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 Dr Feel Good Benefit The Beauty Type

Benefit is easily my favourite high end brand, I love the ethics, the style of products, the range and the quality. A few months back I bought this balm off a blog sale to give a try. At first try I didnt really 'get' the product. Was it a primer? Setting powder/cream? It seemed odd to me. However I've finally got the knack of it!

 Dr Feel Good Benefit Cosmetics

I've been using this to finalise my makeup basically, I apply everything including face powder, then use a basic really cheap foundation brush to wake the product up to gain the creamy consistency and then sweep over my face, I do this gently so not to mix products up too much and mainly focus on my t-zone and carefully on the apples of my cheeks. These are generally where makeup can fade on my skin. 

It does come with a sponge but as I bought mine from a blog sale I didn't use this, and I wouldn't even if it did. I really dislike freebie brushes generally as they're hard and sponges for me are a BIG NO. I really dislike sponges as they're breading grounds for bacteria and hard to clean well. So a foundation brush is really easy to rewash and use. 

The consistency of this is really weird I'll admit that, when you first open it and touch it is a very dry almost powder like texture, its once you work it with a brush or your finger the cream is revealed, however its very powder like to the touch too and blends quickly and seamlessly into the skin. It feels dry on your fingers or brush at first but once blended into the skin you don't feel a heavy cream or anything it just feels like a blended primer or powder. 

It also looks slightly yellow in the pan but doesn't come off with any colour on the skin. 

 Dr Feel Good Benefit Cosmetics

Overall, it creates a really long lasting finishing touch to any makeup look. I especially like this for evening or hot weather as it keeps shine away, keeps the makeup lasting and gives a great touch to the skin. I wouldn't say I use it everyday as I don't always feel I need this step but for when I do go all out and heavy makeup I do think this is a great addition.

You can buy this from a number of places such as Benefit Counters or online [LINK] for £22.50! 

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