Friday, 6 May 2011

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15

A week or so ago I made a small order on the body shop for this item and a body butter. I was interested in getting this as I was looking for a new daily moisturiser, something that would provide me with my daily SPF and make my skin look great and provide a good base for makeup. 

Anyway this is the The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15, part of the Oily to Combination product range in the body shop. They do lots of skin ranges from Vit E, Aloe, Vit C and more but I've found they all work well for me in different ways.

I must say I've never tried on any other seaweed products from the body shop so this is a first. My first thought would be, will it smell really fowl like rotting beach? The first thing I love about this, is that it smells just like childhood memories of slathering on the sunlotion whilst at the beach. It has a sunlotion smell to it which I assume is the SPF and there is a little hint of the sea air to it too. 

It is a white lotion, not creamy and really simple to put on. I find it lovely to put on as it is so freshing as its a lotion and a lot more lighter. 
I do not have excessively shiny skin or oily skin but I do find that during the day if my foundation is gone that it can look unbalanced and dry or unbalanced and SLIGHTLY shiny. I've found this product has stopped this shine and it is also great at making your makeup last just that bit longer. I still use a primer because I want to ensure my makeup but this helps the primer stay put too.

I am going to say it isnt as mattifying as a primer is, but it stops over oil production which can cause shiny skin.

It is a great moisturiser and I think it is a MUST have for summer, helping you look less shiny and its light and has a SPF 15. I've even been wearing this after I've cleansed my skin before bed. Although I don't need the SPF at night time, it keeps my skin balanced and moisturised at all times. I really love this, and will definitely repurchase and recommend to anyone with combination skin.

It is £10 from The Body Shop and can be brought online or instore!

Whats your thoughts on these products? Is this your cult summer product?

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