Thursday, 26 May 2011

NOTD- Baby Pink Crackle.

I finally finished school so am now able to wear polish! So look out for more NOTD's!
I first did the Barry M Black Crackle on my thumb nail and Nails Inc Warwick Avenue on my fingers but I decided to do them all crackled! I love the effect and suddenly tons of people at school wear it!

barry m- crackle nail paint.
nails inc- warwick avenue 

 This sun only came out for a minute, then a storm of rain came along. I've finished school by the way, only got my exams to do now which is only 5, one tomorrow but 4 in June! Best of luck to everyone.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Prom Perfection : Dresses

This was requested and i did realise that i should do this earlier as if i leave it too late you wont be able to get one! This is the dress post. Probably the most important part of prom.

I had a lot of trouble with mine, as I am about as flat chested as a pancake so boob tube was a no way for me. I tried some on but they just fell to the floor. I also have a tiny waist but weird hips. And to top it off I'm fairly short, so something massive would drown me and i'd probably never be able to carry it as i have no strength. All in all, I have got one! But as i said before, you wont see it until after the end of June!

So here are some of my favorite's that vary in shape, size and price. Of course, please accommodate to your preferences and size ect ect.

They had some gorgeous dresses but they didnt fit my chest! But they may fit you! So here are my favourites!

Prices of these can be found when click the link. None of the above dresses are more than £200.

Debut By Debenhams:

I dont want to give to many anyway if these are not your preferences but these are the links to some amazing sites and I have lots for you to look at!

Urban Outfitters :Dresses

Although i cant give you some more independant retailers as they will be all around th UK. I would suggest trying wedding shops or looking outside your town for prom shops, ball gowns or evening dress shops. Ebay will be a great place to look aswell especially now due to people selling last years off!

Hope this was some what helpful!
Let me know what you want to see next!?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Prom Perfection: Hair

Hi everyone, since my prom is coming up I thought i'd do some posts to help anyone else who's got a ball or end of year prom some time soon!I have most of my essentials done now, one thing I will not be showing you is my dress. I kinda wanna keep it a surprise until the day, so i will show you everything in a Prom Outfit of the Day a few days after it. But i will be suggesting great places to get dresses!

Firstly, i wanted to do hair. Mainly because I'm still undecided, the problem with short hair is that you cannot do tons with it. Although my hair has grown an inch and a bit in 2 months, I've got a month to really get it long. So if i show you ideas, then maybe I'll figure out myself what I want.

 If you have medium length hair this could easily be achieved. Plait to sides and pin to hair for a minute, then create a bun with curled hair and add texture, pin and use jewelled pins to add flair to the hair. Add the plaits to the bun and voila!
This could be done with shoulder length or longer, you could just have cute curls with a bun again, or you could just have the curls.

This is the most loveliest but fake, if your willing to wear extensions this would be a gorgeous prom look to go with!

This is a really sophisticated look and good for those who are not comfortable with big hair or something to extravagant. Again kirby grips will be your best friend.

This is a beautiful look, something i could see Anne Hathaway wearing. A detail like a hair piece or headband will look great on a prom night even if your hair is not that styled. Natural things like leaves, feathers, and jewelled items look best, avoid leopard prints or tacky things like that. As much as they look nice casually, prom is a night to look ellegant and sophisticated!

So what products should you use?
Batiste Dry Shampoo Big and Bouncy XXL Volume is their new release aswell as new design, you can also get a 400ml bottle which this 200ml new design (although the same size) looks larger! It's not a huge change to batiste but I love this product. I've wanted Umberto Giannni Backcomb in a bottle but this does the job i've wanted! Its not like hairspray as its not sticky or wet in anyway, it makes your hair look revitalized but give its that back comb effect. I've wanted this for a while since I have short hair.

For prom you can definitely use this with short hair, I think layers can defiantly be boosted and if your hair is normally pretty plain then add this and a big flower or hair piece and everyone will be amazed! Big hair is a big deal!

Short and Back layers sprayed. Gives a backcombed effect.

 The next products I think are great for long and medium length hair are Pantene's hair mousse's.
There is perfect curls which if your going to curl your hair, or if you have natural curls this will enhance and make any curling a lot easier and hold longer. Apply when your hair is 40% damp then blow dry completely for full volume, scrunch a lot aswell.
Enhanced Layers is one of my favourite ranges from Pantene, it really works and people often comment that i've had my layers cut back in when I havent. It gives volume and shows hair in a swished and exuberant way. Again, repeat instructions as above.

Okay, so that is it for hair, I hope this has given you a few tips or ideas. I think after writing this I will be getting my hair re-cut and styled and using the spray just before I leave the door to the prom, and make sure i add that last touch of volume.

Let me know if there is something you are desperate to see? If there isnt, then next time I shall be doing eye makeup.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to Revise, without the boring bits!

Sounds silly huh? But I bet your currently in mid exams and thinking god how do I even begin? Now I can only assume that if you’re a beauty lover like myself you like colourful things, and by colourful for me I think of posters and mindmaps and things like that.

So here’ are my tips that aren’t completely pointless and obvious!
These really have worked for me, its about applying it to a way you can understand and thinking the best way for your exams or tests.
Buy New Stationary, you’re not going to be happy working with dodgy felt pens or broken pencils. Fresh stationary can really put you in the right mood and most of the time places like poundlands, whsmiths or tesco’s do great cheap deals for kid stationary, which is always fun!
I personally got 100 felt pens for £3.99, this was so fun to buy this many pens and now I want to use them all, so it does work and it motivates me to use them on work to make it more easier and convenient. Black biro is not fun to read, lets face it!

Let your room be messy or be tidy.
When your revising its easier to have everything out I find, I couldn’t give a hoot about the mess and I don’t think my parents mind to much either as they know I’m revising. If you are a tidy person, then keep it tidy all the time, it will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about that too.

Use the whole of your surroundings as much as possible!
If you only have your bedroom, then cover every wall and mirror and tv with post-its, posters, notes and key words. Ceilings are always good as you can look at them when you wake and go to sleep!  Make sure its colourful, bold and easy to read. Short and sweet and easy to remember. If you have the rest of the house or flat ect put notes up around the house, in the fridge, on the bathroom mirror for a read whilst brushing your teeth, all the little things will make a big difference and they will pop up in your mind.
Invest in a whiteboard or LARGE pieces of paper, and I don’t mean A3, I mean big architect paper.
Although this sounds a bit impossible, I found whiteboards in those cheapy stationary stores, I’ve see them in WHsmiths for £10 and my large one that’s about the size of 8 pieces of A3 was only £30, a bit pricey but I got it when I was a child. This is quite self explanitary, but I can sit on this board and be really creative and theres so much room to write on and I can so easily rub out, its really quite a nice treat to not be writing on paper and fussing! I found this really helped me remember my media texts a lot better and my exam was a lot easier because of this.

Buy a million CGP study guides.
This obviously depends on age but if your GCSE or possibly A Level then these guides are very very useful. They say things in a clear understanding, they’re really simple for any grade and offer questions, pictures, colours aswell as exam answers to help you see the difference in a*-d’s. I have a cgp for most of my subjects so these are really good. Plus they’re cheap! Amazon sells every one you need for a low price. I got my Mice of Men and Inspector calls for £3 each! Bargain!

Visit the exam board websites!

AQA, Edexcel, Wjec will all have past papers which can one help you write answers and you can see how to mark them aswell as see what the last questions were. MOST of the time, I say most because im unsure but generally they do not repeat themselves with questions. I.E if they mentioned poem 1 out of 7 they will tend not to mention it again in the same way in the next exam. This website, although for teachers, is a great resource website
Just join it and no one will ever know, basically they have lots of resources for teaching certain subjects and they are really really useful, gives you all the notes you need and there is a lot to choose from. They have most subjects and most specifications to choose from so just have a search around for yours!

 Most of all, stay healthy, keep on form and do not overload. If it gets to 11pm and your still struggling to read your literature, give up, it wont go in and your just going to be wasting time. Just get some sleep and wake up and read. Your most alert in the mornings believe it or not.

Best of luck! Only 6 more to go for me!


P.S i want to do some prom posts, so if you have any requests let me know!x

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Small Pre Exam Haul!

So this is definitely a much needed comfort-shopping haul. I needed some pens and essentials plus who can resist a trip to Primark! So here's a few things I got!
 Disney Tee- £3 Primark (Sale)
Stripy Jersey Skirt- £3 Primark
Moisturiser, Toner, Cleanser- £1 each, Superdrug

 Blue Plimmies £2.50- Primark
Clear Pencil Case - 99p WhSmiths
100 Felt Tip Pens- £3.99 WhSmiths
Whiteboard Markers- £1.99
Superdrug Beauty Loyalty Card!
Black Leggings £3- Primark.
 I've used the cleanser and toner before and they are really lovely and do the job brilliantly and at only 99p per item there perfect!
I would of got the Camomile moisturizer but they all were like dusty? So I got the fragrance free, I hope they do the job and since they're not promising the world they'll give me the right results.
aha! You can see me in my new Superdrug card, you can get these instore then you activate or put your details online, not to sure but I think I need to put my det's online anyway. The felt tips are for poster and mindmapping for my exams as I'm more of a creative and colourful learner, posters and mindmaps are a big help for me, and I may be doing a revision post soon if its wanted ect.
I do actually have a pretty huge whiteboard from when I was a kid and played teachers haha! So this is really useful as its so big and it catches your eye!

Lastly, I know the wedding is over, but for £3 I had too! So cute and anything disney is a big thumbs up from me!

 If you have exams, alevels or anything to be tested upon in the next few days,weeks or months then best of luck. Mine are starting Monday,English and French first! Then I break up for study leave on the 26th! So wish me luck, and best of luck to you! Don't give up revising!
If you want me to do a revision tip post or anything like that let me know!
Other than that, best of luck and have a lovely weekend!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki WINNER!

Hi everyone, Thank you to everyone who entered my sigma giveaway I can happily announce that the winner of a Sigma F80 is 
Nicola at

If you could email me your details at and I shall get your prize out to you.

Thank you everyone, and sorry if you didn't win but there is always a next time or you could buy your own brush here.


Friday, 6 May 2011

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15

A week or so ago I made a small order on the body shop for this item and a body butter. I was interested in getting this as I was looking for a new daily moisturiser, something that would provide me with my daily SPF and make my skin look great and provide a good base for makeup. 

Anyway this is the The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15, part of the Oily to Combination product range in the body shop. They do lots of skin ranges from Vit E, Aloe, Vit C and more but I've found they all work well for me in different ways.

I must say I've never tried on any other seaweed products from the body shop so this is a first. My first thought would be, will it smell really fowl like rotting beach? The first thing I love about this, is that it smells just like childhood memories of slathering on the sunlotion whilst at the beach. It has a sunlotion smell to it which I assume is the SPF and there is a little hint of the sea air to it too. 

It is a white lotion, not creamy and really simple to put on. I find it lovely to put on as it is so freshing as its a lotion and a lot more lighter. 
I do not have excessively shiny skin or oily skin but I do find that during the day if my foundation is gone that it can look unbalanced and dry or unbalanced and SLIGHTLY shiny. I've found this product has stopped this shine and it is also great at making your makeup last just that bit longer. I still use a primer because I want to ensure my makeup but this helps the primer stay put too.

I am going to say it isnt as mattifying as a primer is, but it stops over oil production which can cause shiny skin.

It is a great moisturiser and I think it is a MUST have for summer, helping you look less shiny and its light and has a SPF 15. I've even been wearing this after I've cleansed my skin before bed. Although I don't need the SPF at night time, it keeps my skin balanced and moisturised at all times. I really love this, and will definitely repurchase and recommend to anyone with combination skin.

It is £10 from The Body Shop and can be brought online or instore!

Whats your thoughts on these products? Is this your cult summer product?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

LN Girls Mineral Makeup

Some of you may know that I've never tried Mineral Makeup and never given it a thought due to my silly thoughts of 1) It wont give me any coverage for spots, or my skin. 2) It is a powder and face powders arent always that pigmented.

 WOW. How wrong was I? I was reading Simply Beautiful magazine which if you dont know what it is, it is a new beauty based magazine that has been around for about 9-10 months now and I picked up my copy on Sunday. It mentioned Lily Lolo and this brand, LN Girls.

I had never heard of LN girls before, I had Lily Lolo and had been interested but when I looked on LN girls they seem to offer lots and I couldnt believe they hadnt been noticed sooner, maybe their new, I'm unsure.

There makeup is organic (TICK) good for all skin types (tick) good for oily,sensitive and acne and allergic prone skin (TICK) and no Dyes, Fillers, or Chemical Preservatives (TICK TICK TICK).

So when my samples arrived today I was over the moon, I swatched the colours on my hands and was so impressed. Each product is a perfect finish, a perfect pigmentation and amazing coverage.

So about 30 minutes ago I applied the Foundation with a Sigma Kabuki which applied this flawlessly and my skin is amazing, better coverage than my liquid foundations because my foundations still show all lumps and bumps.

Although you can see like two spots on my cheek my face looks more flawless, it has a better finish, and i think with a bit of concealer the spots would be completely gone.

I would never normally let you see this much of my face so this show how happy i am with it!

 I also got a sample of their Blush/bronzer, in Sugar Palace, this is a GORGEOUS colour! It is red, but has a metalic sheen and is completely buildable.

 I am not sure but I guess this is a dupe of Rose Gold by Sleek? I could be wrong, but it looks similar.

 Lastly I got an eyeshadow in Agent X. This is a beautiful pearl colour and a great all over lid colour, it definately brightens up the eye!

I am beyond happy as the results are not what I expected. I definitely want to use mineral makeup for my prom. It looks like it as a better finish and longer lasting power. The colours are also perfect for my prom.

Check them out, and recommend me your favourite mineral companies, I want to try more from this brand aswell as Lily Lolo and get there samples too! x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Witch Antiblemish Skincare Primer Review

 This is Witch Skincare Anti Blemish Primer which I've been using for about 2/3weeks now roughly. The only other primer I've owned was the Loreal Studio Secrets one and it hated me and I hated it. It was ridiculously expensive and didnt help my skin out at all. I wanted to try another primer but every primer seems to be expensive and silicone filled or pore clogging based and just isnt what my skin likes. 

Whereas when i got this and swatched it on my hand I knew it was going to be different from the clogging ones. It was a lot of more softer, and moisturising. Still keeping the surface smooth and even but not making it feel unnatural. 

I had a look into the ingredients and yes, there is silicone but it doesnt feel like it and it feels a lot more kinder to the skin. 

 It is a white consistency and quite gel like, it takes a minute or two to rub in and one pump (above) is all that you need for the full face. I like to focus on my nose, cheeks, t zone and under my eyes.

(It says: Witch's Skin clearing primer prepares the skin for foundation, allowing for smooth and even application whilst creating an invisible shield to help protect your skin from the makeup which can cause or aggravate spots)

It helps calm and soothe the skin, hydrates and draws away excess oils.
Fragrance free, Oil Free, Dermatologically tested.

Overall i've found it really does makeup last that little bit longer, although when it was around 23'C my skin melted anyway and I dont think the primer would of been able to manage to keep me looking decent in boiling weather, but it does make sure that if your makeup does sweat off, your face still does look decent and not red raw.

It has not broken me out at all which I thought it could do, but I actually think it has reduced a lot of redness around my nose and forehead. I have combination skin and if you have it as well you'll know your skin can be so temperamental with anything, this has balanced everything out the right way and I'm very happy with the results.

I guess the only downside is that it is 30ml and I am nearly half way but I do have a backup and I also it is so affordable.
It is £6.99 ,that is less than £10 and is great for your skin!

I have tried the concealer but I found it was a little to drying for my skin however I am currently using the gentle exfoliator and I am loving that!

The next product from this line I am Dying to try out is the tinted moisturiser. I can imagine the primer and moisturiser would stick well and hold up in the summer months!

Products are available from tesco, boots and superdrug!

Any questions, let me know and I'll get back to you! xx

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