Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sigma Professional Premium Kit.

Hi everyone! Look what arrived this morning! I ordered my sigma brushes from Luuux, which If you dont know what it is basically below you will find my email so if you give me an email, I will send you a little paragraph about Luuux because I really dont want to clog this post up with it.

Sigma is a makeup brush company based in the US that ships internationally.
I already own their Professional Kit which the review for that can be found here.
That review is quite old but there are some individual reviews found else where on the blog.
You can get Sigma Brushes from here and the exact brushes I received are these.

My brushes arrived in a Black Box but i cannot show you as it has my address on. It took exactly 8 days for the brushes to arrive after being dispatched.

The brushes come in a black leather case with a garboard covering around them, these are a new feature and i really love the effort that goes into the packaging. They also come inside a gift bag type of bag. 

You also get 4 leaflets. 
One telling you how to care for your brushes, one about the affiliate program, one about all the brushes in the collection and what each does and lastly the free gift for spending over $30. .

Above is the care for brushes, the first thing you should do is wash them. This makes your brushes clean from dust that they may of accumulated in delivery, it makes them generally cleansed and helps to reduce shredding and dye from coming out. This is something you should take into consideration no matter what brush brand.
This is the free gift, which I have to say I love! yes it may be travel sized but it performs just as the larger sized and is the best blending brush. Its so soft and perfect for everything you could want to blend!

The case is leather which looks so professional. I dont use the brush rolls at home but great for when going on holiday, travelling, away for the weekend ect!

The Brushes are currently on offer for $139 which is roughly, £85 which is a bargain considering, if you brought all the brushes here from mac, it would cost you approx £450-£500. 

ALL of the brushes. 8 face brushes, 6 eye!
Face Brushes.

Face and Body brush which is SO soft, and lip brush. This is amazing cant wait to try this out!

Eye brushes.

These are all of my brushes now! I have about 30! A few are elf aswell. I am so happy with my collection.

I basically am going to review my favorites when i've tried them out, but if you see anything you WANT ME TO REVIEW, SEND ME A COMMENT BELOW! Even if its one small brush, let me know and I can review it!

Buy sigma brushes from here : www.sigmabeauty.com

If you want to know about Luuux as I said. Send me an email or twitter @lisap3123 or contactlisabeauty@gmail.com
Please make the subject SIGMA/LUUUX as i get a lot of spam.

As i said, any requests, comment below, or tweet me.

Love Lisa! xx

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