Sunday, 17 April 2011

Rimmel London 25 Hour Foundation

Everyone knows I rave about this product, but I haven't reviewed it for you. But I was asked to review it for a possible buy tomorrow so I wanted to give you my review on it!

The packaging of the foundation is brilliant. For a drugstore brand your getting a glass bottle, 30ml and you get a pump which one pump is MORE than enough so means its a lasting bottle. It is clear so you can see how much you have left aswell.

The foundation itself is a thick liquid,  The foundation only claims to last 25 hours but does not tell you about coverage. However it is a heavy coverage, or a high medium atleast. I use a foundation brush, or a stippling brush to apply this depending how I want it too look. I feel the coverage is better than my mac, however I was given a little darker than I thought. But the thing that impresses me about this is that although it does set, it blends like a dream until your satisfied. It doesnt leave a line and my friends normally pick up on any lines and havent been told of any. They do a colour lighter than this and when this one runs out, I am so going to get it. 

It covers any blemish, or area, and as I said is practically heavy coverage. It is a matte finish aswell. 

For 25 hours, Hmm I've never really tested it out, but It does last and it apparently has primer in it. But then I wonder how a product could have primer inside because you put primer on before to help stick so having it in means your sticking it to itself. Yeah..

But its a great product, I'm really surprised and again this is better than my MAC for coverage. But I do prefer my MAC for a more natural finish and to get the right colour. I still love my mac but I am running low, so I am using this for everyday and then mac for nights out ect.

I'd give this a 9/10 and only 9 because its not my perfect shade, but there is one lighter so that will definitely fit me even though this does just you have to spend a few minutes blending.

I was sent this as part of the Glamour Panel but this is not the review for them. I have had this product for a few months now so its had its chance to be worn a number of times. These are my own opinions and I am not being paid or sponsored to say these opinions.

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