Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Favourites

Hi everyone, wow this month has been eventuful for me to say the least! I've finally finished school, I've got no exams left, I have just had prom which I will show you my dress and everything like that at the Weekend Roundup I have coming up this weekend (depending on if i have any energy)
I've been taking tips from the #bbloggers chats and hopefully my photos are looking better, please let me know if you think they are okay or need improvement!

 Sudocrem Tube: These are the new tubed sudocrem's, which personally I've found so much more easier to use than the traditional tubs which to me looked massive and impossible to use. The tubes are hard to squeeze and the formula is exactly the same but I've found this has been my saviour to sunburn and dry spots. Also amazing for 'backne' (back/acne) it works really well to help heal spots.

Sigma E35/222 eyeshadow blending brush: This is a apparent dupe for the MAC 222, which is a different shape to the E25/217 however same concepts. I love this for everything, it blends concealer flawlessly, it blends shadow to make the colour to your shade preference, it also packs on colour and makes sure all the colour goes straight to the eyelid and does not stick around on the brush.

Denman HairBrush: This brush reminds me of childhood days when my grandma would sit for hours on end brushing my hip length hair and she always made it really soft with these brushes. Unfortunately we dont do things like that anymore but even I brought my nan a Denman brush for her birthday as her old one was so old I didn't even know if it was doing any good for her hair. I know she loves it and I am so glad she does. I think the brushes provide a great look to the hair, it adds shine and makes hair manageable and cancels down some of the frizz. If you are planning a really sleek look these are perfect, also this is good for grooming the hair and managing hair.I love using these brushes they make hair feel pampered and despite the expensive feel towards these products the price ranges depending on shape,size and length of your hair. For more info check out the denman website as that definitely helps you figure out the right brush for you!

MAC studio fix fluid foundation : I recently reviewed this but I knew it was a favourite of this month. I've used it practically everyday except for those two heatwave days. I also used this for prom and it stayed put all night I love the results you get with this foundation truly my HG foundation!

ELF HD Powder: I have slightly reviewed this in my guest post at but despite it seeming like a almost silly product it is brilliant. Its a hard product to review because you cant give evidence or swatches of how it works but it just sets everything and you can really put this on heavy without looking white at all. I use a duo fibre or a big fluffy brush to apply it. I just sweep across my face and focusing on my t-zone and it helps to mattify and perfect the areas so that in photos and film aswell in face to face your skin looks more softer and calmer.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer: I think everyone has this in their monthly favourites atleast once, it is truly my favorite bronzer, it doesnt look fake and you can build it up to give the intensity of a deeper look as you wish. I use this to just contour the cheeks or to apply more colour to the face. I love the look it gives me and I love that I can have the power over how dark it is.

Pantene 24hour Frizz Fighter Leave in Treatment: This has been a reached for product quite often and I think its a good quick fix to having to straighten your hair. If you suffer from flicky hair like I do, then this will save you because it calms down the frizz and flicks and makes your hair look more manageable or smoother so that you dont have to keep putting heat upon the hair. Really good product and works brilliantly with Smooth and Sleek collection.

All of the makeup brushes mentioned in this post can be found at and I'd also like to let you into a new facebook feature on Sudocrem's bagology feature. If you missed out on the readings then there is a chance for you to find out about your bag and what lurks beneath all the coins, tissues and receipts! To view the bagology feature visit admittedly mine was quite accurate however make sure you choose the right bag! Hope you enjoy checking that out and if you want to know about any of the products above, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you want a faster answer follow me on twitter!

I will be posting about prom soon, and I have some more reviews coming up! Hope you all had a lovely week!x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I've been guest blogging!

I'm currently featuring on Peonies and Lillies blog as a guest blogger! I love Fei's blog so it was a lot of fun to be on there! I wrote about my summer must haves/survival kit! Featuring Liz Earle, Benefit and ELF! I hope you already follow her blog but if you don't check out my post and follow her whilst your at it!

Friday, 24 June 2011

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I finally caved in and brought MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, I've wanted this for absolutely ages and I think I mainly wanted it after watching Swalkermakeup's videos although she never shows how she applied it she always had amazing flawless skin and I like the way it looks on many other people.

Although I own the Select fluid foundation which I thought was amazing, I didnt realise Studio is such a heavier coverage ,which I want. I kinda wish I never brought select now and went striaght in with Studio because the coverage is what I wanted from Select but didnt get. Dont get me wrong, Select is a great medium coverage but I find Studio is a lot quicker of getting high coverage.

The foundation is a thick liquid that one pump is enough for medium coverage and two is full. 
I got my colour in NC15 despite in Select being NC20, I've found that NC15 is extremely similar to NC20 but Studio Fix Fluid oxidizes so you need a lighter colour than you normally need but trust me when the MAC girls will hook you up with the correct colour for you.

I use either a foundation brush or my F80 to apply this on a daily basis or if I am in need to cover everything up which I shall be doing for prom I will be using a Duo Fibre brush.
(above; blended just with fingers)

It takes a lot for this to blend as it is very thick but this blends out to a lovely finish. It is a matte finish which means due to its coverage you need to apply either a blush or bronzer. The MAC artist put some bronzer on me to show me how to define the face and give you some colour other wise you look very bland and only one colour which isnt natural in the slightest. 

I love this foundation. I love the finish and the coverage. I  know many think if you were heavy coverage your fake and cakey but its only fake when you get the wrong shade and you apply it awfully. I try my hardest to blend to avoid tidelines. Another plus to this product as it has not broken me out at all, thats not to say it wouldnt for you but I have combination skin if that is any consolation.
The only bad thing about this is probably that it does transfer so you have to be careful to not rest your head on your sleeve or something like that haha!
This is me wearing one layer of it!

I really recommend it, it is £19.50 and can be brought at MAC cosmetics or in some department stores.
Have you tried this foundation, what is your favourite foundation at the moment?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Big Elf Haul!

I decided to finally order from ELF ( i've wanted to for ages and although everything I really wanted was out of stock I decided to buy a few things anyway. They were giving away 10 free eyeshadow quads when you spend £20, I brought my mum two things and so I had 16 things for £20! Which was a absolute bargain! So i technically got 40 free eyeshadows!
I got a big brown box today and it was full to the brim!
These are the eyeshadow quads, I didnt have time to swatch them all but they are all fairly pigmented, not completely mac or sleek shadows but there perfect for everyday use. I now seem to have every colour I could probably need, and the neutrals are great, I also think that the bright colours are very pigmented too.

 I also got the Studio Translucent Powder and HD Powder.
The studio powder is just what I've needed for a while since tinted moisturizers often need shine control.
The HD powder was mainly for prom. I want to make sure my skin looks as good as it can in photos, as I tend to be the person who gets caught in the worst lights. Its a fine powder that makes your skin look flawless. Excited to really put this too the test soon.
From the £1.50 line I also got a Tone Correcting Concealer, which is actually very good! I wasnt so sure on this as a previous concealer i had from ELF was way off for light skin but this is actually lighter than my tone and its perfect for undereye as it has light reflecting particles in it.

I got another All Over Cover Stick, these are really quite nifty and this was in Persimmon, which is a beautiful frosted pink/bronze that I will be applying to my cheeks for a beautiful bronzed look.

This is one of the £1.50 blushers, if your looking for a matte blusher this is it. It is a nice colour but I am not sure on if I will like this because its not hugely pigmented or very big, but i will try it out!

This was one of my favourite purchases, I would of brought Natrual Nymph but that was out of stock so I got Nicely Nude instead. I really like this however I opened it up and the bullet wasn't stuck down properly and flew across the room so I have sent them an email to ask for a replacement. It is such a nice colour but i'd rather not have to fix it every time. I know this isnt too much of a problem, but since I did pay for it I'd like one that is fitted.

I cant wait to try out all of these products and some of them will be reviewed.
 If there is something you really want a review of any of these let me know!x

p.s sorry about the photo I had to use my phone as I've run out of batteries for my cameras. However when I do the swatches and other posts they will be back on form!x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Riffi Exfoliating Gloves!

Riffi gloves are a must have for fake tanners. I was sent these gloves to try out and I've wanted to get some for ages, I've seen them in poundland but never really thought I'd like them. I thought my soap and glory scrubs would give me the right exfoliation but my first try of this in the shower proved me wrong.

I basically applied a dollop (wow technically terminology their hey) of shower gel onto the gloves when I'm wearing them and then on wet skin just massage. If you have fake tan on and you want to apply a fresh layer and start again or you want to just make your skin cleansed and get rid of the dry skin then this is great. The gross part is that if you did have fake tan on, the bubbles/lather turns a gross orangey/brown colour.

But you basically use this to wash with, you can use a bar of soap to but create the lather on the glove first. 
If you have extremely scaly skin or need a good base for a fake tan or product then you could even use an exfoliating showergel or scrub whilst using these gloves.

The glove is really precise and you can use it to get each area. I find its perfect for when your elbows go orange as it takes the orange away aswell as making the next application of fake tan orange free.

I did find on my first use they make my skin a little red, but I believe this was because they were new and when I tried them again the other day they did not cause my skin to go red. 

I feel these as a great accessory, not completely necessary but perfect if you find scrubs just don't get every bit of fake tan off. Plus really good quality, easy to clean and not too expensive.

These are £5.40 from John Lewis stores or avaliable online here.

I was sent these to review, these are my honest opinions and I'm not sponsored or paid to make these reviews.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dresses, Disaster and MAKEUP!

Its safe to say Im addicted to buying summer clothes at the moment, this haul alone has 3 dresses and I have one coming in the post that I won. So without futher ado, I do ramble a bit but will explain itself!

£3, was £5- Primark.
So above is the first dress. You may think it looks pretty, which is what I thought. I saw this in a sale rale for £3 and pretty much picked it up thinking, its got elastic round the chest and i can tend to fit into 6's. WRONG! I may be smiling but this was like painful to get on, I cant even remember whether i stepped into this or put it over my head but it is very tight and you can probably tell that my chest looks a bit ...ahem...squished... I will be taking this back and either getting the 8 or another dress altogether. I was so saddened as this a beautiful tea dress but you wouldnt believe it is meant to start around my collar bones..

£3 was £5- Primark.
See this dress, is perfect. It fits like a beautiful dream, this is an 8 and goes on smoothly without pain, it fits where it is meant to and starts around the collar bones and ends above the knee. For £3 it is a great bargain i'm just sad the other one didnt fit, Im just so shocked at the difference between an 6 and 8.

£5- H&M sale.
In H&M they had a brilliant sale on, but I only got one thing. I saw dozens of summer clothes and a playsuit, I didnt know whether to get playsuit or maxi but I chose this lemon maxi dress. I am becoming quite obsessed with them and this is beautiful, it fits well and with a waist belt and a denim jacket this will look beautiful in the summer.

I got some post this week, 
I got the Dainty Doll Blusher in My Girl(or is it, That Girl) from Glamour magazine's giveaway.
It is a gorgeous blusher and pretty massive! I will be doing a review of this soon!

The gosh stuff is from a twitter comp.
Light up lipgloss, Extreme Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow Duo.

Lipcote -Glamour Giveaway.

and from my shopping trip I got this from Lush which is tiny hands solid hand cream. It is beautiful! For £3.95 i am over the moon, it smells absoutely gorgeous! It has a strong smell of cocoa butter mixed with the traditional lush smell and I left this bag with it in, open in my room today and i came back in it around 6 and my room smells amazing, and i still get whafts it now. It makes your hands a little oily for a minute or two but then soaks in and leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised. For £3.95 it sounds pricey, but could last you longer than a tube.

Thank you for reading and if you want to be a guest poster for next week (welcome to any ideas or posts), let me know!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

NOTD- Barry M Baby Pink


This is Barry M- 119 Baby Pink, it is such a nice pink and really pretty for everyday nails or something a little more discreet for school or work. The only problem I have with it, is that it requires a few coats to get the full opacity and its a little thick anyway.

I also brought 3 new beautyuk polishes which I will try one of tonight as the above pictures were taken a week ago, I also recieved my giveaway prize from flutterandsparkle/gem which has actually made my week as there were so many lovely goodies. Including sleek goodies, barry m and more! So will be blogging about them sooon!! I will also be tucking into the sweets tonight and excited to try a Liz Earle product!!

Sorry for the blurry photo but he's a quick look with the Avoir la Peche collection i won from gem. I love the lip polish, which I've never tried before but the colour is beautiful and suits me quite well. I love the eyeshadows and the blush although looks scary is a beautiful coral! More reviews and pictures will come!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

EOTD-Everyday Smoky Eye

I know I rarely do makeup looks but I want to see people's thoughts!
I was just experimenting with colours and what not, and decided to do an everyday look.

I used:
  • MAC Twinks (crease) and Retrospeck (lid) Carbon (outer corner)
  • BeautyUK Palette- White E/S on the lid to add emphasis to the lid.
  • BeautyUK Quad- Gold
  • Rimmel London Flash Eyeliner
  • Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara
  • BeautyUK Metallic Eye Pencil (Gold) lowerlash.

Hope you like the really simple look, just a mixture of bronze's, browns and beige's. 
You could easily turn this into a night time look by adding black liner bottom lash and add more glitter.
The bronzer I'm wearing in this final look is ELF's Blush and Bronzer Duo also I find my eyebrows look so untidy in photos yet there not, I get them shaped its just I dont want to fill them in as on my colour brows it would look super silly. Also it looks like I have a spot on my forehead but its not, its a mole thats part of me and sometimes it looks more like acne which is a shame but cant change everything about you!

Every brush I used was Sigma which I get from here, and the two sets I own are the premium  and the complete. 
Let me know if you want to see some more looks.I'm still unsure on what I want to do for prom, so any ideas would be most welcome!  

p.s I'm 16 from 400 followers which is super amazing and I'm so thankful that I'd never expect barely 10 people to read so thanks so much and thank you for all the lovely people who i've talked to in this amazing community!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

London Haul!

So I went to oxford street and regent, and carnaby today.I went with my dad who is actually a good shopper and has a pretty good wardrobe down to moi. I make sure he doesnt do dad mistakes like white socks with sandles and weird shorts (sadly I just havent gotten round to burning all of the ones' from the 80's).

Anyway,I'll just show you the items or we'll be rambling for days. I warn you now, I look odd in the maxi dress but i promise my hips aren't that big...i hope. No I was doing an odd photo pose as its hard to get in a picture of the full dress.

 lets all be tourists!

First up I got this adorable necklace from Accesorize for £7. 

 I got this Cardigan from Uniqlo. Possibly the best shop in London in my opinion. Its affordable, great quality and such amazing clothing. I think its underrated and needs more attention as its so lovely! 
Grey Cardi-£9.99

I didnt actually buyt his today but included it anyway. its MUA lipstick

Excuse the messyroom,and the whiteboard. This is my first ever maxi dress. I love them and this was a steal at £.700 from H&M.My hips look pretty weird here because I was wearing leggings underneath and couldnt be bothered to take them off when i was trying on. I may wear this out soon so will OOTD it if i do!

This is another top from Uniqlo. This is long enough to be classed as a dress I suppose. Or wear with leggings, its a MEdium and I'm a small however it will be fine with an extra vest underneath.

I was technically banned from buying makeup by my parents :( but this was an exception as its not makeup.
This is the easter donkey oaty. I really wanted to try the easter stuff so I thought for £1.95 its a good deal.

Looks like a pinata and smells fantastic, so summeryt! 
 Why hello their twitter!

 Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my little haul. Makes a change to see clothes I guess?
Should be doing a May Fav's soon and sorry this isnt massive but money doesnt stretch far these days!

NOTD Natural Collection - Rosehip.

Natural Collection-Rosehip.
Isnt it gorgeous? I've had this colour since christmas but not worn it as i thought it looked pretty boring in the bottle, but on the nails with 2 coats its a gorgeous colour with salon shine and looks so expensive. I love that in some lights it looks slightly purple yet in others a gold and then in dark light a red and in some even darker lights its a barbie pink. Its beautiful and for £1.95 I completely recommend it. There is no down side to this product and it is such good quality.

Even a superdrug assistant asked me what was on my nails and it made me feel really happy, but then kinda silly when I said, Natural collection in boots. Oops!

I hope you liked this little NOTD, a haul will be up soon after this post.

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