Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to Revise, without the boring bits!

Sounds silly huh? But I bet your currently in mid exams and thinking god how do I even begin? Now I can only assume that if you’re a beauty lover like myself you like colourful things, and by colourful for me I think of posters and mindmaps and things like that.

So here’ are my tips that aren’t completely pointless and obvious!
These really have worked for me, its about applying it to a way you can understand and thinking the best way for your exams or tests.
Buy New Stationary, you’re not going to be happy working with dodgy felt pens or broken pencils. Fresh stationary can really put you in the right mood and most of the time places like poundlands, whsmiths or tesco’s do great cheap deals for kid stationary, which is always fun!
I personally got 100 felt pens for £3.99, this was so fun to buy this many pens and now I want to use them all, so it does work and it motivates me to use them on work to make it more easier and convenient. Black biro is not fun to read, lets face it!

Let your room be messy or be tidy.
When your revising its easier to have everything out I find, I couldn’t give a hoot about the mess and I don’t think my parents mind to much either as they know I’m revising. If you are a tidy person, then keep it tidy all the time, it will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about that too.

Use the whole of your surroundings as much as possible!
If you only have your bedroom, then cover every wall and mirror and tv with post-its, posters, notes and key words. Ceilings are always good as you can look at them when you wake and go to sleep!  Make sure its colourful, bold and easy to read. Short and sweet and easy to remember. If you have the rest of the house or flat ect put notes up around the house, in the fridge, on the bathroom mirror for a read whilst brushing your teeth, all the little things will make a big difference and they will pop up in your mind.
Invest in a whiteboard or LARGE pieces of paper, and I don’t mean A3, I mean big architect paper.
Although this sounds a bit impossible, I found whiteboards in those cheapy stationary stores, I’ve see them in WHsmiths for £10 and my large one that’s about the size of 8 pieces of A3 was only £30, a bit pricey but I got it when I was a child. This is quite self explanitary, but I can sit on this board and be really creative and theres so much room to write on and I can so easily rub out, its really quite a nice treat to not be writing on paper and fussing! I found this really helped me remember my media texts a lot better and my exam was a lot easier because of this.

Buy a million CGP study guides.
This obviously depends on age but if your GCSE or possibly A Level then these guides are very very useful. They say things in a clear understanding, they’re really simple for any grade and offer questions, pictures, colours aswell as exam answers to help you see the difference in a*-d’s. I have a cgp for most of my subjects so these are really good. Plus they’re cheap! Amazon sells every one you need for a low price. I got my Mice of Men and Inspector calls for £3 each! Bargain!

Visit the exam board websites!

AQA, Edexcel, Wjec will all have past papers which can one help you write answers and you can see how to mark them aswell as see what the last questions were. MOST of the time, I say most because im unsure but generally they do not repeat themselves with questions. I.E if they mentioned poem 1 out of 7 they will tend not to mention it again in the same way in the next exam. This website, although for teachers, is a great resource website
Just join it and no one will ever know, basically they have lots of resources for teaching certain subjects and they are really really useful, gives you all the notes you need and there is a lot to choose from. They have most subjects and most specifications to choose from so just have a search around for yours!

 Most of all, stay healthy, keep on form and do not overload. If it gets to 11pm and your still struggling to read your literature, give up, it wont go in and your just going to be wasting time. Just get some sleep and wake up and read. Your most alert in the mornings believe it or not.

Best of luck! Only 6 more to go for me!


P.S i want to do some prom posts, so if you have any requests let me know!x

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