Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Big Elf Haul!

I decided to finally order from ELF (eyeslipsface.co.uk) i've wanted to for ages and although everything I really wanted was out of stock I decided to buy a few things anyway. They were giving away 10 free eyeshadow quads when you spend £20, I brought my mum two things and so I had 16 things for £20! Which was a absolute bargain! So i technically got 40 free eyeshadows!
I got a big brown box today and it was full to the brim!
These are the eyeshadow quads, I didnt have time to swatch them all but they are all fairly pigmented, not completely mac or sleek shadows but there perfect for everyday use. I now seem to have every colour I could probably need, and the neutrals are great, I also think that the bright colours are very pigmented too.

 I also got the Studio Translucent Powder and HD Powder.
The studio powder is just what I've needed for a while since tinted moisturizers often need shine control.
The HD powder was mainly for prom. I want to make sure my skin looks as good as it can in photos, as I tend to be the person who gets caught in the worst lights. Its a fine powder that makes your skin look flawless. Excited to really put this too the test soon.
From the £1.50 line I also got a Tone Correcting Concealer, which is actually very good! I wasnt so sure on this as a previous concealer i had from ELF was way off for light skin but this is actually lighter than my tone and its perfect for undereye as it has light reflecting particles in it.

I got another All Over Cover Stick, these are really quite nifty and this was in Persimmon, which is a beautiful frosted pink/bronze that I will be applying to my cheeks for a beautiful bronzed look.

This is one of the £1.50 blushers, if your looking for a matte blusher this is it. It is a nice colour but I am not sure on if I will like this because its not hugely pigmented or very big, but i will try it out!

This was one of my favourite purchases, I would of brought Natrual Nymph but that was out of stock so I got Nicely Nude instead. I really like this however I opened it up and the bullet wasn't stuck down properly and flew across the room so I have sent them an email to ask for a replacement. It is such a nice colour but i'd rather not have to fix it every time. I know this isnt too much of a problem, but since I did pay for it I'd like one that is fitted.

I cant wait to try out all of these products and some of them will be reviewed.
 If there is something you really want a review of any of these let me know!x

p.s sorry about the photo I had to use my phone as I've run out of batteries for my cameras. However when I do the swatches and other posts they will be back on form!x

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