Monday, 20 June 2011

Riffi Exfoliating Gloves!

Riffi gloves are a must have for fake tanners. I was sent these gloves to try out and I've wanted to get some for ages, I've seen them in poundland but never really thought I'd like them. I thought my soap and glory scrubs would give me the right exfoliation but my first try of this in the shower proved me wrong.

I basically applied a dollop (wow technically terminology their hey) of shower gel onto the gloves when I'm wearing them and then on wet skin just massage. If you have fake tan on and you want to apply a fresh layer and start again or you want to just make your skin cleansed and get rid of the dry skin then this is great. The gross part is that if you did have fake tan on, the bubbles/lather turns a gross orangey/brown colour.

But you basically use this to wash with, you can use a bar of soap to but create the lather on the glove first. 
If you have extremely scaly skin or need a good base for a fake tan or product then you could even use an exfoliating showergel or scrub whilst using these gloves.

The glove is really precise and you can use it to get each area. I find its perfect for when your elbows go orange as it takes the orange away aswell as making the next application of fake tan orange free.

I did find on my first use they make my skin a little red, but I believe this was because they were new and when I tried them again the other day they did not cause my skin to go red. 

I feel these as a great accessory, not completely necessary but perfect if you find scrubs just don't get every bit of fake tan off. Plus really good quality, easy to clean and not too expensive.

These are £5.40 from John Lewis stores or avaliable online here.

I was sent these to review, these are my honest opinions and I'm not sponsored or paid to make these reviews.

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