Friday, 15 April 2011

Storm, Sandals and Smellies Haul!

Sorry, Im a sucker for alliteration/sibilance! Anyway, I am so excited for this haul, to you this may be an averageg haul but after 2 years I've finally brought the Sleek Storm Pallette! I wanted this FOREVER! Just never been able to justify spending the money (dont ask why, its completely affordable and I manage to buy one eyeshadow from mac but thats me for you). I finally brought it. I am feeling so happy about it! So here's the rest of my haul, its not huge but Im happy with what I brought!

Sleek Makeup IDivine Storm Palette £.6.50
I'm really chuffed with this, it has lived up to my expectations and I love the packaging, I wont be using the applicator (when will companies learn foam applications just aren't what anyone uses!)  Its a shame these still arent a fiver! But heyho still worth the money!

The Body Shop Deo Dry, Dry Effect Deodrant in Cool and Breezy £2.50 + Fresh and Floral Refill £2.00

Look down for a little review and my thoughts on them. 

Primark Sandals (multiway to wear) £2.50
An absolute bargain, I may buy some in Silver next time, these are just really cute, and really simple!

Primark- Vest Top £1.50 + Not Seen in photo another long sleeved White Tee £2.40?
Simply needed a few new white tops and these were so inexpensive it must be a crime! But i'm not complaining!

Primark Camel Coloured Leggings £3.00
Okay so I was so confused by black leggings in primark because some seemed really short, some seemed un stretchy, so I just picked up these cause I wanted them. Then, the fit, bit see through so long top is a must but I like camel coloured things at the moment. So yay!

Mustard Yellow Pashmina- £1
No idea what the shop was called, it was clearly a dodgy shop but I lost my last pashmina in a forest and missed it terribly, so I got this one. Its not a dodgy scarf, just a dodgy shop.

Of course, I shall be reviewing this in a few days!

When I did work exp at TBS, I learnt that in every day deodorants there is a lot of aluminum and this is something scientists believe can cause cancer. Although I cant tell you this is true or not, I've been intrested in trying these for a while now. These can come in stick forms but I chose the roll on. The amazing thing is you can buy the refills and change the scent. So I'm hoping that when my cool and breezy runs out completely, I can pull it out, and replace with a new scent, that being fresh and floral. They both smell SO FRESH! And I like all three scents, there was a green but I cant remember what that was called. I really like these and I hope they will stick up to my favourites Dove. The good thing is, I know I'm pretty much sorted for deodorant for a while now because I can just buy some refills and not have to worry about panicking when I have no deodorant left. 

Mini outfit post!

Hope you all have a LURRVELY weekend! 

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