Wednesday, 27 November 2013


The title is as crazy as this post will be, a big mish mash of reviews in one, mainly focusing on HD brows treatment along with a review of their eyebrow pencil which itself is a magnificent product!

A few weeks ago I attended the Company Beauty Forum, an event I've reviewed and talked about right here [LINK]. A salon that uses HD Brows as a treatment was there doing threading and HD brow treatments for free (or part of your ticket price really if you see it that way) and I thought I'd take full advantage. I've always been eager to try HD brows, it seems such a great idea and as someone with light and hard to work with brows it was a great change. I had them shaped with threading which is a sharp quick pain, not painful as such but a sensation that makes your eyes water, no different to wax or plucking in my opinion and trimmed perfectly and then filled in with the pencil!

The pencil is really quite special. To unveil your pencil you pull the string to pull more available, you then sharpen with a blade to create a thin effect, not a pencil shape. This thin line creates the hair strokes which makes this look way more natural than drawing on with a pencil. So the sharper the pencil edge, the more realistic it will look.

I have had my eyebrows waxed many times, and then been plucking more recently since I've moved since I haven't found a salon yet and haven't intended to retreat from my salon, I'm so loyal to them as I used to work there!  But threading was really easy, and I like that I managed to get the top fair hairs above my brows and the arch put in, which I've never achieved before and therefore my brows looked quite flat.

As you can see below, the results of the threading and the filling in. It still looks natural with my blonde hair as I am using the brown pencil, but they also do a black. Now I have brown hair, this works perfectly too! You'd go harder or more full if you felt you needed the darkness.

The pencil is available from their website here [LINK] for £11.95 but the revolutionary pencil shape and the effect is so worth the price!

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