Saturday, 14 May 2011

Small Pre Exam Haul!

So this is definitely a much needed comfort-shopping haul. I needed some pens and essentials plus who can resist a trip to Primark! So here's a few things I got!
 Disney Tee- £3 Primark (Sale)
Stripy Jersey Skirt- £3 Primark
Moisturiser, Toner, Cleanser- £1 each, Superdrug

 Blue Plimmies £2.50- Primark
Clear Pencil Case - 99p WhSmiths
100 Felt Tip Pens- £3.99 WhSmiths
Whiteboard Markers- £1.99
Superdrug Beauty Loyalty Card!
Black Leggings £3- Primark.
 I've used the cleanser and toner before and they are really lovely and do the job brilliantly and at only 99p per item there perfect!
I would of got the Camomile moisturizer but they all were like dusty? So I got the fragrance free, I hope they do the job and since they're not promising the world they'll give me the right results.
aha! You can see me in my new Superdrug card, you can get these instore then you activate or put your details online, not to sure but I think I need to put my det's online anyway. The felt tips are for poster and mindmapping for my exams as I'm more of a creative and colourful learner, posters and mindmaps are a big help for me, and I may be doing a revision post soon if its wanted ect.
I do actually have a pretty huge whiteboard from when I was a kid and played teachers haha! So this is really useful as its so big and it catches your eye!

Lastly, I know the wedding is over, but for £3 I had too! So cute and anything disney is a big thumbs up from me!

 If you have exams, alevels or anything to be tested upon in the next few days,weeks or months then best of luck. Mine are starting Monday,English and French first! Then I break up for study leave on the 26th! So wish me luck, and best of luck to you! Don't give up revising!
If you want me to do a revision tip post or anything like that let me know!
Other than that, best of luck and have a lovely weekend!

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