Monday, 23 May 2011

Prom Perfection : Dresses

This was requested and i did realise that i should do this earlier as if i leave it too late you wont be able to get one! This is the dress post. Probably the most important part of prom.

I had a lot of trouble with mine, as I am about as flat chested as a pancake so boob tube was a no way for me. I tried some on but they just fell to the floor. I also have a tiny waist but weird hips. And to top it off I'm fairly short, so something massive would drown me and i'd probably never be able to carry it as i have no strength. All in all, I have got one! But as i said before, you wont see it until after the end of June!

So here are some of my favorite's that vary in shape, size and price. Of course, please accommodate to your preferences and size ect ect.

They had some gorgeous dresses but they didnt fit my chest! But they may fit you! So here are my favourites!

Prices of these can be found when click the link. None of the above dresses are more than £200.

Debut By Debenhams:

I dont want to give to many anyway if these are not your preferences but these are the links to some amazing sites and I have lots for you to look at!

Urban Outfitters :Dresses

Although i cant give you some more independant retailers as they will be all around th UK. I would suggest trying wedding shops or looking outside your town for prom shops, ball gowns or evening dress shops. Ebay will be a great place to look aswell especially now due to people selling last years off!

Hope this was some what helpful!
Let me know what you want to see next!?

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