Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dresses, Disaster and MAKEUP!

Its safe to say Im addicted to buying summer clothes at the moment, this haul alone has 3 dresses and I have one coming in the post that I won. So without futher ado, I do ramble a bit but will explain itself!

£3, was £5- Primark.
So above is the first dress. You may think it looks pretty, which is what I thought. I saw this in a sale rale for £3 and pretty much picked it up thinking, its got elastic round the chest and i can tend to fit into 6's. WRONG! I may be smiling but this was like painful to get on, I cant even remember whether i stepped into this or put it over my head but it is very tight and you can probably tell that my chest looks a bit ...ahem...squished... I will be taking this back and either getting the 8 or another dress altogether. I was so saddened as this a beautiful tea dress but you wouldnt believe it is meant to start around my collar bones..

£3 was £5- Primark.
See this dress, is perfect. It fits like a beautiful dream, this is an 8 and goes on smoothly without pain, it fits where it is meant to and starts around the collar bones and ends above the knee. For £3 it is a great bargain i'm just sad the other one didnt fit, Im just so shocked at the difference between an 6 and 8.

£5- H&M sale.
In H&M they had a brilliant sale on, but I only got one thing. I saw dozens of summer clothes and a playsuit, I didnt know whether to get playsuit or maxi but I chose this lemon maxi dress. I am becoming quite obsessed with them and this is beautiful, it fits well and with a waist belt and a denim jacket this will look beautiful in the summer.

I got some post this week, 
I got the Dainty Doll Blusher in My Girl(or is it, That Girl) from Glamour magazine's giveaway.
It is a gorgeous blusher and pretty massive! I will be doing a review of this soon!

The gosh stuff is from a twitter comp.
Light up lipgloss, Extreme Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow Duo.

Lipcote -Glamour Giveaway.

and from my shopping trip I got this from Lush which is tiny hands solid hand cream. It is beautiful! For £3.95 i am over the moon, it smells absoutely gorgeous! It has a strong smell of cocoa butter mixed with the traditional lush smell and I left this bag with it in, open in my room today and i came back in it around 6 and my room smells amazing, and i still get whafts it now. It makes your hands a little oily for a minute or two but then soaks in and leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised. For £3.95 it sounds pricey, but could last you longer than a tube.

Thank you for reading and if you want to be a guest poster for next week (welcome to any ideas or posts), let me know!


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