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My name is Lisa and I'm a natural blonde and have never dyed my hair! Its hardly confession of the year, but this year more than ever I've been thinking of how to change up my hair. For a long time my parents didn't want me to die my hair because its rare you get a natural blonde who stays natural for a long time and I knew if I was to go another colour I wouldn't get the natural tones back exactly. 

I did want to change it up, I've considered highlights, low lights and bleaching but the price of them seemed a little silly when my hair has natural tones and does go lighter in the sun anyway.  I didn't wanna damage my hair either, luckily I never really get split ends and I don't get my hair cut often so its so good I don't need to! 

I had heard of the John Frieda Go Blonder range before through blogs and youtube reviews but hadnt heard lots of positive reviews, however, I'm always one for giving things a go. I first started using the Go Blonder Shampoo, it did work a little but I only bought a travel sized one to try first, I wanted more results and something definite. As it was on offer for £4 in tesco, I decided to give this lightening spray a go! 

This spray is recommended for blondes (duh?) or fair headed people.  The idea is to spray as you wish, to gain 3 types of effects, you can spray on selected sections to create highlight effects, on the roots to cover any blending or finally you can be as adventurous as myself and spray all over for all over lightening! 

The recommended all over treatment is ten uses only as it can be harsh on the hair as you are putting a type of bleach on the hair. The instructions for all over colouring is to wash hair as normal, I've been extensively conditioning my hair every wash at the moment to ensure less damage. Then towel dry a lot, not so much its dry but to take most of the moisture out. Then be ruthless and spray all over the hair. I have shoulder length hair so this is pretty easy for me. I towel dry the hair but do not brush until after I've sprayed as I find this works easier at getting to roots and tip as its not sleek and straight its messy and open to the spray. I start front to back but work more on the back as something I didn't realise is that the front of your hair is naturally going to hit the light more so this will be lighter than the back, as well as if you tie it up etc so I do a few more spritzes there. I spray all over vigorously, don't worry the spray does last a long time despite weight or what you think is too much. Be generous! I then brush my hair to how I would style it normally, add some heat protectant/volume spray and then blow dry.

YOU HAVE TO BLOW DRY. This product works by heat activation, ok sure it would do a little something by just natural drying but if you go to sleep with this on it will damage linen and the heat is what makes this work! Blow dry until completely dry. 

Using a straightener or curling tong can also help to add more heat and activate more lightening properties so if your like me and straighten anyway this is a good plus! 

So here's the result, as above my hair was ashy to begin with, it had got darker and ashier and I wasn't happy about the yellow look. After first use I saw some noticeable lightness, I continued using and at third use I saw all over colour difference not just a few highlights but all over colour difference. 

After 5 uses, this is how my hair is now coloured (below). The camera has made it a touch ginger/brown at the ends but I can assure you my hair is not darker this is cause of the lighting of the picture and my hair is definitely all over blonde. It still has tones to it so isn't bleach blonde white but I am so happy with the results. Friends and family have noticed a difference too and so it has given me the effects without harsh salon treatment or paying the odds! Perfect! 

There are a lot of bad reviews about this product but I love it. I will use it a few more times but I wont be for a few weeks yet as I am happy with this colour and don't want to over damage my hair or go too light and look fake or too unnatural. 

I'm really happy with the results and if you're looking for a quick pick me up to ashy blonde then this is the way forward! You can get this from Boots, Superdrug, and supermarkets. Tesco had it for £4 on offer recently so go get it whilst its still on offer! 

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