Monday, 20 February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

 ITs rolled round again, and this time its sure to provoke thoughts and feelings again. Glossybox is back to its pale pink roots and we've got a selection of products to suit most!I'm simply going to say what I've got and then a bit of comment on it a the end. I normally just say what I think, but I havent tried them out properly yet. I may review later with further blog posts.

I got Duwop Lip Venom Gloss in Buttercup, this is the size of my little finger and therfore seems tiny but I have a natural colour soI got a good choice. P.S they tell you to remember it will make your lips tingle! It smells amazing too!

DR Bronner Magic Liquid Soap is next, this is the one product hat is full size which is surprising. I've beenn reading on facebook it is the one full size product, which is a bit odd only being £1.99, when we've had other boxes contain huge full size products, but nonetheless I shall try it out. Its suppose to be used all over and be special, but the way its written is odd and I've not quite understood what makes it so special apart from the fact is has 18 uses?? I think its basically a soap for all over the body.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm is like a 'primer' for the hair and speeds up blow dring, makes it weather resistant and keeps your style in shape. Not a bag size and I've always been intrested in Paul Mitchell products, although I have short hair so Im not sure how well I'll notice a difference.

BM Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow in Her Majesty is Kimberly Wyatts makeup mineral brand, this is a pigment dust shadow and Her Majesty is a pink with gold reflects in. It is a very very pretty colour and on the skin looks more amber coloured. I cant wait to use this! This is 1g but mineral eyeshadows/products last forever.

Lastly and glad its lastly is Como Shambhala Body Lotion, I rarely care about what body lotion I use. I tend to use a Body Shop Body Butter, I would use this, there isnt anything wrong with it and it smells ok, similar to another glossbox product ive had before but I cant think of which one. But is it just me? Or do body lotions bore you? I just have a collection of body lotions I never use. Personally I'd rather never get body lotion, much rather try a new makeup product than ANOTHER body lotion.

So do I like the box? Its ok, the makeup and hair product I love! The Body Soap Liquid doodah, is a bit of an odd one and it smells of almonds which I'm not to fond of. But it may be ok. Im relatively happy and am looking forward to trying the products, its the body lotion I'm thoroughly disapointed with, they are just so-so and never anything life changing.

What box did you get? Anything different? I have seen one or two different variations but only the liquid soap and hair product is different, its just different variations of the above products, not different products.


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