Monday, 7 October 2013


I had come to the conclusion as much as it was extremely helpful for my mum to pack generally everything for my uni move, I was missing some luxuries and bits and pieces. So over the last week I've been gaining some goodies to add up and make it more homely.

At the weekend I went to a London Shopping Centre and ventured through all the shops that are now on my door step.

Slippers are a must in halls, this is something I've come to realise within the first days, as I still had money on my voucher I decided to get myself some really damm comfy ones. Slippers are a must because your room is yours, however the hall ways and lobby and running to other rooms and what not is not always as easy and as accessible in your socks or it gets annoying chucking on shoes so it was nice to treat myself to better comfy slippers! Yes, I'm fully fledging winter clothing event though London and my halls are like the sauna's of the UK.

Three of my most important purchases were hand cream, nail polish remover and shower caps. Hand cream because I have been stressing about everything recently so I pick at my nails and its been ruining them so have picked up a small Hand Food by Soap and Glory. The best hand cream by far and perfect for a handbag and only £2.50 so super great for travelling and what not! Nail polish remover was a must, I simply couldn't resist bringing all my polishes to uni so need to update my nails often! And shower caps for the days I don't need to wash my hair. Simple necessities.

I also bought this adorable laundry bag that suits my room so well and has the cute kitsch floral print that I love and think accessorise like this are the type of style I want to jazz up my room with since you cannot paint it or adjust pieces. This was from a home wares store in my hometown but I'm sure you can find similar items in home ware/kitchen shops!

To get organised and really on top of deadlines and my game this year I bought myself the best academic diary I've ever witnessed in my opinion, truly a big stationary geek but this is exactly what I was looking for and has all these random extras like how to wash clothes, recipes, Chinese calendar, timetables, reading list, tutor tips and each week comes with a study tip. This was £8 from Waterstones but also on amazon for £6.66 [LINK]

And lastly for now my new bag which I love! My everyday bag was slowly dying and needed replacing after a long time! So here's my new everyday bag that fits my macbook as well as all my bits and pieces! This was £19.99 and a real bargain in my opinion! 
Ive still got some bits to get and really get organised but really enjoying buying all these weird new bits for my room, and for a lover of new stationary and getting organised its been fun! I'll soon regret those words soon though!

It was also good to see family and friends recently, feeling homesick was hard but so appreciative of my friends and those who count, those who may even read this blog post that I'm so thankful for their support and love. Who'd of thought I'd be homesick after wanting to get away for so long!

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