Friday, 20 January 2012

Avon Supershock Gel Liner Pots

Avons Supershock line has been praised well over the past few months. The mascaras, eyeliner pencils and shadow pencils have been highly pigmented, high quality and affordable. When I saw that the supershock line was adding a gel liner pot to its collection I snapped up two when they were on a special offer.

I brought flashy brown which is a bronze copper colour and blackened metal which is a glittery slate grey colour. They come in little glass/pots which are really durable and look nice in a collection or bag. The lids stay on tight and you get a lot for your money.

So flashy brown is a bronze colour that would suit most eye colours especially if your not a fan of black colours . This is a shimmery colour with no glitter particles. The colour looks more orange toned in the pot than swatched, when swatched it is a brown that requires a little bit of building.  These eyeliners could also be used as a eyeshadow base or eyeshadow cream because they are so blendable and creamy. I've not quite fathamed if this is a good thing for an eyeliner but so far its not bad. If you do wear it as an eyeshadow then its a must for a primer.I find Flashy Brown is much nicer than Blackened Metal interms of pigmentation and longetivity.
Black Metal is definately not what I expected, Supershock pencil liner in black and steel are both very pigmented, deep true colours whereas this colour is lacking quality. It isnt black at all, definately more silver, kind of the colour of the road with shimmer, I'm not gunna lie, that is the weirdest description I've ever used but that is all I can think of. Which makes it sound like its not very pretty on the eye.

You may think that the swatch is black as black but this is with a big swirl using my finger. Using a brush does not produce these results.It is a lovely colour to smudge under the eye, but it has no hold for waterline and not strong enough pigments in itself to be strong enough. The only way you can reach a black is to get a large ammount of product on your brush, so much so that it would probably be a thick and clumpy application which would proabably damage or put product into the eye.

That is why I tested these as a cream shadow, they should really be renamed to that because the pigmentation to class off as a eyeliner is not worthy. If you want a pretty cream eyeshadow base or eyeshadow cream buy these. If you want a waterline or tightliner with extreme pigment and smoothness then buy the supershock gel liner pencil its tons better. These are more suited to those who disliked the gel liner pencil and want something subtle.

Friday, 13 January 2012

MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

The first product I owned from MAC was this product, infact I am confused as to why I've not reviewed this properly sooner. I have mentioned it before but not reviwed it fully with swatches ect. To be honest, I'm not sure why I purchased a bronzer as my first MAC product. I brought a foundation second, but I think it was the scary moment of being in MAC with very loud music and a giftcard that made me just go 'buy whatever' and this is what I brought. The artist had shown this on my skin, and of course they always show you it on better than you could ever do yourself, it was a lot of product but I loved the tan look it gave and it has slight glitter in it. Oddly enough you never see the glitter on your face, it shows up more like a slight sheen, I would never call this a shimmery or glittery product despite what you see in the pan.

You get a whopping 10g of product for £17.50 which I feel is a rather reseasonable price for what you get. (update 2013 Sept. Now £20)

On the face it looks realistic and not orange at all, its very buildable to the point where you tend to have to go over it a few times to get a good ammount of warmth on your face. One swipe and blend is roughly a light glow whereas three times gives more contour and warmth. This isnt to say it isnt pigmented but for all of the brushes I've tried it with this is the result I get best.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Benefit Glossytown Lipgloss Set

  Benefit's Holiday Gift Selection has proved popular again this year with my most wanted set being the Glossytown lipgloss collection. 6 Glosses in a great selection of colours this little set works out at £3 for each 3ml Gloss. Although 3ml seems a small ammount they will last you a long time as you only need a quick swipe to get a maximum ammount of shine and colour.
 The colours in the set are
  • so frisk me 
  • nudie-tude
  • spiked punch
  • life on the A list
  • foxy lady
  • kiss you
So you really do get a range of nudes, shimmers, glitters, purples and pinks.

Foxy Lady- Blue Toned Fushia
 This gloss is lovely blue,purple toned gloss with lots of sparkle. It appears more sheer on the lips but with lots of shine.
Kiss You- Berry Coloured Gloss
 This has to be one of the most unique colours in the set, some may hate but personally I like it. I will have to experiment on what I can wear with it but it shows a beautiful berry gloss on the lips. This is one of the most pigmented in the set too. Definately gorgeous for the winter and spring!
Life on The A List- Baby pink nude
 This has to be my favourite colour from the set, as I've mentioned before I've owned this gloss full sized previously however it died. I'm so happy to have it back in my collection and it suits so many nude lipsticks. I love wearing this with Elf Runway Pink. Its very true to the swatch on the lips aswell.
Nudie-Tude A glittery brown nude
 Probably not my favourite shade due to the glitter but it does look nice with darker nude lipsticks which are more brown toned. It does contain glitter which make it a little more drier on the lips but I cannot fault the colour as it is true to swatch and would suit anyone who doesnt wear braces because glitter and braces just doesnt go well because its toooo much shine.
So Frisk Me- Very high shine brown red
 This gloss is the definition of high shine lipgloss. It is a beautiful colour and does go on the lips fairly brown toned. Luckily the glitter in this gloss doesnt show as much and I think its more of a shimmer than glitter particles like Nudie-Tude. It is a nice colour but I think the eyes would have to be pretty basic and the blusher very matte with this gloss. Its a very statement colour to wear.
Spiked Punch- Highlighly pigmented coral shine
This is a gorgeous coral orange with a hint of pink. No shimmer or glitter but pure shine and matte colour. Its a gorgeous colour on the lips and will be perfect for summer, it looks gorgeous alongside a pale pink lipstick as it looks more pink with the nude and with a red toned lipstick it shows the orange. A really fabulous colour and very pigmented that I was really surprised about!

The brush applicators are really good, soft bristles with square tops and helpful to blend the gloss and reach the corners without going all over the place. The top of the lid of the gloss may get a bit gloopy because you sometimes dont need as much as the brush pulls out so if you wipe it on the top it gets stuck on the rim but not the end of the world.

For £19.00 it is a utter bargain as I said you get 6 glosses at 3ml each meaning your paying £3.14 for each gloss, bargain..yes?! They are a perfect size for clutch bags, handbags and makeup bags meaning you can fit other products in your bags now.

You can currently get the set for £13 on Meaning you'll still be paying £2.16 for each gloss!

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