Saturday, 21 May 2011

Prom Perfection: Hair

Hi everyone, since my prom is coming up I thought i'd do some posts to help anyone else who's got a ball or end of year prom some time soon!I have most of my essentials done now, one thing I will not be showing you is my dress. I kinda wanna keep it a surprise until the day, so i will show you everything in a Prom Outfit of the Day a few days after it. But i will be suggesting great places to get dresses!

Firstly, i wanted to do hair. Mainly because I'm still undecided, the problem with short hair is that you cannot do tons with it. Although my hair has grown an inch and a bit in 2 months, I've got a month to really get it long. So if i show you ideas, then maybe I'll figure out myself what I want.

 If you have medium length hair this could easily be achieved. Plait to sides and pin to hair for a minute, then create a bun with curled hair and add texture, pin and use jewelled pins to add flair to the hair. Add the plaits to the bun and voila!
This could be done with shoulder length or longer, you could just have cute curls with a bun again, or you could just have the curls.

This is the most loveliest but fake, if your willing to wear extensions this would be a gorgeous prom look to go with!

This is a really sophisticated look and good for those who are not comfortable with big hair or something to extravagant. Again kirby grips will be your best friend.

This is a beautiful look, something i could see Anne Hathaway wearing. A detail like a hair piece or headband will look great on a prom night even if your hair is not that styled. Natural things like leaves, feathers, and jewelled items look best, avoid leopard prints or tacky things like that. As much as they look nice casually, prom is a night to look ellegant and sophisticated!

So what products should you use?
Batiste Dry Shampoo Big and Bouncy XXL Volume is their new release aswell as new design, you can also get a 400ml bottle which this 200ml new design (although the same size) looks larger! It's not a huge change to batiste but I love this product. I've wanted Umberto Giannni Backcomb in a bottle but this does the job i've wanted! Its not like hairspray as its not sticky or wet in anyway, it makes your hair look revitalized but give its that back comb effect. I've wanted this for a while since I have short hair.

For prom you can definitely use this with short hair, I think layers can defiantly be boosted and if your hair is normally pretty plain then add this and a big flower or hair piece and everyone will be amazed! Big hair is a big deal!

Short and Back layers sprayed. Gives a backcombed effect.

 The next products I think are great for long and medium length hair are Pantene's hair mousse's.
There is perfect curls which if your going to curl your hair, or if you have natural curls this will enhance and make any curling a lot easier and hold longer. Apply when your hair is 40% damp then blow dry completely for full volume, scrunch a lot aswell.
Enhanced Layers is one of my favourite ranges from Pantene, it really works and people often comment that i've had my layers cut back in when I havent. It gives volume and shows hair in a swished and exuberant way. Again, repeat instructions as above.

Okay, so that is it for hair, I hope this has given you a few tips or ideas. I think after writing this I will be getting my hair re-cut and styled and using the spray just before I leave the door to the prom, and make sure i add that last touch of volume.

Let me know if there is something you are desperate to see? If there isnt, then next time I shall be doing eye makeup.

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