Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Favourites

Hi everyone, wow this month has been eventuful for me to say the least! I've finally finished school, I've got no exams left, I have just had prom which I will show you my dress and everything like that at the Weekend Roundup I have coming up this weekend (depending on if i have any energy)
I've been taking tips from the #bbloggers chats and hopefully my photos are looking better, please let me know if you think they are okay or need improvement!

 Sudocrem Tube: These are the new tubed sudocrem's, which personally I've found so much more easier to use than the traditional tubs which to me looked massive and impossible to use. The tubes are hard to squeeze and the formula is exactly the same but I've found this has been my saviour to sunburn and dry spots. Also amazing for 'backne' (back/acne) it works really well to help heal spots.

Sigma E35/222 eyeshadow blending brush: This is a apparent dupe for the MAC 222, which is a different shape to the E25/217 however same concepts. I love this for everything, it blends concealer flawlessly, it blends shadow to make the colour to your shade preference, it also packs on colour and makes sure all the colour goes straight to the eyelid and does not stick around on the brush.

Denman HairBrush: This brush reminds me of childhood days when my grandma would sit for hours on end brushing my hip length hair and she always made it really soft with these brushes. Unfortunately we dont do things like that anymore but even I brought my nan a Denman brush for her birthday as her old one was so old I didn't even know if it was doing any good for her hair. I know she loves it and I am so glad she does. I think the brushes provide a great look to the hair, it adds shine and makes hair manageable and cancels down some of the frizz. If you are planning a really sleek look these are perfect, also this is good for grooming the hair and managing hair.I love using these brushes they make hair feel pampered and despite the expensive feel towards these products the price ranges depending on shape,size and length of your hair. For more info check out the denman website as that definitely helps you figure out the right brush for you!

MAC studio fix fluid foundation : I recently reviewed this but I knew it was a favourite of this month. I've used it practically everyday except for those two heatwave days. I also used this for prom and it stayed put all night I love the results you get with this foundation truly my HG foundation!

ELF HD Powder: I have slightly reviewed this in my guest post at but despite it seeming like a almost silly product it is brilliant. Its a hard product to review because you cant give evidence or swatches of how it works but it just sets everything and you can really put this on heavy without looking white at all. I use a duo fibre or a big fluffy brush to apply it. I just sweep across my face and focusing on my t-zone and it helps to mattify and perfect the areas so that in photos and film aswell in face to face your skin looks more softer and calmer.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer: I think everyone has this in their monthly favourites atleast once, it is truly my favorite bronzer, it doesnt look fake and you can build it up to give the intensity of a deeper look as you wish. I use this to just contour the cheeks or to apply more colour to the face. I love the look it gives me and I love that I can have the power over how dark it is.

Pantene 24hour Frizz Fighter Leave in Treatment: This has been a reached for product quite often and I think its a good quick fix to having to straighten your hair. If you suffer from flicky hair like I do, then this will save you because it calms down the frizz and flicks and makes your hair look more manageable or smoother so that you dont have to keep putting heat upon the hair. Really good product and works brilliantly with Smooth and Sleek collection.

All of the makeup brushes mentioned in this post can be found at and I'd also like to let you into a new facebook feature on Sudocrem's bagology feature. If you missed out on the readings then there is a chance for you to find out about your bag and what lurks beneath all the coins, tissues and receipts! To view the bagology feature visit admittedly mine was quite accurate however make sure you choose the right bag! Hope you enjoy checking that out and if you want to know about any of the products above, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you want a faster answer follow me on twitter!

I will be posting about prom soon, and I have some more reviews coming up! Hope you all had a lovely week!x

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