Friday, 20 January 2012

Avon Supershock Gel Liner Pots

Avons Supershock line has been praised well over the past few months. The mascaras, eyeliner pencils and shadow pencils have been highly pigmented, high quality and affordable. When I saw that the supershock line was adding a gel liner pot to its collection I snapped up two when they were on a special offer.

I brought flashy brown which is a bronze copper colour and blackened metal which is a glittery slate grey colour. They come in little glass/pots which are really durable and look nice in a collection or bag. The lids stay on tight and you get a lot for your money.

So flashy brown is a bronze colour that would suit most eye colours especially if your not a fan of black colours . This is a shimmery colour with no glitter particles. The colour looks more orange toned in the pot than swatched, when swatched it is a brown that requires a little bit of building.  These eyeliners could also be used as a eyeshadow base or eyeshadow cream because they are so blendable and creamy. I've not quite fathamed if this is a good thing for an eyeliner but so far its not bad. If you do wear it as an eyeshadow then its a must for a primer.I find Flashy Brown is much nicer than Blackened Metal interms of pigmentation and longetivity.
Black Metal is definately not what I expected, Supershock pencil liner in black and steel are both very pigmented, deep true colours whereas this colour is lacking quality. It isnt black at all, definately more silver, kind of the colour of the road with shimmer, I'm not gunna lie, that is the weirdest description I've ever used but that is all I can think of. Which makes it sound like its not very pretty on the eye.

You may think that the swatch is black as black but this is with a big swirl using my finger. Using a brush does not produce these results.It is a lovely colour to smudge under the eye, but it has no hold for waterline and not strong enough pigments in itself to be strong enough. The only way you can reach a black is to get a large ammount of product on your brush, so much so that it would probably be a thick and clumpy application which would proabably damage or put product into the eye.

That is why I tested these as a cream shadow, they should really be renamed to that because the pigmentation to class off as a eyeliner is not worthy. If you want a pretty cream eyeshadow base or eyeshadow cream buy these. If you want a waterline or tightliner with extreme pigment and smoothness then buy the supershock gel liner pencil its tons better. These are more suited to those who disliked the gel liner pencil and want something subtle.

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