Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sigma F80/Flat Top Kabuki Review + GIVEAWAY!

You've probably seen every review on this already but I love this brush! As you know I am a big sigma fan and becoming an affiliate was a bonus. There are some brushes I think, why do i have this. But this brush has stunned me really, when I first got it, I was a bit confused. I tried to apply foundation and it applies it flawlessly but it did it so quickly I wasnt sure it I'd done it right. So the next day I did it with more care, and once again flawless in a second. Whereas if i want this look using a Duo Fibre it takes AGES to stipple then blend. This does it in one.

 As you can see its a dense brush (the light bristles at the top should be white, mine is a bit dirty lol) it looks like a duo fibre but the amazing thing about this is that its a kabuki aswell, so it is really densely made and really packs on the product easily without the need to keep blending. 

 TO apply my foundation with this, I put a small amount on my hand and then dot this brush in like a duo fibre, I then dot this on forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin then blend like you would any other brush in circular motions. IN a minute its all flawlessly applied and provides a heavy coverage. I've found I'm using too much foundation most days and end up having some left on my hand because I only need a small amount.

I'm so happy with how quick and simple this is and makes foundation less of a chore (which for me it used to be because I always love a full coverage).

So, you want one? You could buy one here
You could enter here:


To win one of these brushes for yourself 

(Louise, my lovely friend, has let me borrow her rules!)

You must be a follower of this blog because the giveaway is to thank my readers.
It is open internationally!
If you are under 16 please make sure your parents are OK with you receiving the prize.

How to Enter!

Simply leave me a nice comment stating your favourite makeup brush!
Include your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win!

I will randomly pick a winner on the 8th May, which gives you 14 days to enter.

Also if you could let your followers know or rt my tweets or however you wish then I would be most grateful!

Also if you dont win but are still intrested in getting these amazing HD brushes!
You can buy yours from sigma! 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Shoes,Sunnies and Studies.

 Hi everyone, today i went for a little shopping spree. 
I got 
  • Floral boobtube £4
  • Sunglasses (victoria beckham eat your heart out style) £2
  • Black Pumps £2.90
  • Yellow Sandals (had some of these in gold but they are going to be so popular this year) £2.50
  • Purple ShowerCap 50p 
  • Bracelets £1.50 for 12.
  • Blue Espadrilles £3
Two Study Guides for my gcse's. 

I won this on a twitter competion and it is so nice. Its matte and unlike any other bronzer I've owned. It kinda reminds me of benefit hoola but at half the price which is brilliant as thats so expensive. The best thing about this is that it smells like chocolate lipbalm. YUM! Will let you know how i get on with this!

I know its childish, but how cute is this. It was £1.50 at Cath Kidston and it is perfect for me as I love drawing and painting when im out and about!

My new sunnies!

I love these, you probably own them or know someone who does. They are going to be so popular this year as at £2.50 in every colour they will fly off the shelves!

WOW sorry for the makeup running, I only wore You rebel today. But my new showercap!

Hope you are all well!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sigma Professional Premium Kit.

Hi everyone! Look what arrived this morning! I ordered my sigma brushes from Luuux, which If you dont know what it is basically below you will find my email so if you give me an email, I will send you a little paragraph about Luuux because I really dont want to clog this post up with it.

Sigma is a makeup brush company based in the US that ships internationally.
I already own their Professional Kit which the review for that can be found here.
That review is quite old but there are some individual reviews found else where on the blog.
You can get Sigma Brushes from here and the exact brushes I received are these.

My brushes arrived in a Black Box but i cannot show you as it has my address on. It took exactly 8 days for the brushes to arrive after being dispatched.

The brushes come in a black leather case with a garboard covering around them, these are a new feature and i really love the effort that goes into the packaging. They also come inside a gift bag type of bag. 

You also get 4 leaflets. 
One telling you how to care for your brushes, one about the affiliate program, one about all the brushes in the collection and what each does and lastly the free gift for spending over $30. .

Above is the care for brushes, the first thing you should do is wash them. This makes your brushes clean from dust that they may of accumulated in delivery, it makes them generally cleansed and helps to reduce shredding and dye from coming out. This is something you should take into consideration no matter what brush brand.
This is the free gift, which I have to say I love! yes it may be travel sized but it performs just as the larger sized and is the best blending brush. Its so soft and perfect for everything you could want to blend!

The case is leather which looks so professional. I dont use the brush rolls at home but great for when going on holiday, travelling, away for the weekend ect!

The Brushes are currently on offer for $139 which is roughly, £85 which is a bargain considering, if you brought all the brushes here from mac, it would cost you approx £450-£500. 

ALL of the brushes. 8 face brushes, 6 eye!
Face Brushes.

Face and Body brush which is SO soft, and lip brush. This is amazing cant wait to try this out!

Eye brushes.

These are all of my brushes now! I have about 30! A few are elf aswell. I am so happy with my collection.

I basically am going to review my favorites when i've tried them out, but if you see anything you WANT ME TO REVIEW, SEND ME A COMMENT BELOW! Even if its one small brush, let me know and I can review it!

Buy sigma brushes from here :

If you want to know about Luuux as I said. Send me an email or twitter @lisap3123 or
Please make the subject SIGMA/LUUUX as i get a lot of spam.

As i said, any requests, comment below, or tweet me.

Love Lisa! xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Rimmel London 25 Hour Foundation

Everyone knows I rave about this product, but I haven't reviewed it for you. But I was asked to review it for a possible buy tomorrow so I wanted to give you my review on it!

The packaging of the foundation is brilliant. For a drugstore brand your getting a glass bottle, 30ml and you get a pump which one pump is MORE than enough so means its a lasting bottle. It is clear so you can see how much you have left aswell.

The foundation itself is a thick liquid,  The foundation only claims to last 25 hours but does not tell you about coverage. However it is a heavy coverage, or a high medium atleast. I use a foundation brush, or a stippling brush to apply this depending how I want it too look. I feel the coverage is better than my mac, however I was given a little darker than I thought. But the thing that impresses me about this is that although it does set, it blends like a dream until your satisfied. It doesnt leave a line and my friends normally pick up on any lines and havent been told of any. They do a colour lighter than this and when this one runs out, I am so going to get it. 

It covers any blemish, or area, and as I said is practically heavy coverage. It is a matte finish aswell. 

For 25 hours, Hmm I've never really tested it out, but It does last and it apparently has primer in it. But then I wonder how a product could have primer inside because you put primer on before to help stick so having it in means your sticking it to itself. Yeah..

But its a great product, I'm really surprised and again this is better than my MAC for coverage. But I do prefer my MAC for a more natural finish and to get the right colour. I still love my mac but I am running low, so I am using this for everyday and then mac for nights out ect.

I'd give this a 9/10 and only 9 because its not my perfect shade, but there is one lighter so that will definitely fit me even though this does just you have to spend a few minutes blending.

I was sent this as part of the Glamour Panel but this is not the review for them. I have had this product for a few months now so its had its chance to be worn a number of times. These are my own opinions and I am not being paid or sponsored to say these opinions.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Storm, Sandals and Smellies Haul!

Sorry, Im a sucker for alliteration/sibilance! Anyway, I am so excited for this haul, to you this may be an averageg haul but after 2 years I've finally brought the Sleek Storm Pallette! I wanted this FOREVER! Just never been able to justify spending the money (dont ask why, its completely affordable and I manage to buy one eyeshadow from mac but thats me for you). I finally brought it. I am feeling so happy about it! So here's the rest of my haul, its not huge but Im happy with what I brought!

Sleek Makeup IDivine Storm Palette £.6.50
I'm really chuffed with this, it has lived up to my expectations and I love the packaging, I wont be using the applicator (when will companies learn foam applications just aren't what anyone uses!)  Its a shame these still arent a fiver! But heyho still worth the money!

The Body Shop Deo Dry, Dry Effect Deodrant in Cool and Breezy £2.50 + Fresh and Floral Refill £2.00

Look down for a little review and my thoughts on them. 

Primark Sandals (multiway to wear) £2.50
An absolute bargain, I may buy some in Silver next time, these are just really cute, and really simple!

Primark- Vest Top £1.50 + Not Seen in photo another long sleeved White Tee £2.40?
Simply needed a few new white tops and these were so inexpensive it must be a crime! But i'm not complaining!

Primark Camel Coloured Leggings £3.00
Okay so I was so confused by black leggings in primark because some seemed really short, some seemed un stretchy, so I just picked up these cause I wanted them. Then, the fit, bit see through so long top is a must but I like camel coloured things at the moment. So yay!

Mustard Yellow Pashmina- £1
No idea what the shop was called, it was clearly a dodgy shop but I lost my last pashmina in a forest and missed it terribly, so I got this one. Its not a dodgy scarf, just a dodgy shop.

Of course, I shall be reviewing this in a few days!

When I did work exp at TBS, I learnt that in every day deodorants there is a lot of aluminum and this is something scientists believe can cause cancer. Although I cant tell you this is true or not, I've been intrested in trying these for a while now. These can come in stick forms but I chose the roll on. The amazing thing is you can buy the refills and change the scent. So I'm hoping that when my cool and breezy runs out completely, I can pull it out, and replace with a new scent, that being fresh and floral. They both smell SO FRESH! And I like all three scents, there was a green but I cant remember what that was called. I really like these and I hope they will stick up to my favourites Dove. The good thing is, I know I'm pretty much sorted for deodorant for a while now because I can just buy some refills and not have to worry about panicking when I have no deodorant left. 

Mini outfit post!

Hope you all have a LURRVELY weekend! 

Monday, 11 April 2011

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I recently purchased St Moriz after finally taking the plunge. I am not really a fake tanning girlie, but I thought WHY NOT! I want colour for prom so thought it would be best to try some out before the day and not look like an tangerine on prom night.

I was scared of applying this stuff with my hands so brought a mitt which cost me £1.99. I got both products from Savers which mine has had St Moriz for about a year now. St Moriz retails for £2.99 but can vary depending where you buy and where you live ect.

I actually purchased the Wash off Glitz St Moriz a few months ago, but it stayed in the back of my drawers because it was naff and who wants glittery wash off anyway.

I tried this the day I got it, after some exfoliating and moisturising. I used my body shop strawberry body butter and paid particular attention to my knees, ankles and elbows.   This is what the mousse looks like on before a shower,

You have to leave it 4-6 hours before showering. I just waited until the next day. I was happy with the base colour but as I found out, you  have to wash it off to reveal a more natural tan. When I showered a lot came off, the bubbles were brown, but I didnt exfoliate. I came out and was a bit sad, there wasnt the colour above, it was a glow, which is what I guess I wanted.

But I think I am going to put more on next time. As the bottle shows you first get a light bronze, then if you want brown you apply more in the next few days. Which I will try to do for prom I think. I want a little darker but it will be in June anyway so I may have a bit of natural tan, here's hoping.

So here's what it looks like AFTER a shower, so basically a DAY later.

As you can see, i've got a bronze look. Its very natural and a definate improvement from pasty white. 
So it shows that this give you an instant tan that would normally take a good Summer Month to normally achieve, it means I dont need to waste hours in the summer getting a tan and I can do other productive things!

I really like this stuff!

There's so nasty smell, I think it smells like Nivea Cream but that's just my nose, Dad said he could smell Apples. It is so easy to apply especially with a mitt, I even got mum to do my back and she had no problems and no offense to my lovely mum but she's not the best at beauty stuff, I asked her to paint my nails once and lets just say, not the best. But she found this pretty effortless.

It is completely inexpensive, can be brought in Savers, Home Bargains, Amazon, Ebay and Fragrance Direct!

Friday, 8 April 2011


Wow, what a mouthful this product is, hey! I brought this gradual tanner a few days ago and was eager to get it on as I was looking pasty as paper. I dont mind being pale, I'm not a tan-o-holic, however I'm not the biggest fan of the paper white look. I like gradual tanners and have used this tanner before. I may of reviewed this last year so bear with (miranda quote lol).Anyway, I thought I'd be pretty blunt in this review as normally I ramble. So here is a before picture:


 (soz for the pjs!)

 Its left me glowy, golden and not streaky.

The pictures speak for themselves really, it does give a glow, some may say its orange but I think thats the flash that's doing that, it isnt actually that dark. 

It does smell nice, but after about 3 hours it stinks of fake tan. It also gets sticky fairly quickly so dont get dressed immediately, put shorts and a tank top on or something. 

However it is cheap, it will last for ages, applied well it gives a good look and is build-able. You can get it in light, but I prefer dark due to quicker results.

It is £2.53 in superdrug at the mo, so get yourself down there now normally about £5.

Dont worry, I still want to try St Moriz and will probably buy tommorow, but just wanted to try this out again.

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