Monday, 26 March 2012


mac mineralize skinfinish natural
MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish has been around for a long time now, it's been loved and hated by many but I can firmly declare my love for this product already! Skin finishes are setting powders or a form of low coverage foundation and glow to the skin. Personally I prefer to wear this as a setting powder and extra amount of coverage every day but when I had this colour matched in the MAC store the MUA used so much it was almost heavy coverage, something I did love but failed to do on myself in case it uses tons of product.
This domed powder is perfect to set your foundation and therefore, make it last longer. I love using this because it just sets it to make it last all day long, perfect for when you wear tinted moisturiser and want to extend the coverage as well as set away any shine that moisturises tend to give.
I'm in light plus because I thought Light would be just that tad too plain and white for me and this seems to go with ANY foundation I wear it with! I love the slight radiance this gives without giving any shine and shimmer. It's positively perfect and probably the best setting powder I've used in a long time!

It does cost £20.50 however I think its one of the best purchases you can make to improve your foundation and makeup wear.It feels like you use a lot however I've had this for over a month or so now and its lasted well! I know I'll repurchase it again and again!

I wear this in a lot of FOTDS previously and will be in the future!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Benefit Cha Cha Tint

Benefit's ChaCha tint is the newest of the benefit cheek and lip tints but with more flair. Although its been around for probably a year or so now, it is still a baby with a lot of punch. The coral tint is so different to the regular red and pink. Benetint and Posietint are both very english rose tints and provide long lasting colour and lip stains that make flushed and rosie looks become simple.

ChaCha offers a more coral colour. Although it seems a slightly orangey colour, personally its a coral and there is definately a redder blush tone underneath. It seems an odd colour to apply but once applied correctly it adds a more lively flush to the cheeks (and lips if thats what you like to). This is a difficult colour to wear as it requires the correct shadows and a tanned face seems to be a good way to wear this too however if you like bold colours this is definately for you. Benetint can seem a little plain-jane now a days as its been around for years but chacha changes that perseption easily. I can see this looking gorgeous with a tan, freckles and with a hint of possibly Hoola (or if you dont own hoola like myself, then try Boujois chocolate bronzers) to add that deep contoured olive skintoned look.I feel the product offers a tiny bit of shine to the skin, not wet look, or shimmer/glitter just brightens the area and all together makes you look radiant.

The consistency of Cha Cha is definately more like Posie Tint (the baby pink) rather than benetint. Benetint is a liquid and you must be quick to blend. TIP always do one cheek at a time, I did it the other day and had splodges where I left it. Posietint is definately more gel like, still runny that it would pour if you dropped it but gives a bit of control over how to rub it in. Cha Cha offers the gel consistency too making it a fairly straightforward application. I tend to do 3 dots in a triangle and blend towards my ear. If this is not a lot of colour, I do it again. Its best to blend and repeat rather than lots in one go and have red cheeks!

I prefer not to wear these tints as lip colours, I generally prefer lip products like glosses/balms/lipsticks but I have tried it with this and found it tasted very chemically. I know you dont eat it but when something doesnt feel right on the lips its not nice to the touch.

Cha Cha Tint does cost £23.50 however, for the long lasting product during wear, over time and the fact it comes in a large bottle does mean you get your moneys worth. If you were not a fan of Benetint or Posietint I really reccomend Cha Cha tint. It provides that coral colour that I've not seen any other blush provide! If weight restrictions allow, this is perfect for holidays, just screw the cap back on tight!


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