really moisturising and it really suits my skin tone and mouth, it may sound odd but some pale colours can make my mouth/teeth look really quite ew. So this makes my teeth appear whiter and does not make the metal in my brace appear too shiny which I hate. 

I really want to buy the other colours which are 2 nudier colours and another pink which I believe is a coral pink/red. For £2.99 this is one lip product I'm very impressed with and would happily pick up more. 
The only downside to this product is that it does wear away quite patchy, but once it has completely worn it does go. It doesn't do what some lipsticks do and hide in the cracks of your lips. 

I really recommend these and will definitely be buying more shades soon!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Liz Earle Skin Tonic

I have been using the cleanse and polish for about 4 weeks now and only recently have I been using the Skin Tonic which accompanies the cleanser to help erase any residue or help to refresh the skin. My skin is very clean and clear when I use the cleanser anyway so I didnt think the toner/tonic would do much more.

However, it really is a big help! It makes your skin feel so refreshed and I definitely think it helps to calm and eliminate spots. I don't really know why its helped get rid of acne but it has and Im so thankful for it doing so as my skin is looking pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

The tonic comes in a number of sizes from 30ml spritz to 200ml bottle. It can be spritzed over makeup or after cleansing, which is what I use. It has a refreshing scent and is a cool liquid, so a definite necessity over the summer when your skin feels hot and you just want to cool off before bed.

It smells gorgeous, very light and fresh and works in harmony with the smell of cleanse and polish. It definately makes you feel like your treating your skin well.

Like most Liz Earle products there are naturally active ingredients which I think are important in making it part of your routine. I definately find that if I dont stick with my routine then my skin crashes and I have to start over to get it back to clear.
The bottle is very unique and is a twist cap. It also says generous amount can be applied, but I use a small amount and it covers my face. I wouldnt recommend this on its own or for heavy eye makeup but you can use it over to get rid of any makeup traces left. This definitely hasn't hurt my eyes when wiping over.

Its a very basic product but I really do think its worth investing in as it adds to enhancing the performance of the cleanser. You can buy Liz Earle products from their website or from selected John Lewis stores. I really love this product and if you own the cleanser and want to step it up I really reccomend buying this!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

ELF HD Powder

This is probably the hardest review ever. This product is such a good product but you could say its invisible.  If I tell you what ELF claims it does and I'll go from there as its so hard to review!

ELF's store description:

The high definition loose powder creates a "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.

The microfine particles are designed to be used with high-definition camera technology or for everyday wear. Apply powder all over the face for a professional and youthful look of perfection.

I definately agree with the claims it describes, It makes the skin look calm and soft, no area looks more prominately better or worse than another area and although I don't have any fine lines.
I have one area on my nose that is a crease I got when I whacked my nose on a windowsill when I was younger and sometimes foundation can show this up but if I blend a big of the HD powder on it, it is masked and looks more soft.
I use a small tapered highlighter brush to apply this as I can make it more precise where I want to apply.

The powder itself is pure white yet goes completely transparent when applied to the face. It feels velvet to the touch and when applied to the face it makes your skin look and feel soft and silky.  It works well at making my makeup last and helps redness and blending out harsh lines. It lasts quite a long time and doesnt sink it too much but I wouldn't recommend using a makeup set after this, use it before as it would make the powder go weird if you did. This does hide shine, however it makes it more of a dewy look rather than matte.

Overall this is a strange product, I love it loads but I cant tell you why. It just sets my makeup perfectly with a lovely finish, it prolongs how lasting my makeup is aswell as making my face look perfect in pictures. I love it but am unsure if I would repurchase just because I could see there complexion perfection doing the same job. This product holds 8g, which is quite a lot but for £6 you expect to receive this amount anyway.

Hope you liked this review, sorry its not brilliant but it is a hard product to review as it isn't an obvious enhancement like a foundation or pressed powder. 

Let me know if you need any more answers to this product,

Sunday, 17 July 2011

He Shi Liquid Tan

As some of you may know I've become quite a tan-a-holic recently. I have started to make tanning a weekly or fortnightly routine. Even to have a glow is making my confidence peak just a little bit. I feel with my skintone a little colour makes me look a bit healthier so I was more than happy to try this tan!

I'd only heard of He Shi on a couple of blogs and some salons I think stock it, I cant remember but it wasnt a large name I'd heard of but then again St Moriz was a small little brand and now look at it, so I though this was worth a shot! It is a mildly expensive tanner for me, some may think this is reasonable but I think i'd probably buy this for special occasions or when I really felt like treating myself. This tan costs £20 from http://www.thebeautybooth.com which has free p&p which for any online spender is a plus! As I said, it is a little more than most tanners but it is definitely more unique than others.

The tan is as the name suggests a liquid, it comes in a to easy to use bottle with a topper that stops it completely gushing out at once.
 You drip a small amount on your mit and quickly buff into your skin, it shows up as a dark liquid on the mitt but on skin its a light brown. I put this on before bed then when I wake up Im a dark tan.
 The dark tan is nice but for pasty skin like mine, you probably would prefer to not be as dark, so I have a shower and it takes off a small amount, you're left with a lovely glowing colour and its definitely buildable i.e put it on tonight, shower tomorrow morning, more on tomorrow night ,wash off day after and you'd be left with a lovely colour!



I think these pictures are pretty much self explanatory! I had to use flash so unfortunately changed some of the colour at the top but as you can see my arms are glowy! You can also see in the first pic of my arm where I washed my hands immediately after and am left with a line however this was patched up easily! If you want to get this for yourself check out beautybooth.com. Hope you are tanspired!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Products I Regret Buying #1

To some of my longer followers you are probably aware I am not really a negative reviewer, I tend to like most things that I buy as I do a hell of a lot of review searching before I buy things on practically everything, even PR samples, I tend to check out reviews before I accept them to just find out a little more about some of the product so I know how to use it and a little more behind it.

So I thought to get my blogging mojo back  I thought I'd finally crack on with the negative post. Yes, I dislike these products but it doesnt mean I hate the rest of the products the brand do. I hate hatin' but this is more of a constructive criticism post as I explain how it could be better. Let me know what your hates are or if you have these products let me know your experiences!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion-
I HATE this, when my skin was really teenage spot ridden I was left with quite a lot of scaring and redness and bumps. So I thought this would be a good product as I like anything that you put on before bed and I thought it would do as it says. But it doesnt, It smells nothing like tea tree more like a dodgy bush in a ditch and it just did nothing. Im pretty sure at one point it broke me out. I did try it again and tried it on my back for the spots and bumps on my back but alas it did nothing but created more. I really think if your going to fade blemishes you do it with more calmer products as I just think this isnt any good for spots or scars.

hatin' ratin'
(1 being its alright and 10 being the worst product ever invented and should never be purchased)

The Body Shop Deo Dry ,Dry Effect Deodorant-
I was so disappointed again by the body shop here. When I did work exp at the body shop these sounded brill and weren't to expensive. The idea was great that you could  buy the refills and they do smell really nice. The use of DRY in the title really was a plus for someone like me who lets put it this way, needs a good long lasting deodorant. I was throughly saddened when this couldnt even last 3 hours. It made my clothes really patched (yes gross but has to be said) and I physically had to take 2 showers to feel somewhat fresh again. I also HAD to use this for a few days too as I wasnt going shopping anytime soon as I had school and that I had no money either. I did email them to complain about how false the claims were and they were going to refund me but the receipt had been ruined. I want to 'hope' this could of been a bad batch but I doubt it.
I dont reccomend this if you need a strong deodorant, I'd much rather use dove or sure and since keeping fresh and smelling nice is such a big deal to us girls this isnt something you really want to be concious of.

hatin' ratin'

Nivea Creme
I don't particularly hate this but I just find it so pointless. I love their showergels and body lotions but I find their cult product useless. For me I dont find it a good moisturiser as its way to thick and leaves you a sticky white mess. It isnt a lip product, you cant use it on the face and its too thick to even help with spots as it would clog them up.I think its suppose to be a moisturiser but I dont like the way it feels on my skin.
Personally I find this pointless, I can see how Vaseline is a multipurpose but this has no use to me so sits firmly in the back of my draw just incase I one day find a use.


Elf Studio Concealer-
I love elf products but this studio concealer was a let down. It is a stick so is a bit dryer than most, the colour is fine but when i opened it the stick of concealer fell out. I quickly applied it back in and tried to use it under my eyes and then on a few blemishes. It was really cakey on the eye and made me look 50 years older. As for blemishes, its okay but it doesnt last more than an hour so I guess it would be okay for a quick pop to the shop but nothing longer.


MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter-
The drugstore benefit high beam dupe was an utter fail. This is no good, it makes me look too glitter ball-esque or of a distant cousin of Edward Cullen. The applicator is not as firm as the benefit ones and more resembling to a nail polish applicator which I guess is a different approach but it makes it more fiddly to put on and therefore not as good results. I know MEMEME have upped their game and I haven't tried anything from it as so far I cant verify paying the price for some of their things. But you may like this but personally I much prefer Benefit high beam and not because its more expensive but I'd much rather pay more for the quality then £6 for something naff.

So I feel super bad now. I'd like to point out that I have some real fav products from The Body Shop so I dont want to hate upon them. I also dont mind Nivea, its only MEMEME that really needs to prove it for me.

So what do you hate? Are there any products from the brands above that just make you squirm!
Let me know! I may do another one of these if I get over the guilt haha!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fashion By Julia

Hi everyone! I’m Julia from ‘We could cause catastrophes’ and I’m guest blogging for Lisa of this lovely blog. I’ve been asked to do a fashion related post as Lisa said her readers enjoyed a variety of posts! I’ve put together 3 outfits ’ that would be lovely to wear to the beach firstly, then on a first date and also just a normal day at school/sixth form.
Firstly this outfit is for the beach. Everything in this outfit is from Topshop unintentionally which may put some people off purely of how expensive it has become recently but if you are in sixth form you can purchase a NUS card which enables you to get 10% off everything including sale items which is a massive help!

Straw corsage trilby - £30
Sandals - £43
High waisted shorts - £22
Floral bracelet - £12

This outfit would be perfect for a day on the beach as the hat would be perfect to keep the harmful sun rays off your face, the bralet and shorts combo would keep you cool as you would be showing quite a bit of skin but not too much that it looks ‘slutty’. The contrast of the pretty floral pattern and the denim goes well together as it creates a pretty combination. Sandals are obviously an essential item for walking on the hot sand and the colour of these would look perfect against tanned skin, and the orange/coral colour is very in at the moment.

Next is the outfit for a first date. This scenario requires a middle amount of effort if that makes sense because on a first date you always want to be yourself and not look like you’ve tried too hard. Obviously it depends on where you going but I’ve put together this outfit with a restaurant date in mind.

Top – £25 from Asos
Flats - £25 from Asos
Over the body bag - £20 from Topshop
Maxi skirt - £40 from Topshop

Contrary to what people think, maxi skirts look wonderful on everyone, no matter what height, they elongate shorter legs and make long legs look even longer, which may or may not be a good thing to some people, to me it’s good. This maxi dress is such a lovely colour and it would be a good investment piece as it would match and coordinate with lots of things already in your wardrobe. It goes very well with this top as the block colour compliments the pattern on the top, and the simple accessories finish the look. Flats are good option on a first date as heels can look too dressy, unless it’s a posh restaurant of course. Also you don’t want to be taller than your date!

My final outfit is for a normal day at school/sixth form if you’re lucky enough not too have a uniform like me!

Vest top - £10 from New Look
Chinos - £10 from H&M
Sandals - £24.99 from H&M
Satchel - £24.99 from New Look

This outfit is just a comfy outfit to wear day to day when you’re at school and studying. Chino’s are a great choice of trousers if you don’t like wearing jeans or leggings as they are somewhere in between, however they are extremely comfortable and easy to move around in. The top I liked as it has a collar which is appearing on many items of clothing at the moment, it makes the top look very delicate as well as the pale floral pattern on it. The sandals may clash with the pattern on the top but they go very well with chinos to carry on the casual look, also sandals are ideal to keep your feet cool when walking around. Finally a satchel is a must have for school, size is deceiving as they can fit quite a lot of things in which is ideal when you have A4 folders and notebooks every day.

There you go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and liked what I put together J



I hope you enjoyed Julia's post, her blog is a more personal blog but she often posts fashion and outfit posts which I know is what some people like to see as I find you guys like my OOTDs so please follow Julia to read of her life and fashion outfits which I am always jealous of!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

As many of you bloggers know, Liz Earle is all the rage and I knew it was time I had to find what the fuss was about. I am happy to say I am very impressed!

I have previously tried the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanse and I thought the whole idea was a little odd and dint improve that much of the skin, however the Liz Earle is a lot better interms of  quality,effectiveness and smell too! 

The concept of how to apply is to take one pump (2 if you have a full on face of makeup) and massage in circular motions across the face, remember to get the nooks and crannies like the nose and eyebrows. Then rub the cream on the eyes too. The cleanser does not irritate the eyes however I dont reccomend putting it in the eye, but take care. Then under hot water (probably as hot as you can take it) rinse it out and make sure it is only damp and not driopping. Again in circular motions massage around the face and take the cleanser off. The cloth is very large and you only need to use a small section to do your whole face aswell so the cloth will last you a good few uses.

The results!  I was at first a bit skeptical, the first use showed me the same results as any other cleanser or moisturising face wash that was soft and clean skin. However it wasn't until maybe a week later that I noticed a difference. I was becoming very dependent on this and on one day I forgot to wash my face as I was very tired my skin hated me for it, I wasn't wearing makeup but my face looked dull and sullen. 

So when I used it the next morning my dull grey skin with heavy bags and spotty skin had been transformed into soft, hydrated and brighter skin. The exfoliating muslin cloth really does make a difference and if you were to use this cleanser with cotton wool or a sponge you really would not get the same results.

As for taking makeup off, I am only worried about doing full face because one it requires a fair bit of cleanser and two I don't like completely dirtying up the muslin cloth but if I really wanted to save it up a bit I could just take eye makeup off with a baby wipe or eye makeup remover then use the cleanser after and it would still soothe the eye.

My mum brought me the Duo from Liz Earle at QVC and she kept one cloth for herself so we are sharing the bottles to double up. She likes it so far too which is good because she is hard to impress with beauty when I always throw things at her.

I am most interested in the moisturiser and skin tonic too but I wanted to make sure the cleanser suited me first!

I know this will be a firm favourite of mine and it really has cleared up and kept my skin balanced and soft for makeup application or taking makeup off.

Hope you liked the review, sorry if it sounded very similar to so many others but I promise you if you get it you WONT regret it!

Disclaimer:Purchased by my mother! ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Prom 2011!

It was my prom on wednesday so i thought I'd post some pictures of my look! Unforchantly I didnt take many photos of my hair or makeup, infact i didnt take TONS of pictures because it was all quite a bit of a buzz but here's a few of my dress and makeup/hair.

Dress- Kaliko 
Earrings-Hot Diamonds

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
ELF HD powder
Bourjois Bronzer
Sleek Avoir La Peche Eyeshadow
Sleek Avoir La Peche Blush -Tao Pan
Benefit High Beam
MUA Lipstick
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

all applied with Sigma brushes.

I was just going to get my hair cut, however my hair dresser said she was going to do something big and prom like instead and I love it! She just sorta made it up on the spot but it was amazing. It had like 30 hair pins and and guess what! NO extensions, everyone thought so, I never knew I had so much hair to use with.

Hope you like this small post! It was so much fun and I got drunk for the first time, luckily I didnt get a hangover, however I was the one who had to help a friend when she threw up about 5 times. No one else would do it and I dont even know how I did it to be honest.


Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Favourites

Hi everyone, wow this month has been eventuful for me to say the least! I've finally finished school, I've got no exams left, I have just had prom which I will show you my dress and everything like that at the Weekend Roundup I have coming up this weekend (depending on if i have any energy)
I've been taking tips from the #bbloggers chats and hopefully my photos are looking better, please let me know if you think they are okay or need improvement!

 Sudocrem Tube: These are the new tubed sudocrem's, which personally I've found so much more easier to use than the traditional tubs which to me looked massive and impossible to use. The tubes are hard to squeeze and the formula is exactly the same but I've found this has been my saviour to sunburn and dry spots. Also amazing for 'backne' (back/acne) it works really well to help heal spots.

Sigma E35/222 eyeshadow blending brush: This is a apparent dupe for the MAC 222, which is a different shape to the E25/217 however same concepts. I love this for everything, it blends concealer flawlessly, it blends shadow to make the colour to your shade preference, it also packs on colour and makes sure all the colour goes straight to the eyelid and does not stick around on the brush.

Denman HairBrush: This brush reminds me of childhood days when my grandma would sit for hours on end brushing my hip length hair and she always made it really soft with these brushes. Unfortunately we dont do things like that anymore but even I brought my nan a Denman brush for her birthday as her old one was so old I didn't even know if it was doing any good for her hair. I know she loves it and I am so glad she does. I think the brushes provide a great look to the hair, it adds shine and makes hair manageable and cancels down some of the frizz. If you are planning a really sleek look these are perfect, also this is good for grooming the hair and managing hair.I love using these brushes they make hair feel pampered and despite the expensive feel towards these products the price ranges depending on shape,size and length of your hair. For more info check out the denman website as that definitely helps you figure out the right brush for you!

MAC studio fix fluid foundation : I recently reviewed this but I knew it was a favourite of this month. I've used it practically everyday except for those two heatwave days. I also used this for prom and it stayed put all night I love the results you get with this foundation truly my HG foundation!

ELF HD Powder: I have slightly reviewed this in my guest post at http://www.peoniesandlilies.com but despite it seeming like a almost silly product it is brilliant. Its a hard product to review because you cant give evidence or swatches of how it works but it just sets everything and you can really put this on heavy without looking white at all. I use a duo fibre or a big fluffy brush to apply it. I just sweep across my face and focusing on my t-zone and it helps to mattify and perfect the areas so that in photos and film aswell in face to face your skin looks more softer and calmer.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer: I think everyone has this in their monthly favourites atleast once, it is truly my favorite bronzer, it doesnt look fake and you can build it up to give the intensity of a deeper look as you wish. I use this to just contour the cheeks or to apply more colour to the face. I love the look it gives me and I love that I can have the power over how dark it is.

Pantene 24hour Frizz Fighter Leave in Treatment: This has been a reached for product quite often and I think its a good quick fix to having to straighten your hair. If you suffer from flicky hair like I do, then this will save you because it calms down the frizz and flicks and makes your hair look more manageable or smoother so that you dont have to keep putting heat upon the hair. Really good product and works brilliantly with Smooth and Sleek collection.

All of the makeup brushes mentioned in this post can be found at www.sigmabeauty.com and I'd also like to let you into a new facebook feature on Sudocrem's bagology feature. If you missed out on the readings then there is a chance for you to find out about your bag and what lurks beneath all the coins, tissues and receipts! To view the bagology feature visit http://www.facebook.com/sudocremtube admittedly mine was quite accurate however make sure you choose the right bag! Hope you enjoy checking that out and if you want to know about any of the products above, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you want a faster answer follow me on twitter!

I will be posting about prom soon, and I have some more reviews coming up! Hope you all had a lovely week!x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I've been guest blogging!

I'm currently featuring on Peonies and Lillies blog as a guest blogger! I love Fei's blog so it was a lot of fun to be on there! I wrote about my summer must haves/survival kit! Featuring Liz Earle, Benefit and ELF! I hope you already follow her blog but if you don't check out my post and follow her whilst your at it!

Friday, 24 June 2011

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I finally caved in and brought MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, I've wanted this for absolutely ages and I think I mainly wanted it after watching Swalkermakeup's videos although she never shows how she applied it she always had amazing flawless skin and I like the way it looks on many other people.

Although I own the Select fluid foundation which I thought was amazing, I didnt realise Studio is such a heavier coverage ,which I want. I kinda wish I never brought select now and went striaght in with Studio because the coverage is what I wanted from Select but didnt get. Dont get me wrong, Select is a great medium coverage but I find Studio is a lot quicker of getting high coverage.

The foundation is a thick liquid that one pump is enough for medium coverage and two is full. 
I got my colour in NC15 despite in Select being NC20, I've found that NC15 is extremely similar to NC20 but Studio Fix Fluid oxidizes so you need a lighter colour than you normally need but trust me when the MAC girls will hook you up with the correct colour for you.

I use either a foundation brush or my F80 to apply this on a daily basis or if I am in need to cover everything up which I shall be doing for prom I will be using a Duo Fibre brush.
(above; blended just with fingers)

It takes a lot for this to blend as it is very thick but this blends out to a lovely finish. It is a matte finish which means due to its coverage you need to apply either a blush or bronzer. The MAC artist put some bronzer on me to show me how to define the face and give you some colour other wise you look very bland and only one colour which isnt natural in the slightest. 

I love this foundation. I love the finish and the coverage. I  know many think if you were heavy coverage your fake and cakey but its only fake when you get the wrong shade and you apply it awfully. I try my hardest to blend to avoid tidelines. Another plus to this product as it has not broken me out at all, thats not to say it wouldnt for you but I have combination skin if that is any consolation.
The only bad thing about this is probably that it does transfer so you have to be careful to not rest your head on your sleeve or something like that haha!
This is me wearing one layer of it!

I really recommend it, it is £19.50 and can be brought at MAC cosmetics or in some department stores.
Have you tried this foundation, what is your favourite foundation at the moment?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Big Elf Haul!

I decided to finally order from ELF (eyeslipsface.co.uk) i've wanted to for ages and although everything I really wanted was out of stock I decided to buy a few things anyway. They were giving away 10 free eyeshadow quads when you spend £20, I brought my mum two things and so I had 16 things for £20! Which was a absolute bargain! So i technically got 40 free eyeshadows!
I got a big brown box today and it was full to the brim!
These are the eyeshadow quads, I didnt have time to swatch them all but they are all fairly pigmented, not completely mac or sleek shadows but there perfect for everyday use. I now seem to have every colour I could probably need, and the neutrals are great, I also think that the bright colours are very pigmented too.

 I also got the Studio Translucent Powder and HD Powder.
The studio powder is just what I've needed for a while since tinted moisturizers often need shine control.
The HD powder was mainly for prom. I want to make sure my skin looks as good as it can in photos, as I tend to be the person who gets caught in the worst lights. Its a fine powder that makes your skin look flawless. Excited to really put this too the test soon.
From the £1.50 line I also got a Tone Correcting Concealer, which is actually very good! I wasnt so sure on this as a previous concealer i had from ELF was way off for light skin but this is actually lighter than my tone and its perfect for undereye as it has light reflecting particles in it.

I got another All Over Cover Stick, these are really quite nifty and this was in Persimmon, which is a beautiful frosted pink/bronze that I will be applying to my cheeks for a beautiful bronzed look.

This is one of the £1.50 blushers, if your looking for a matte blusher this is it. It is a nice colour but I am not sure on if I will like this because its not hugely pigmented or very big, but i will try it out!

This was one of my favourite purchases, I would of brought Natrual Nymph but that was out of stock so I got Nicely Nude instead. I really like this however I opened it up and the bullet wasn't stuck down properly and flew across the room so I have sent them an email to ask for a replacement. It is such a nice colour but i'd rather not have to fix it every time. I know this isnt too much of a problem, but since I did pay for it I'd like one that is fitted.

I cant wait to try out all of these products and some of them will be reviewed.
 If there is something you really want a review of any of these let me know!x

p.s sorry about the photo I had to use my phone as I've run out of batteries for my cameras. However when I do the swatches and other posts they will be back on form!x

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