Sunday, 17 July 2011

He Shi Liquid Tan

As some of you may know I've become quite a tan-a-holic recently. I have started to make tanning a weekly or fortnightly routine. Even to have a glow is making my confidence peak just a little bit. I feel with my skintone a little colour makes me look a bit healthier so I was more than happy to try this tan!

I'd only heard of He Shi on a couple of blogs and some salons I think stock it, I cant remember but it wasnt a large name I'd heard of but then again St Moriz was a small little brand and now look at it, so I though this was worth a shot! It is a mildly expensive tanner for me, some may think this is reasonable but I think i'd probably buy this for special occasions or when I really felt like treating myself. This tan costs £20 from which has free p&p which for any online spender is a plus! As I said, it is a little more than most tanners but it is definitely more unique than others.

The tan is as the name suggests a liquid, it comes in a to easy to use bottle with a topper that stops it completely gushing out at once.
 You drip a small amount on your mit and quickly buff into your skin, it shows up as a dark liquid on the mitt but on skin its a light brown. I put this on before bed then when I wake up Im a dark tan.
 The dark tan is nice but for pasty skin like mine, you probably would prefer to not be as dark, so I have a shower and it takes off a small amount, you're left with a lovely glowing colour and its definitely buildable i.e put it on tonight, shower tomorrow morning, more on tomorrow night ,wash off day after and you'd be left with a lovely colour!



I think these pictures are pretty much self explanatory! I had to use flash so unfortunately changed some of the colour at the top but as you can see my arms are glowy! You can also see in the first pic of my arm where I washed my hands immediately after and am left with a line however this was patched up easily! If you want to get this for yourself check out Hope you are tanspired!


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