Tuesday, 5 June 2012

L'Occitane Eau Universelle Cologne

L'occitane have been featured on my blog often. As I've mentioned before my Grandma introduced me to the brand a few years ago after a flight to Australia, me and my mum loved the products and found more about them after my granmda gives us samples/freebies and gifts. The Shea Butter handcream is a personal favourite and I've loved the Shea butter face cream to death.

However, this beauty, is probably one of the best things to come from them in a long time. L'Occitane perfumes are extremely good quality for the price. So when this came through my door, even Mum was impressed. These 300ml bottles (yes, 300ml!) are the new colognes. The range consists of a womans, unisex and male scent and each one avaliable in 300ml bottles, 50ml travel sized or showergels to keep you smelling sweet all day.

I recieved Universelle and although my french isnt tip top its obvious that it means Unisex/Universal scent. As soon as I smelt it I instantly was reminded of Verbena, a scent that they already feature many products around. I have used that in the past and its a very zesty scent that wasnt always my cup of tea, however with Universalle they have made it literally more accesiable to a different audience. The scent is still zesty but you can feel the warm masculine scents in it too. The description of Universelle is 'With Its refreshing accord of bergamot nad grapefruit, this sunny invigorating Eau De Cologne is a beautifully timless scent Men and women of all ages will find irresistable. Its true, ok so my dad isnt a fan of these kind of scents but he's very picky. I know anyone who enjoys fruity, zesty and deep scents will enjoy this.

It really is the ideal summer perfume. Unfotunantly the only downside is that the scent doesnt last very long however Id quite happily buy a 50ml size in order to chuck in my handbag so I could top up with this gorgeous scent or use my 300ml bottle and fill up a small spritzer bottle to take around as I feel a spray bottle would help to make this easier to use.

These 300ml bottles retail for £37 which although pricey, you can get 50ml bottles which work out more expensive than this per 50 or 100ml anyway. Handbag sizes are 50ml and only £21 and showergels are £13. You can buy these from L'Occitane's website and their stand alone stores.

Plus they come in gorgeous glass bottles that will look stunning on any dressing table. These are Launching this month, so get your hands (I suggest two hands because its so big) and grasp your next summer fragrance. 



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