Friday, 8 April 2011


Wow, what a mouthful this product is, hey! I brought this gradual tanner a few days ago and was eager to get it on as I was looking pasty as paper. I dont mind being pale, I'm not a tan-o-holic, however I'm not the biggest fan of the paper white look. I like gradual tanners and have used this tanner before. I may of reviewed this last year so bear with (miranda quote lol).Anyway, I thought I'd be pretty blunt in this review as normally I ramble. So here is a before picture:


 (soz for the pjs!)

 Its left me glowy, golden and not streaky.

The pictures speak for themselves really, it does give a glow, some may say its orange but I think thats the flash that's doing that, it isnt actually that dark. 

It does smell nice, but after about 3 hours it stinks of fake tan. It also gets sticky fairly quickly so dont get dressed immediately, put shorts and a tank top on or something. 

However it is cheap, it will last for ages, applied well it gives a good look and is build-able. You can get it in light, but I prefer dark due to quicker results.

It is £2.53 in superdrug at the mo, so get yourself down there now normally about £5.

Dont worry, I still want to try St Moriz and will probably buy tommorow, but just wanted to try this out again.

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