Friday, 12 July 2013


Batiste are back with style! They now have started to add to their collection a selection of styling products! I'm so glad to see one of my favourite everyday products adding to their collection and adding more styling products! The product I'm talking about today is their new XXL Plumping Powder.

This little tub of powder is a lightweight formula that plumps up limp hair and gives extra volume that often people with thin hair can find it hard to achieve. The look you can often achieve with these kind of powders is the backcomb effect without actually damaging the hair.

This works with any hair type and gives the hold in the hair for any style and gives texture where needed too! Just sprinkle into the roots of the hair where desired and then rub into the roots to create the texture and volume. Add more where needed and simply the volume is there. You don't need to reapply during the day either, the product can easily be massaged again to create more texture. So you can go crazy or just simple volume!

I love using these powders as I have fine oily hair so volume rarely lasts on my hair, so to be able to hold it and give texture is great, also I don't like slick ponytails if i'm doing it to style so these give the extra volume too.  This little tub of goodness powder is perfect and my ideal volume booster of choice!

I'm really pleased to say this is super affordable at £3.99 [LINK] from Boots and Superdrug. Which considering a lot of the higher end brands started to sell these first at a lot more this is a great price!

Id like to point out this doesn't have a batiste inspired smell but if you use your dry shampoo prior to styling you've still got the great scents they do!

*pr sample


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