Wednesday, 1 June 2011

London Haul!

So I went to oxford street and regent, and carnaby today.I went with my dad who is actually a good shopper and has a pretty good wardrobe down to moi. I make sure he doesnt do dad mistakes like white socks with sandles and weird shorts (sadly I just havent gotten round to burning all of the ones' from the 80's).

Anyway,I'll just show you the items or we'll be rambling for days. I warn you now, I look odd in the maxi dress but i promise my hips aren't that big...i hope. No I was doing an odd photo pose as its hard to get in a picture of the full dress.

 lets all be tourists!

First up I got this adorable necklace from Accesorize for £7. 

 I got this Cardigan from Uniqlo. Possibly the best shop in London in my opinion. Its affordable, great quality and such amazing clothing. I think its underrated and needs more attention as its so lovely! 
Grey Cardi-£9.99

I didnt actually buyt his today but included it anyway. its MUA lipstick

Excuse the messyroom,and the whiteboard. This is my first ever maxi dress. I love them and this was a steal at £.700 from H&M.My hips look pretty weird here because I was wearing leggings underneath and couldnt be bothered to take them off when i was trying on. I may wear this out soon so will OOTD it if i do!

This is another top from Uniqlo. This is long enough to be classed as a dress I suppose. Or wear with leggings, its a MEdium and I'm a small however it will be fine with an extra vest underneath.

I was technically banned from buying makeup by my parents :( but this was an exception as its not makeup.
This is the easter donkey oaty. I really wanted to try the easter stuff so I thought for £1.95 its a good deal.

Looks like a pinata and smells fantastic, so summeryt! 
 Why hello their twitter!

 Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my little haul. Makes a change to see clothes I guess?
Should be doing a May Fav's soon and sorry this isnt massive but money doesnt stretch far these days!

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