Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze

Maybelline isnt a brand I've always cared for, back in the day 'Dream Matte Mousse' was all the rage, I tried it and saw it on every other 14 year old girl and thought that the cake face was ugly and unappealing. It did put me off, but over the past year I've tried a few more products from them which have changed my opinion on them. Here's another thats taken the blogging world by storm!
I'd seen On and On Bronze being mentioned the most, and to be honest Superdrug only had like 4 shades and 2 were pretty basic/boring. So this what we have today! I think this is such a pretty colour that complements most eye colours and would be great for any eye look.
 As you can see it has a bronze,brown and coppery colour, it is shimmery but its not glittery. As soon as you apply these they take like a minute to set then they are on for good. If you swatch these on your hand, you wont get them off scrubbing. No you need a full on makeup remover, luckily Liz Earle cleanse and polish removes it but I doubt a makeup wipe would. You need something strong! Which is brilliant for their purpose, they're suppose to stay for 24 hours (but dont test that theory, remember we must remove our makeup every night...)! I even did the washing up, cleaned makeup brushes, washed my hands, and still its on!
I want more! I love it, either on its own with a full cover, or washed gently in the crease, or as a eyeliner. These are brilliant. Plus their only £5 each, and you get a lot of product too! So when a 3 for 2 is on, these are a steal. Maybelline, I take it all back, one dodgy product did ruin it for me, but you've started to excell yourself. You can buy these from Superdrug and Boots!

Better pictures will resume soon! Sorry about the quality!


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