Friday, 27 December 2013


I seem to only talk about Benefit these days! Clearly it worked as I've been very lucky this year to receive lots of Benefit Cosmetic goodies for Christmas! I dont like to do a 'what I got for Christmas' as its often hard to photograph it when it comes to Christmas day and now its all around my room so the main present this year was my new Samsung S4 phone, FINALLY no iphone 3g brick, so glad to be gone of the brick that couldn't even take photos or accept phone calls. Now, I have my shiny app-tastic Samsung. I also got new straighteners as mine died a sad death, a tartan scarf, skincare bits and pieces, L'Occitane items, clothes, a new gorgeous purse and lots of money too.

Now, onto the Benefit, I had asked 'Santa' for the Gimme Some Lovin' set from Benefit which contains the They're Real Mascara and Hoola Bronzer in full size, and high beam and porefessional in smaller sizes. I LOVE They're Real Mascara it's one of my favourites for all over greatness, cannot rave enough about it, you can find my review here [LINK]. Hoola Bronzer is a bronzer I've tried many a time at a benefit counter but never had the guts to justify the price despite its beauty. The benefit boxed powders are beautiful, all of the blushers are gorgeous and you get lots of product plus the packaging is gorgeous. However, at £23.50 it's always been out of range as thats the amount I pay for foundation and thats it. But since the tin was around the £40+ mark, getting the two full sized products and the two little extras plus the tin, and of course, it was a present, made the gift totally justifiable and I'm so glad to have Hoola in my life. It is just as beautiful as I imagined, and you will of course be seeing a review in the new year of this.

The 'One Prime Day' little set is a great set for me, as it contains three little primers which I've loved using before and am happy to stock up on. Although you can feel 'conned' or sample sized with these sizes, I always have the mini porefessional's on the go and they do last if you're good with sizing too! I'm excited to use all these products.

Then the last makeup item is the Hello Flawless Oxygen wow Foundation. As you may know from my previous review of the foundation I was pleasantly surprised and after a trip to the Benefit counter to get matched up, I found a great match and caved in as a Christmas treat to myself. It was definitely worth it and cant wait to use all these products together to get the perfect benefit base. I definitely think Benefit products when all used together give this great glamorous look!

Lastly in my little set of Benefit goodies, I received the skincare set they sell for around £10 or so, it contains trial sizes of all their skincare products from face washes, exfoliator, two moisturisers, a eye cream and a toner. I'm again, really surprised how much I love these. I've only used them once or twice so far but saw immediate results and loved the facial polish. I will give a better review after a few tests but absolutely impressed and think the way you can trial them is a great set which I believe is around all year too!

I'm very grateful for all my benefit beauties and will be reviewing the new pieces within the next few weeks! Anything you especially want to see let me know!  Did you receive any benefit this christmas too! Or anything I should add to my collection? 

Friday, 6 December 2013


Benefit will always be my favourite, they hold a special place in my heart. A few weeks ago I bought up a Feel Unique haul and treated myself to some new little benefit products! You can find that haul here [LINK

I've been giving this set a good go now, so much so that some of these products are nearly used up! This is in the 'light' range but you can get a 'medium' and a 'dark' shade range too. I obviously went for the light, and can say it was a good choice and good colouring. Sometimes you see packs that are 'one size fits all' and doesnt fit AT ALL. 

I wouldn't say a porcelain could work this shade, but its good for 'fair' skintones. If in doubt, visit the boutiques or counters to get a match!

Within the set you get, Porefessional Primer, if you've read The Beauty Type before, you'll know how much I love this stuff, its liquid god to me! This stuff makes makeup last, and skin perfect for makeup. I've said it so often so I'll save the raving but perfect primer for foundation and makeup wear. 

Hello, Flawless! Oxygen WOW Foundation in Cheers to Me, which I was thoroughly surprised by! I really like this foundation, I was concerned it was going to be a bit too light for me, but it works as a great medium build foundation with a good coverage and one pump is plenty for the face. If I want heavy coverage two pumps creates a great base. It also gives a great luminosity to the skin, so yes its not a matte foundation but gives a really healthy look to the skin. I am tempted to buy the full size of this foundation for sure!

For concealer you get Bo-ing Industrial Concealer in 01 and 02 , I love that they gave you both shades in this set in a really great little container. I like to mix the two concealers to create a bit more coverage and both of the shades mixed together also create the perfect shade to compliment the foundation.  

Then to set everything is the Hello Flawless Face powder in Me Vain? Champagne.  I really love using this powder to set everything together, it keeps the glow from the foundation underneath but takes away the bad type of shine and makes the face really look flawless, it seems to be a heavier powder but saying that you couldn't get away with wearing just this. It does help the foundation to last a lot longer throughout the day and when you want a touch up you can just use the powder to set it and take away shine again!

The little brush hasn't been any use to me as its not at all applicable for any of the products and I prefer to use my own brushes or fingers for the concealer. 

It has taken me over two months use the foundation up, and I managed to get every drop out. I used the foundation nearly everyday but with a few days of exception.  The primer was gone in a few weeks, I like to use a big pea amount of this each time, whether you should or not is your choice but I like to use a lot to really smooth the surface of my skin.  The concealers have hit pan on the lighter colour but still a good few weeks of use left, ditto with the face powder which has now hit pan but still plenty left.

All in all a great set, I have found a love for all the products, annoyingly I reckon I'd only get my desired look with all of these products which could work out costly for full size however I'd probably be quite happy to buy this set again as it works out a great price and perfect for travelling too with a fairly big decent mirror on the cover too. With the box being sturdy itself. 

The set costs £25.50 from Feel Unique and can be found [HERE].

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