Wednesday, 4 May 2011

LN Girls Mineral Makeup

Some of you may know that I've never tried Mineral Makeup and never given it a thought due to my silly thoughts of 1) It wont give me any coverage for spots, or my skin. 2) It is a powder and face powders arent always that pigmented.

 WOW. How wrong was I? I was reading Simply Beautiful magazine which if you dont know what it is, it is a new beauty based magazine that has been around for about 9-10 months now and I picked up my copy on Sunday. It mentioned Lily Lolo and this brand, LN Girls.

I had never heard of LN girls before, I had Lily Lolo and had been interested but when I looked on LN girls they seem to offer lots and I couldnt believe they hadnt been noticed sooner, maybe their new, I'm unsure.

There makeup is organic (TICK) good for all skin types (tick) good for oily,sensitive and acne and allergic prone skin (TICK) and no Dyes, Fillers, or Chemical Preservatives (TICK TICK TICK).

So when my samples arrived today I was over the moon, I swatched the colours on my hands and was so impressed. Each product is a perfect finish, a perfect pigmentation and amazing coverage.

So about 30 minutes ago I applied the Foundation with a Sigma Kabuki which applied this flawlessly and my skin is amazing, better coverage than my liquid foundations because my foundations still show all lumps and bumps.

Although you can see like two spots on my cheek my face looks more flawless, it has a better finish, and i think with a bit of concealer the spots would be completely gone.

I would never normally let you see this much of my face so this show how happy i am with it!

 I also got a sample of their Blush/bronzer, in Sugar Palace, this is a GORGEOUS colour! It is red, but has a metalic sheen and is completely buildable.

 I am not sure but I guess this is a dupe of Rose Gold by Sleek? I could be wrong, but it looks similar.

 Lastly I got an eyeshadow in Agent X. This is a beautiful pearl colour and a great all over lid colour, it definately brightens up the eye!

I am beyond happy as the results are not what I expected. I definitely want to use mineral makeup for my prom. It looks like it as a better finish and longer lasting power. The colours are also perfect for my prom.

Check them out, and recommend me your favourite mineral companies, I want to try more from this brand aswell as Lily Lolo and get there samples too! x

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