Sunday, 29 September 2013


 Dr Feel Good Benefit The Beauty Type

Benefit is easily my favourite high end brand, I love the ethics, the style of products, the range and the quality. A few months back I bought this balm off a blog sale to give a try. At first try I didnt really 'get' the product. Was it a primer? Setting powder/cream? It seemed odd to me. However I've finally got the knack of it!

 Dr Feel Good Benefit Cosmetics

I've been using this to finalise my makeup basically, I apply everything including face powder, then use a basic really cheap foundation brush to wake the product up to gain the creamy consistency and then sweep over my face, I do this gently so not to mix products up too much and mainly focus on my t-zone and carefully on the apples of my cheeks. These are generally where makeup can fade on my skin. 

It does come with a sponge but as I bought mine from a blog sale I didn't use this, and I wouldn't even if it did. I really dislike freebie brushes generally as they're hard and sponges for me are a BIG NO. I really dislike sponges as they're breading grounds for bacteria and hard to clean well. So a foundation brush is really easy to rewash and use. 

The consistency of this is really weird I'll admit that, when you first open it and touch it is a very dry almost powder like texture, its once you work it with a brush or your finger the cream is revealed, however its very powder like to the touch too and blends quickly and seamlessly into the skin. It feels dry on your fingers or brush at first but once blended into the skin you don't feel a heavy cream or anything it just feels like a blended primer or powder. 

It also looks slightly yellow in the pan but doesn't come off with any colour on the skin. 

 Dr Feel Good Benefit Cosmetics

Overall, it creates a really long lasting finishing touch to any makeup look. I especially like this for evening or hot weather as it keeps shine away, keeps the makeup lasting and gives a great touch to the skin. I wouldn't say I use it everyday as I don't always feel I need this step but for when I do go all out and heavy makeup I do think this is a great addition.

You can buy this from a number of places such as Benefit Counters or online [LINK] for £22.50! 

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Thursday, 26 September 2013


I finally live in London! Everything I've been working for has ended to a big change and now a student at City Uni. I'm studying Journalism as you may all know thats what I've wanted to be for a long time so finally cracking on with it all.  My course starts fully on Monday but thought a blog post was due easily and full posts to return as normal in the next few days. 

I've not gone too far into the city yet but all in good time and lots to see and do and lots of time to do so aswell! I cant wait to attend some blogging events too later in the year aswell!

My uni room looks as below, I am in a halls and I really like my room, spacious, comfy and easy. Loud doors but I'm getting used to it all, I do miss my bed but this bed isn't too bad so I'm happy! Cooking has been fun but will keep updated on any adventurous things there! 

I have so much to say but just wanted to do the basic i'm at uni post and will update with room improvements, life at uni, sightseeing and any hauls or shopping which shall obviously be done! 

So this is it! I'm a city girl now!

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything [LINK] £25.50 // Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light [LINK] £19.95// Rimmel London Apocolips in Nova [LINK] £5.99. Three free samples of selected perfumes.

Yesterday I placed an order for these goodies on to treat myself and get some new products for uni and the winter because we cannot run out of foundation, that is simply something that cannot happen!  As I said I placed it yesterday just before 1pm, it was despatched within an hour and arrived this morning, this was on the 1st class delivery but this was only £2.50 so thought it was a incredible price for 1st class too, and to arrive within 24 hours made my morning!  They do also do a free delivery service which is always a plus but I decided to go for 1st class!

After seeing Lisa Potter-Dixon on QVC showcasing this Benefit set I had to get my hands on it! Benefit is my favourite brand hands down but you really have to treat yourself as they can add up in price but this set was perfect, when Lisa showed a before and after on the model by simply using this face perfecting kit I knew I'd love it. I love porefessional already and have been interested in their concealers more so this was a good way to try them all out too! Cant wait to start using this and finding some more loves from Benefit!

This foundation from Bare Minerals is a repurchase, I loved using this before and found it was a great foundation for everyday use, the colour suits me so well and gives a really flawless look to the face without looking over powdered. Will happily repurchase this often!

As I had a gift voucher I thought I'd add up the last few pounds and finally try the hype of Rimmel Apocolips in Nova. Although there were THOUSANDS of reviews on these I just was thinking it was a big hype over nothing, but unfortunately, it isn't. It is a GORGEOUS lip colour and not sticky, so pigmented and gorgeous. Luckily aswell this is totally my colour too, a beautiful hot pink too! I'm in love and its name is Nova!

Something I love about some companies is samples. I think they cant expect you to pay so much for some products and always shove offers at you and not give you something small in return. Liz Earle for example always give you a generously sized sample which more often or not has led to a new purchase. With Feel Unique you can spend up to £30 I believe and choose three free perfume samples and all high end brands too. These type of samples are great for handbags and nights out as they're small and true so they are great for a quick spritz! 

This is the first shop I've done at feel unique but I am so impressed, my order came really well packed, the free samples were a great addition, the postage was incredible and the website is really easy to use too, plus if I was to use free delivery I do love that too! One happy customer! photo thebeautytypecom_zpsac3c6c2a.jpg

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Small haul time, for some basics as well as mini treats for me. Everyone has those days where we wanna buy a new makeup item just because we want to treat ourselves right? Just me, and these days end up being very often too! Oops!

I needed to get more toner and another moisturiser, generally have been buying Simple but when I noticed in Boots this range directly next to the Simple range and at a really low price of around £1.90+ I was sold and when comparing ingredients and use they're practically the same so will take these off to university with me and see how they par when I get round to using them. Currently trying to work on getting rid of half bottles so I don't have random bottles of stuff to take with me and everything can be new and exciting!

The link for Boots Simply Sensitive range can be found here but at the current time their website is not opening the link so please try again soon or check out store as the range is currently on offer and has great discounts! [LINK]

And of course, to treat myself after a rather odd week I wanted to add to the nail polish collection, ultimately I have a lot of polishes, however, I rarely buy expensive polishes so these £1 MUA ones are great to add different colours and aren't bad for application and wear for £1! Always a nice treat! I will admit I am tempted to buy the one direction colours too... but they're so pretty and quite big too! The purple shade is called Plum Noir and the darker is Stormy Skies which has a great green metallic sheen to it! Perfect for £1!

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