Friday, 13 January 2012

MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

The first product I owned from MAC was this product, infact I am confused as to why I've not reviewed this properly sooner. I have mentioned it before but not reviwed it fully with swatches ect. To be honest, I'm not sure why I purchased a bronzer as my first MAC product. I brought a foundation second, but I think it was the scary moment of being in MAC with very loud music and a giftcard that made me just go 'buy whatever' and this is what I brought. The artist had shown this on my skin, and of course they always show you it on better than you could ever do yourself, it was a lot of product but I loved the tan look it gave and it has slight glitter in it. Oddly enough you never see the glitter on your face, it shows up more like a slight sheen, I would never call this a shimmery or glittery product despite what you see in the pan.

You get a whopping 10g of product for £17.50 which I feel is a rather reseasonable price for what you get. (update 2013 Sept. Now £20)

On the face it looks realistic and not orange at all, its very buildable to the point where you tend to have to go over it a few times to get a good ammount of warmth on your face. One swipe and blend is roughly a light glow whereas three times gives more contour and warmth. This isnt to say it isnt pigmented but for all of the brushes I've tried it with this is the result I get best.


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