Thursday, 21 November 2013


Hi All, Update after a long over due one! As you may know I live in London now, and its been a busy ol month! 

At the beginning of the month I had my reading week, what a week that was! Was a very busy, emotional week and was glad when it was over. As you may know I dyed my hair in this week too! I miss blonde though, so I'm sure I will let it fade and go back to my blonde roots! 

 I also got myself a JOB! Yay! After three years of having a part time job, and paying my own way in life, I was really not finding it easy to not work, I hated doing nothing on a saturday, so applied lots and now work not far from Oxford Street! Loving the fact I work near it, its great to be so close to such a buzzing part of London! I am also working for L'Occitane so its great to work for such a good brand too and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a xmas temp at the moment, so will see what the future holds but its great to have a job again!

I also had gone to see the christmas lights turn on at Oxford Street, which although I'm surprised it wasn't busier or better, it was good to say I've done it and it started my christmas countdown, YES I have been playing christmas songs all week!

Then last week, a friend from home came to London and we went to TGI Fridays, why had no one told me about this place before?! AMAZING cocktails, (an annoying wait for a table) but was worth it, had a steak and this AMAZING chocolate cake.

However, its definitely obvious I need to cut back on the chocolate, maybe get me some protein bars such as Trek from Natural Balance Foods, these would be a perfect replacement for the fact I'm not so good with having breakfast everyday, and you can get a wonderful assortment in cases from their website, so you don't run out quickly! I think I'd still go for the chocolate brownie but with 12g of protein I'd be getting enough to get me through my day!  I need to find myself a gym membership to actually cut down some of this calorie intake! There are so many nice places to eat but not so many cheap places to lose it all!

It has to be said though, I did make brownies for me and my flatmates and I used a very studenty method of cooling them so they were available to eat quicker!

Thats all from me for now, so much work to be cracking on with. Expect lots of blogs from me in the next few weeks though! Determined to get some posts up! 

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