Sunday, 1 May 2011

Witch Antiblemish Skincare Primer Review

 This is Witch Skincare Anti Blemish Primer which I've been using for about 2/3weeks now roughly. The only other primer I've owned was the Loreal Studio Secrets one and it hated me and I hated it. It was ridiculously expensive and didnt help my skin out at all. I wanted to try another primer but every primer seems to be expensive and silicone filled or pore clogging based and just isnt what my skin likes. 

Whereas when i got this and swatched it on my hand I knew it was going to be different from the clogging ones. It was a lot of more softer, and moisturising. Still keeping the surface smooth and even but not making it feel unnatural. 

I had a look into the ingredients and yes, there is silicone but it doesnt feel like it and it feels a lot more kinder to the skin. 

 It is a white consistency and quite gel like, it takes a minute or two to rub in and one pump (above) is all that you need for the full face. I like to focus on my nose, cheeks, t zone and under my eyes.

(It says: Witch's Skin clearing primer prepares the skin for foundation, allowing for smooth and even application whilst creating an invisible shield to help protect your skin from the makeup which can cause or aggravate spots)

It helps calm and soothe the skin, hydrates and draws away excess oils.
Fragrance free, Oil Free, Dermatologically tested.

Overall i've found it really does makeup last that little bit longer, although when it was around 23'C my skin melted anyway and I dont think the primer would of been able to manage to keep me looking decent in boiling weather, but it does make sure that if your makeup does sweat off, your face still does look decent and not red raw.

It has not broken me out at all which I thought it could do, but I actually think it has reduced a lot of redness around my nose and forehead. I have combination skin and if you have it as well you'll know your skin can be so temperamental with anything, this has balanced everything out the right way and I'm very happy with the results.

I guess the only downside is that it is 30ml and I am nearly half way but I do have a backup and I also it is so affordable.
It is £6.99 ,that is less than £10 and is great for your skin!

I have tried the concealer but I found it was a little to drying for my skin however I am currently using the gentle exfoliator and I am loving that!

The next product from this line I am Dying to try out is the tinted moisturiser. I can imagine the primer and moisturiser would stick well and hold up in the summer months!

Products are available from tesco, boots and superdrug!

Any questions, let me know and I'll get back to you! xx

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