Sunday, 3 July 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

As many of you bloggers know, Liz Earle is all the rage and I knew it was time I had to find what the fuss was about. I am happy to say I am very impressed!

I have previously tried the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanse and I thought the whole idea was a little odd and dint improve that much of the skin, however the Liz Earle is a lot better interms of  quality,effectiveness and smell too! 

The concept of how to apply is to take one pump (2 if you have a full on face of makeup) and massage in circular motions across the face, remember to get the nooks and crannies like the nose and eyebrows. Then rub the cream on the eyes too. The cleanser does not irritate the eyes however I dont reccomend putting it in the eye, but take care. Then under hot water (probably as hot as you can take it) rinse it out and make sure it is only damp and not driopping. Again in circular motions massage around the face and take the cleanser off. The cloth is very large and you only need to use a small section to do your whole face aswell so the cloth will last you a good few uses.

The results!  I was at first a bit skeptical, the first use showed me the same results as any other cleanser or moisturising face wash that was soft and clean skin. However it wasn't until maybe a week later that I noticed a difference. I was becoming very dependent on this and on one day I forgot to wash my face as I was very tired my skin hated me for it, I wasn't wearing makeup but my face looked dull and sullen. 

So when I used it the next morning my dull grey skin with heavy bags and spotty skin had been transformed into soft, hydrated and brighter skin. The exfoliating muslin cloth really does make a difference and if you were to use this cleanser with cotton wool or a sponge you really would not get the same results.

As for taking makeup off, I am only worried about doing full face because one it requires a fair bit of cleanser and two I don't like completely dirtying up the muslin cloth but if I really wanted to save it up a bit I could just take eye makeup off with a baby wipe or eye makeup remover then use the cleanser after and it would still soothe the eye.

My mum brought me the Duo from Liz Earle at QVC and she kept one cloth for herself so we are sharing the bottles to double up. She likes it so far too which is good because she is hard to impress with beauty when I always throw things at her.

I am most interested in the moisturiser and skin tonic too but I wanted to make sure the cleanser suited me first!

I know this will be a firm favourite of mine and it really has cleared up and kept my skin balanced and soft for makeup application or taking makeup off.

Hope you liked the review, sorry if it sounded very similar to so many others but I promise you if you get it you WONT regret it!

Disclaimer:Purchased by my mother! ;)

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