Monday, 11 April 2011

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I recently purchased St Moriz after finally taking the plunge. I am not really a fake tanning girlie, but I thought WHY NOT! I want colour for prom so thought it would be best to try some out before the day and not look like an tangerine on prom night.

I was scared of applying this stuff with my hands so brought a mitt which cost me £1.99. I got both products from Savers which mine has had St Moriz for about a year now. St Moriz retails for £2.99 but can vary depending where you buy and where you live ect.

I actually purchased the Wash off Glitz St Moriz a few months ago, but it stayed in the back of my drawers because it was naff and who wants glittery wash off anyway.

I tried this the day I got it, after some exfoliating and moisturising. I used my body shop strawberry body butter and paid particular attention to my knees, ankles and elbows.   This is what the mousse looks like on before a shower,

You have to leave it 4-6 hours before showering. I just waited until the next day. I was happy with the base colour but as I found out, you  have to wash it off to reveal a more natural tan. When I showered a lot came off, the bubbles were brown, but I didnt exfoliate. I came out and was a bit sad, there wasnt the colour above, it was a glow, which is what I guess I wanted.

But I think I am going to put more on next time. As the bottle shows you first get a light bronze, then if you want brown you apply more in the next few days. Which I will try to do for prom I think. I want a little darker but it will be in June anyway so I may have a bit of natural tan, here's hoping.

So here's what it looks like AFTER a shower, so basically a DAY later.

As you can see, i've got a bronze look. Its very natural and a definate improvement from pasty white. 
So it shows that this give you an instant tan that would normally take a good Summer Month to normally achieve, it means I dont need to waste hours in the summer getting a tan and I can do other productive things!

I really like this stuff!

There's so nasty smell, I think it smells like Nivea Cream but that's just my nose, Dad said he could smell Apples. It is so easy to apply especially with a mitt, I even got mum to do my back and she had no problems and no offense to my lovely mum but she's not the best at beauty stuff, I asked her to paint my nails once and lets just say, not the best. But she found this pretty effortless.

It is completely inexpensive, can be brought in Savers, Home Bargains, Amazon, Ebay and Fragrance Direct!

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