Saturday, 9 July 2011

Products I Regret Buying #1

To some of my longer followers you are probably aware I am not really a negative reviewer, I tend to like most things that I buy as I do a hell of a lot of review searching before I buy things on practically everything, even PR samples, I tend to check out reviews before I accept them to just find out a little more about some of the product so I know how to use it and a little more behind it.

So I thought to get my blogging mojo back  I thought I'd finally crack on with the negative post. Yes, I dislike these products but it doesnt mean I hate the rest of the products the brand do. I hate hatin' but this is more of a constructive criticism post as I explain how it could be better. Let me know what your hates are or if you have these products let me know your experiences!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion-
I HATE this, when my skin was really teenage spot ridden I was left with quite a lot of scaring and redness and bumps. So I thought this would be a good product as I like anything that you put on before bed and I thought it would do as it says. But it doesnt, It smells nothing like tea tree more like a dodgy bush in a ditch and it just did nothing. Im pretty sure at one point it broke me out. I did try it again and tried it on my back for the spots and bumps on my back but alas it did nothing but created more. I really think if your going to fade blemishes you do it with more calmer products as I just think this isnt any good for spots or scars.

hatin' ratin'
(1 being its alright and 10 being the worst product ever invented and should never be purchased)

The Body Shop Deo Dry ,Dry Effect Deodorant-
I was so disappointed again by the body shop here. When I did work exp at the body shop these sounded brill and weren't to expensive. The idea was great that you could  buy the refills and they do smell really nice. The use of DRY in the title really was a plus for someone like me who lets put it this way, needs a good long lasting deodorant. I was throughly saddened when this couldnt even last 3 hours. It made my clothes really patched (yes gross but has to be said) and I physically had to take 2 showers to feel somewhat fresh again. I also HAD to use this for a few days too as I wasnt going shopping anytime soon as I had school and that I had no money either. I did email them to complain about how false the claims were and they were going to refund me but the receipt had been ruined. I want to 'hope' this could of been a bad batch but I doubt it.
I dont reccomend this if you need a strong deodorant, I'd much rather use dove or sure and since keeping fresh and smelling nice is such a big deal to us girls this isnt something you really want to be concious of.

hatin' ratin'

Nivea Creme
I don't particularly hate this but I just find it so pointless. I love their showergels and body lotions but I find their cult product useless. For me I dont find it a good moisturiser as its way to thick and leaves you a sticky white mess. It isnt a lip product, you cant use it on the face and its too thick to even help with spots as it would clog them up.I think its suppose to be a moisturiser but I dont like the way it feels on my skin.
Personally I find this pointless, I can see how Vaseline is a multipurpose but this has no use to me so sits firmly in the back of my draw just incase I one day find a use.


Elf Studio Concealer-
I love elf products but this studio concealer was a let down. It is a stick so is a bit dryer than most, the colour is fine but when i opened it the stick of concealer fell out. I quickly applied it back in and tried to use it under my eyes and then on a few blemishes. It was really cakey on the eye and made me look 50 years older. As for blemishes, its okay but it doesnt last more than an hour so I guess it would be okay for a quick pop to the shop but nothing longer.


MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter-
The drugstore benefit high beam dupe was an utter fail. This is no good, it makes me look too glitter ball-esque or of a distant cousin of Edward Cullen. The applicator is not as firm as the benefit ones and more resembling to a nail polish applicator which I guess is a different approach but it makes it more fiddly to put on and therefore not as good results. I know MEMEME have upped their game and I haven't tried anything from it as so far I cant verify paying the price for some of their things. But you may like this but personally I much prefer Benefit high beam and not because its more expensive but I'd much rather pay more for the quality then £6 for something naff.

So I feel super bad now. I'd like to point out that I have some real fav products from The Body Shop so I dont want to hate upon them. I also dont mind Nivea, its only MEMEME that really needs to prove it for me.

So what do you hate? Are there any products from the brands above that just make you squirm!
Let me know! I may do another one of these if I get over the guilt haha!


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