Tuesday, 19 June 2012

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Face Mist

L'Occitane's newest face care range is impressive. Full stop! Angelica is one of the skincare ranges from this brand that I've rarely taken notice of because I thought it was for the older skincare range shall I say, however when I heard Angelica was having a bit of a update with new products added to the range I was excited to see the new summer line.
Angelica is a fairly overall skincare type, its for those who need a bit of TLC and a bit of loving for that overworked and stressed out skin. It hydrates the skin simply and in a refreshing quick way to boost your complexion, the perfect skincare set for summer, no? The three new products in the line are The Instant Hydration Mask, a Exfoliating gel and the product I have to show you today, the Hydration Face Mist!
Ive only ever used one other face mist and that was the Body Shop vit-e mist, which although impressive worked out pretty expensive for something that didnt impress me too much. However, I have found the new HG to the summer! This mist is so fine that when you spray, note: spray not spritz, it instantly relaxes you and hydrates your skin no matter what time of the day.

It smells heavenly and is light and non affensive and definately lingers for around an hour or so. I've been using this for almost anything, to set my makeup, to wake me up, to make me calm, to tone my skin, relax before bed, after a very long day, when my eyes feel exhausted, when my skin is dry and of course every other spare time in between.

Because its a spray like a hair spray and not like a perfume spritz, it is easy to control and lightweight and doesnt make you flinch when you spray it in your face. We all know the cat's-bum face we all do when its a spray haha.
Although I havent done any far away travelling, this is ideal for a hot country or flying, the gym, the beach wherever takes your fancy. Its one of them products that you just cant wait to get home to use!
For 100ml which will last you a fairly long time, it costs you only £15 which for a highend brand like L'Occitane this is fairly reasonable! I'm really intrested in trying the mask which I think would be ideal after a long hot day!

Have you tried any Angelica products? Whats your thoughts?

*PR Sample. Please refer to disclaimer on right hand side for more info.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

 Liz Earle is my go to skincare brand, the brand that I believe is roughly my age (17 years old, or maybe older now) effortlessly creates products that I trust and know work. In a recent haul when they had the £10 Cleanse and Polish offer, I decided to splurge and purchase their moisturiser. In the past I've tried the travel sized/samples of this product. I did enjoy it and although its a bit more pricier than the other items Liz Earle sells I can say I'm a very happy chappy!
 So what is contained in this iconic blue pot? As Liz Earle products contain naturally active ingredients, including borage oil, antioxidants and vitamin E. The product is as high quality as every other product I've tried from the brand. The moisturiser works really well at sorting out any dryness or problems on the skin and I like the fact that I can find out about all the good bits in the moisturiser on the ingredients online, a full list is available here.

 The consistency of this moisturiser is quite brilliant. Unlike my trusted L'Occitane one this is a lot thinner or lighter shall I say. Although I do not have the 'light' version of the moisturiser, I have tried it but preferred this one, this is still light to the touch but when rubbed into the skin has the feel and benefits of a thicker moisturiser. The reason I didn't get on with the light version as one it wasn't for my skin type which i can finally say is NORMAL! (give or take a few days). However I feel light would be good for those who get a bit worried about moisturisers. Its a great base for makeup if you dont wear or like primers. It is a really great moisturiser and I am pleased I finally bought it. I am still undecided whether I prefer this or L'Occitane but I think with being used with other Liz Earle products it completes the circle. I really think this is my 'summer' (what summer you may ask?) moisturiser whereas L'Occitane is ideal for winter.

This moisturiser retails for £18.75 which I feel is quite reasonable especially as you can see how much they fill up the jar. You can get the same amount of product (50ml) in either jar or a pump for the same price, so you can choose your preference. Mine has to be jar, I like to be able to see how much I have left.

You can buy Liz Earle from her website on this link (Lizearle) or you can buy from John Lewis counters in participating stores. Remember if you buy online from Liz Earle, although you pay for your p&p you also receive a free gift every time so a great opportunity to try something new or stock up on an old favourite!

Have you tried this moisturiser? What were your thoughts?


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

L'Occitane Eau Universelle Cologne

L'occitane have been featured on my blog often. As I've mentioned before my Grandma introduced me to the brand a few years ago after a flight to Australia, me and my mum loved the products and found more about them after my granmda gives us samples/freebies and gifts. The Shea Butter handcream is a personal favourite and I've loved the Shea butter face cream to death.

However, this beauty, is probably one of the best things to come from them in a long time. L'Occitane perfumes are extremely good quality for the price. So when this came through my door, even Mum was impressed. These 300ml bottles (yes, 300ml!) are the new colognes. The range consists of a womans, unisex and male scent and each one avaliable in 300ml bottles, 50ml travel sized or showergels to keep you smelling sweet all day.

I recieved Universelle and although my french isnt tip top its obvious that it means Unisex/Universal scent. As soon as I smelt it I instantly was reminded of Verbena, a scent that they already feature many products around. I have used that in the past and its a very zesty scent that wasnt always my cup of tea, however with Universalle they have made it literally more accesiable to a different audience. The scent is still zesty but you can feel the warm masculine scents in it too. The description of Universelle is 'With Its refreshing accord of bergamot nad grapefruit, this sunny invigorating Eau De Cologne is a beautifully timless scent Men and women of all ages will find irresistable. Its true, ok so my dad isnt a fan of these kind of scents but he's very picky. I know anyone who enjoys fruity, zesty and deep scents will enjoy this.

It really is the ideal summer perfume. Unfotunantly the only downside is that the scent doesnt last very long however Id quite happily buy a 50ml size in order to chuck in my handbag so I could top up with this gorgeous scent or use my 300ml bottle and fill up a small spritzer bottle to take around as I feel a spray bottle would help to make this easier to use.

These 300ml bottles retail for £37 which although pricey, you can get 50ml bottles which work out more expensive than this per 50 or 100ml anyway. Handbag sizes are 50ml and only £21 and showergels are £13. You can buy these from L'Occitane's website and their stand alone stores.

Plus they come in gorgeous glass bottles that will look stunning on any dressing table. These are Launching this month, so get your hands (I suggest two hands because its so big) and grasp your next summer fragrance. 



Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze

Maybelline isnt a brand I've always cared for, back in the day 'Dream Matte Mousse' was all the rage, I tried it and saw it on every other 14 year old girl and thought that the cake face was ugly and unappealing. It did put me off, but over the past year I've tried a few more products from them which have changed my opinion on them. Here's another thats taken the blogging world by storm!
I'd seen On and On Bronze being mentioned the most, and to be honest Superdrug only had like 4 shades and 2 were pretty basic/boring. So this what we have today! I think this is such a pretty colour that complements most eye colours and would be great for any eye look.
 As you can see it has a bronze,brown and coppery colour, it is shimmery but its not glittery. As soon as you apply these they take like a minute to set then they are on for good. If you swatch these on your hand, you wont get them off scrubbing. No you need a full on makeup remover, luckily Liz Earle cleanse and polish removes it but I doubt a makeup wipe would. You need something strong! Which is brilliant for their purpose, they're suppose to stay for 24 hours (but dont test that theory, remember we must remove our makeup every night...)! I even did the washing up, cleaned makeup brushes, washed my hands, and still its on!
I want more! I love it, either on its own with a full cover, or washed gently in the crease, or as a eyeliner. These are brilliant. Plus their only £5 each, and you get a lot of product too! So when a 3 for 2 is on, these are a steal. Maybelline, I take it all back, one dodgy product did ruin it for me, but you've started to excell yourself. You can buy these from Superdrug and Boots!

Better pictures will resume soon! Sorry about the quality!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MEMEME Seventh Heaven Face Base

 MEMEME have once again presented a brilliant product. Seventh Heaven is a moisturising face base, perfect as a replacement for a moisturiser or day cream and/or instead of a primer. It cuts out the wait of letting a moisturiser sink in and gives you a primed and prep face ready for foundation or even just to face the day. Although I can not say this is my favourite moisturiser ever, I love the idea, and I think this is a perfect prep for summer when thick moisturisers are just too heavy and there is nothing more than a congested face during the summer.
The best thing about this is the consistency, its lightweight and a ligt on the skin too. You need very little for the whole of your face. It is a fresh consistency. It doesnt have the same properties as say a silicone feel primer such as Avon primer or benefit but it does help your foundation stay and keep oil at bay too.
The ultimate best part of this is the smell. It smells exactly like Lilt (for those who dont know, Lilt is a pineapple and lemon fizzy juice drink' and therefore it smells amazing! It has the zesty, lemon scent that is what makes it again great for the summer. 

It hasnt broken me out, and it provides great reasurance all day. I've not used this at night but it is a brilliant alternative to thick moisturisers and since L'Octtiane shea butter will be out of my reach for a few months due to budgets, it what I shall be using for a month or so. Since this is the smaller/sample size I cannot say how long it will last but you dont need a lot and even a sample size is very generous.

All in all its hard to fault because it does exactly what it says on the tin, I just feel used to thick moisturisers, however this does perform well in moisturising and providing a primer.

I am unsure if the price is suited, £15 is a lot for one face base however if you think about it, one primer and moisturiser would be a hell of a lot more and you're getting two in one here. To buy this product you can get it from superdrug stores or from http://www.mememecosmetics.co.uk/seventh-heaven-moisturising-facebase

Have you tried this? Whats your thoughts on it?


Saturday, 5 May 2012


MEMEME's products have impressed me again, I only recently wrote about the Godess Rocks which are my favourite shimmery bronzer at the moment but these beauties from MEMEME have again produced a new love in my eyeshadow collection. These pots are cream eyeshadows, use as a base or alone they create a beautiful accomopant for any look. I have four to show you today, each really unique but there will be one to suit any occasion. These are all from the dragonfly collection and feature earthly and natural colours yet still wearable.

As I said I have four to show you, above is Hollow Haze, a beautiful but light shimmery beige. A gorgeous highlight colour and probably the best one to use as a everyday eyeshadow or eyeshadow base if your a natural colour eyeshadow wearer. I often wear this on my brown bone as well as as my eye base. I do feel you need a primer as well as these to make sure they dont crease but this is still a gorgeous colour.
Willow Whisper is this gorgoeus bronze, although it looks quite brown, it features gold and silver reflect shimmers as well as looking natural and brown. Again, another beautiful eyeshadow base and a great everyday colour.
This colour is a bit different from the above two, this is a colour many find a bit hard to work with. Reds can be difficult to use due to there colours looking tired or ill. However, this red/cranberry is definately more purple toned. Autumn Smoulder is the best name you could give this, it is a great 'smudge along the lashline' colour and will excentuate any eye colour.
Lastly is Moonlight Mist a beautiful blue! Again, a gorgeous name for a gorgeous colour. This blue is more navy than first thought but I love this with Autumn Smoulder, and I think using this as a base for a smokey eye gives blue eyes (or any eye colour for that matter) a bright base to work with.
Here are the cream shadows in all there glory swatched with finger. I prefer to use my finger to apply these and occasionally use a eyeliner brush when using them as an eyeliner.  I do however reccomend a primer, as they can crease but they do hold eyeshadow by themselves.

MEMEME Dew Pots are avaliable from Superdrug stores or mememecosmetics.co.uk
and cost £7.25 each!

Cheaper than a MAC Paint Pot, cheaper than a benefit creaseless cream shadow and can be used for so many items, what are you waiting for?


Everyday Makeup Tutorial

As many of you know, I am now on youtube! A lot of requests were made for a makeup tutorial and so I have produced my everyday makeup tutorial. This is a basic tutorial but generally what I wear most days give or take a few changes depending on what I feel like using. If you like this tutorial please let me know and please request futher tutorials. I will improve as I get going but it took me a while to figure what was best ect.

Also subscribe and comment/rate if you'd like as I really appreciate all opinions and follows!


Monday, 26 March 2012


mac mineralize skinfinish natural
MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish has been around for a long time now, it's been loved and hated by many but I can firmly declare my love for this product already! Skin finishes are setting powders or a form of low coverage foundation and glow to the skin. Personally I prefer to wear this as a setting powder and extra amount of coverage every day but when I had this colour matched in the MAC store the MUA used so much it was almost heavy coverage, something I did love but failed to do on myself in case it uses tons of product.
This domed powder is perfect to set your foundation and therefore, make it last longer. I love using this because it just sets it to make it last all day long, perfect for when you wear tinted moisturiser and want to extend the coverage as well as set away any shine that moisturises tend to give.
I'm in light plus because I thought Light would be just that tad too plain and white for me and this seems to go with ANY foundation I wear it with! I love the slight radiance this gives without giving any shine and shimmer. It's positively perfect and probably the best setting powder I've used in a long time!

It does cost £20.50 however I think its one of the best purchases you can make to improve your foundation and makeup wear.It feels like you use a lot however I've had this for over a month or so now and its lasted well! I know I'll repurchase it again and again!

I wear this in a lot of FOTDS previously and will be in the future!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Benefit Cha Cha Tint

Benefit's ChaCha tint is the newest of the benefit cheek and lip tints but with more flair. Although its been around for probably a year or so now, it is still a baby with a lot of punch. The coral tint is so different to the regular red and pink. Benetint and Posietint are both very english rose tints and provide long lasting colour and lip stains that make flushed and rosie looks become simple.

ChaCha offers a more coral colour. Although it seems a slightly orangey colour, personally its a coral and there is definately a redder blush tone underneath. It seems an odd colour to apply but once applied correctly it adds a more lively flush to the cheeks (and lips if thats what you like to). This is a difficult colour to wear as it requires the correct shadows and a tanned face seems to be a good way to wear this too however if you like bold colours this is definately for you. Benetint can seem a little plain-jane now a days as its been around for years but chacha changes that perseption easily. I can see this looking gorgeous with a tan, freckles and with a hint of possibly Hoola (or if you dont own hoola like myself, then try Boujois chocolate bronzers) to add that deep contoured olive skintoned look.I feel the product offers a tiny bit of shine to the skin, not wet look, or shimmer/glitter just brightens the area and all together makes you look radiant.

The consistency of Cha Cha is definately more like Posie Tint (the baby pink) rather than benetint. Benetint is a liquid and you must be quick to blend. TIP always do one cheek at a time, I did it the other day and had splodges where I left it. Posietint is definately more gel like, still runny that it would pour if you dropped it but gives a bit of control over how to rub it in. Cha Cha offers the gel consistency too making it a fairly straightforward application. I tend to do 3 dots in a triangle and blend towards my ear. If this is not a lot of colour, I do it again. Its best to blend and repeat rather than lots in one go and have red cheeks!

I prefer not to wear these tints as lip colours, I generally prefer lip products like glosses/balms/lipsticks but I have tried it with this and found it tasted very chemically. I know you dont eat it but when something doesnt feel right on the lips its not nice to the touch.

Cha Cha Tint does cost £23.50 however, for the long lasting product during wear, over time and the fact it comes in a large bottle does mean you get your moneys worth. If you were not a fan of Benetint or Posietint I really reccomend Cha Cha tint. It provides that coral colour that I've not seen any other blush provide! If weight restrictions allow, this is perfect for holidays, just screw the cap back on tight!


Monday, 20 February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

 ITs rolled round again, and this time its sure to provoke thoughts and feelings again. Glossybox is back to its pale pink roots and we've got a selection of products to suit most!I'm simply going to say what I've got and then a bit of comment on it a the end. I normally just say what I think, but I havent tried them out properly yet. I may review later with further blog posts.

I got Duwop Lip Venom Gloss in Buttercup, this is the size of my little finger and therfore seems tiny but I have a natural colour soI got a good choice. P.S they tell you to remember it will make your lips tingle! It smells amazing too!

DR Bronner Magic Liquid Soap is next, this is the one product hat is full size which is surprising. I've beenn reading on facebook it is the one full size product, which is a bit odd only being £1.99, when we've had other boxes contain huge full size products, but nonetheless I shall try it out. Its suppose to be used all over and be special, but the way its written is odd and I've not quite understood what makes it so special apart from the fact is has 18 uses?? I think its basically a soap for all over the body.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm is like a 'primer' for the hair and speeds up blow dring, makes it weather resistant and keeps your style in shape. Not a bag size and I've always been intrested in Paul Mitchell products, although I have short hair so Im not sure how well I'll notice a difference.

BM Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow in Her Majesty is Kimberly Wyatts makeup mineral brand, this is a pigment dust shadow and Her Majesty is a pink with gold reflects in. It is a very very pretty colour and on the skin looks more amber coloured. I cant wait to use this! This is 1g but mineral eyeshadows/products last forever.

Lastly and glad its lastly is Como Shambhala Body Lotion, I rarely care about what body lotion I use. I tend to use a Body Shop Body Butter, I would use this, there isnt anything wrong with it and it smells ok, similar to another glossbox product ive had before but I cant think of which one. But is it just me? Or do body lotions bore you? I just have a collection of body lotions I never use. Personally I'd rather never get body lotion, much rather try a new makeup product than ANOTHER body lotion.

So do I like the box? Its ok, the makeup and hair product I love! The Body Soap Liquid doodah, is a bit of an odd one and it smells of almonds which I'm not to fond of. But it may be ok. Im relatively happy and am looking forward to trying the products, its the body lotion I'm thoroughly disapointed with, they are just so-so and never anything life changing.

What box did you get? Anything different? I have seen one or two different variations but only the liquid soap and hair product is different, its just different variations of the above products, not different products.


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