Thursday, 25 August 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream.

 I recently decided to buy the Creme puff from Collection 2000. I currently own cotton Candy which is not what I even expected it to be but I am thoroughly pleased with.
Despite reading so many positive reviews on these, I still thought with my dry lips from my braces, I was adamant that this would make them dry and obviously cracked but it's the utter opposite. The consistency starts off slightly wet, but dries to a beautiful matte and pigmented colour. Cotton Candy is a beautiful hot pink which in look instore I thought was a plain pink but I think I'm more happier with this colour. It is a mousse/fluffy consistency which smells like American Cupcake Sponge haha, so odd to think of that but it occurred to me last night that was the exact smell. It is a gorgeous smell and it comes with a sponge applicator which is very easy to use. Application is so easy and can be so precise that you can see where I just missed a small section of my mouth, but no big deal but the brush is so easy to make a precise application and it doesn't smudge everywhere.

It's really moisturising and it really suits my skin tone and mouth, it may sound odd but some pale colours can make my mouth/teeth look really quite ew. So this makes my teeth appear whiter and does not make the metal in my brace appear too shiny which I hate. 

I really want to buy the other colours which are 2 nudier colours and another pink which I believe is a coral pink/red. For £2.99 this is one lip product I'm very impressed with and would happily pick up more. 
The only downside to this product is that it does wear away quite patchy, but once it has completely worn it does go. It doesn't do what some lipsticks do and hide in the cracks of your lips. 

I really recommend these and will definitely be buying more shades soon!

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