Sunday, 14 December 2014


Its the most wonderful time of the year.... yes, Lush's Christmas Range is out, thats what makes it so wonderful! I have slowly bought myself a couple of items as a little end of university term treat and gained a treat from my Mum in form of the best shower gel known to man.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


The lovely team at Pond's Institute have offered me the chance to give away the whole range of products to prep your skin for the cold winter months. I love this range and have recently reviewed their cold cream cleanser and eye contour cream here [LINK]


Last Friday, after the most hectic week at university, brought the Christmas party. My boyfriend's work were hosting a ball, and yes the thought of ball made me go bananas trying to find a suitable dress at the fear of being either under or over dressed. I finally made a choice on this long maxi dress from Missguided, always a winner for dresses that site. I chose this coral Koemi Maxi Dress with a split in the leg (hello Angelina Jolie) and one shoulder. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Its December, therefore you cannot stop me from being Christmassy now! Its only 7 more days of University left for me until I'm done and I can't wait. Its been so stressful. So having a little Christmas spirit is the best way to be upbeat! But, I hear you ask... How do students afford Christmas luxuries? It's easy and heres my little low down to how to have the best Christmas on a budget!

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Rainy hair and laughter, laughter is the best medicine after all!

If you've wondered why I've been absent of late, its official. Second year of university is the hardest thing I've ever done. I have never been so stressed, tired and generally bored recently. I'm bored due to lack of free time during the week to do what I want to do. One fortnight I wasn't able to find the effort nor the time to do a clothes wash, its amazing how many outfits my wardrobe held though! However, I have accomplished a lot, and hopefully next term will be more lax, for now heres an update for my second year's, first term. 

[If you do not know I am a Journalism BA Year 2 Undergrad, Student in London]

WORK LOAD: The work load for my second term is overwhelming, at first I was on top of it like never before. But soon it became too much, and as a commuter too I spend 2 hours of my day travelling so I miss them hours too. Its a very busy time and I have many deadlines within days of each other which is quite daunting. Luckily, I've completed everyone and although some weren't perfect or as I'd of liked, I feel proud of myself that I've managed to do something and do the work that is asked of me. All I can suggest for any future year 2 students is, look well ahead for every project or deadline and be prepared for projects well in advance. For instance, one of my projects required interviews, I should of contacted weeks before I did to secure them.

COMMUTING: I commute for university this year as London was too expensive for me to live in. I quite enjoy commuting, however I hate rush hour in the morning. Not getting a seat when you're shattered as hell from a 6am start is not ideal, however, I normally get home for the afternoon or I have afternoon lectures so its swings and roundabouts with my current timetable.

TIME FOR ME: As you can tell, my blog has taken a massive back seat considering the amount I was blogging during the summer. However, I like to give my self some or most of the weekend off at the moment. I know it seems trivial but giving yourself time to chill out, do something enjoyable, see friends or just spend time with my boyfriend or family means the world and takes your mind off the stress. I can't wait for Christmas to say the least.

LAUGH: The picture above is from my video project I had to do which was the biggest stress ever, however, I laugh a lot, and when recording with friends theres always something fun about doing videos as you always create outtakes. I really liked this natural shot too haha, however the point here is the best things in life are to have fun and not take life too seriously. I get stressed over these projects however, I have lots of good things and Christmas to look forward to, so I don't make myself stay up till midnight doing a project, because theres always something else to think about thats a bit more fun! Never let it take over to the point of no fun.

I hope I haven't scared any of you, however, I wish someone told me to take everything in my stride a lot more and plan well well ahead. 

Do any graduates or third years have any tips for my second year be it for term two or exams? 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


The Autumn/Winter transition is my favourite time of the year. I love nothing more than winter fashions, layers, scarves and dark colours for makeup. I have been reaching for these two products more often that I realised recently and had to share my love for them.  

Inglot eyeshadows are a thing of beauty and so rarely given the time of day, I think if they had better names than a number, we'd be shouting about them everyday. These eyeshadows are part of their freedom system palettes which are similar to the mac palettes but a hell of a lot cheaper! You can by small compacts or larger ones, but I really wanted an everyday palette I could take anywhere with me and this 2 pan was only £6 with magnetic fasten, super strong magnets may I add!

 is the lightest of these two colours which to me is a beautiful golden taupe with copper and pink shimmer undertones which compliment beautifully. Think rose gold, but in an eyeshadow and when all over the lid, it is so pretty.

423 is the darker shadow which I felt was the perfect accompanying eyeshadow to 31. This dark mauve also contains a hint of shine to it and has a slight brown colour too it too which works perfectly for a crease colour. 

These eyeshadows are only £5 each so you could easily create your perfect duos, quads or more for a fraction of the price of MAC! These are the perfect winter colours for a small duo too, and look so autumnal and smokey ready for winter! The hint of shine in both of these provides the perfect winter frosting finish.You can buy inglot freedom palettes here.[LINK]

V05 Give Me Texture texturising spray is a bit of an odd one to add to winter favourites I'm sure you'l agree however, how did I live without this before. After hearing a lot about the Oribe texturising spray, which is way over my budget I decided to try this out for a mere £2 whilst doing a supermarket shop. 

This is a great addition to anyone with lifeless (drops easy) hair, which is my hair all over. When I straighten my hair it can look so very thin and flat to my head due to the thin texture of my hair, a quick spray of this through the roots and crown and texture galore. Its not so much a volumiser but provides more of a messy look to provide that texture to lift the hair. I really love this product and have used it everyday since, especially on damp days where I know my hair will droop quicker than Droopy the dogs expression.  You can buy this here! [LINK]

What have you been loving this winter to get through the transition? 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


October has been the fastest month of the year, University has taken over my life and I've been savouring the weekends to just simply relax, or to catchup! However, my beauty loves are not far away keeping me in check during the busy times. You always need a good treat to keep you motivated right?

Maybelline have been killing it in my makeup bag recently, I went a bit crazy on a 3 for 2 and am in love, its such a love hate brand for me as I find them so overwhelming as such a huge brand that I wonder how good some items are. However their Master Precise [LINK] and Master Drama [LINK] eyeliners are absolutely wonderful. I was having such trouble with eyeliner 'eyebrows' as my boyfriend calls it, where your eyeliner transfers to the crease after a long day. I bought this on a whim and hadn't even read a single review on these either. The Precise as a liquid liner is a simple pen black liner that stays put and doesn't cause creasing or fading, with the Master Drama pencil a black kohl liner, Kohl's never last all day but this one is a nice one that doesn't smudge everywhere during the day.

The most impressive product is the Brow Drama mascara gel in Dark Blonde [LINK]. I'm not one to play with brow products, I've tried many but find I dislike the drawn on brow look on me as I'm not very good at it and with blonde hair I look a bit funny. This will be reviewed in full soon however I've been loving this for a defined but natural looking brow. Bourjois One Seconde Mascara [LINK] is a great mascara for everyday glamour. This really covers every lash and although its a huge brush, once you get to grips with the size it really is such a great easy mascara to use.

For body I've been loving Urban Tan's Glamour Gloss [LINK] gradual tanner and moisturiser. This is such an underestimated product, and as ever a review to come. This is a really light gradual tan but over a few weeks you find a nice glow to your skin but most importantly NO horrible tan smell, and this covers your skin in such moisturising lotion that its a great moisturiser too. Ideal for applying during fake tan wearing if you prefer a heavy one, this would be a great one to maintain the colour.

Garnier's Micellar Water [LINK] is such a love hate product. When I first used this I hated it, and thought it was a gimmick. However, I ran out of Liz Earle (crying) and decided to try this again. Previously it broke me out however, after using it for weeks now I'm loving it. Its not perfect and by no means no match on Liz Earle however, for a quick and easy makeup remover its great. I find makeup removal so laborious sometimes that this is wonderful when you're tired.

For the shower L'Occitane  Bonne Mere in Rosemary is a great shower gel to use and super easy and smells amazing, there's not much to say as it is a shower gel but this is such a moisturising and super yummy smell for a shower gel I felt it deserved a mention. The smell of this really reminds me of being on holiday, as I write this and look out to a very grey Essex and think how I wish I could be on a Fred Olsen cruise and taking cruises from the UK to a hot sunnier climate! Alas, a daily commute to London will have to suffice!

And lastly, student battles won and I decided L'occitane's precious cream couldn't be replaced due to funds so on a trip to Aldi a few months ago I bought Aldi's Lacura Aqua Face Cream as a backup. My boyfriend uses this moisturiser and at around £2 a jar its ridiculously cheap. I do think this is one of their products you won't find all year round but when you do I recommend it. It does not offer promises but as a general moisturiser it works brilliantly. If you're a guy then definitely use this, its guy friendly and fuss free!

What have you been loving this month? 

Friday, 31 October 2014


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Bourjois Party Ready winter collection blogger event with my lovely Laura from Lulaabelle. The lovely girls at Bourjois know how to throw an event and had the glam and glitz of all the new products presented lovely with cocktails, manicures, hair by GHD and lovely canapés. Back to the products, and the winter collection is beautiful. It makes me feel totally christmassy with the reds and sparkles, and with this season their bring the Parisian night with the collection.

VOLUME 1 SECONDE ULTRA BLACK MASCARA £9.99 You may already know but I've been using the original 1 seconde mascara and absolutely love it and use it everyday, so was so happy to see a new one out! This beautiful mascara holds ultra black pigments to create 16 hour hold and has a beautiful thick and patented brush that creates real glamour fluttery lashes with just the right amount of thickness.

MEGA LINE ULTRA BLACK £7.49 A felt liner is always a winner for me, I wear liner on my lashes every single day and pens are so easy to use. This one is especially easy, the angled nib creates a thin or thick line to your choosing and again is ultra black, and truly is. These last all day too, whats not to love!

ROUGE EDITION VELVET LIPSTICKS £8.99 I know you're all dying to see this one. I LOVE these lipsticks, they are absolutely beautiful and last all day long. They are my favourite go to lipsticks for a bold lip, and with the winter rolling around they are great for winter colours and looks.

The newest addition to the clan is Happy Nude Year, a beautiful nude peach with velvet texture. I know this will be really popular and comes out as a perfect everyday colour if you're not a bold lip gal. You'll know this will stay put too all day so you can go from day to night. A real winner!

(Swatch of Hot Pepper and Happy Nude Year)

COLOUR EDITION 24HR EYESHADOW £7.99 Two new eyeshadow colour editions which are perfect christmas party colours in Marron Givre and Flocon D'or to create a real shimmer with dusky rusty brown and the white shimmer for a highlight. These are great for on the go and create long lasting looks, catching a theme here, everything will keep you party lasting!

And lastly, whats a winter collection without some nail drama! 1 SECONDE NAIL POLISH £5.99. Two new additions to the selection are two perfect colours for the season. Grey to Meet you which is the darker grey is a beautiful dark grey that looks stunning for the time of year, it applies neatly and has a great easy to use brush that dries in seconds maybe not just one but very quick all the same. Also the best one, Glitterizer is a silver flake top coat that can be used over polishes to give them some sparkle! It applies beautifully and can be layered to desired effect, and looks gorgeous with the grey to meet you! The red colour is already in the collection and is called Rouge in Style.

What are you most looking forward to getting your hands on from Bourjois this winter? The Happy Nude year is my favourite so far! All of these products are available in November!

All of these samples are PR samples.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


The blogging world is a glamorous one. We're all about the latest trends, constant posting, a new look and being youtube worthy, but deep down, deeep deep down, we're not as glam as our look book says we are when we're blogging. So lets face it girls (and guys) this is a realistic blogger:

A realistic blogger:

Writes blog posts in pj's or comfy clothes whilst writing a post about fashion week... one day Primark's pyjama bottoms will be on the catwalk and you'll all be laughing.

Has to select the best room in the house that gains sunlight to take a batch of photos, and when daylight savings come into use a working or student blogger has no hope.

Will have the text for lots of posts written or lots of photos but never have both simultaneously in sync. 

Wishes google adsense could provide a sustainable income, but alas 1p every few days won't give me my pinterest worthy home. 

Will use face wipes occasionally, and DOESN'T CARE! 

Will take photos of products before they can even open the product or packaging... this could equal a long wait too.

Has to juggle university/work/social/family and chores and more often and not will put blogging before chores... 'Christmas beauty calendars are more important than dishes anyway.'

Gets frustrated when a brand only favourites a link of a review of their product on twitter... seriously. Retweet is right next to it, go on, you know you want to!

Will attempt to understand SEO and act like they get it, but nope... never will... just me?

Owns a 217 blending brush (or similar) and will blend until the wind changes and yet just can't achieve that blended look that youtubers can do so well! 

will read mummy-blogs or baby updates despite being below sixteen/not expecting/not intending on having a child anytime soon or ever intending on having children.

and most importantly, the realistic blogger does not need someone to tell them how to blog, they're fully aware how to write a post and share it, success is a personal achievement and blogging is up to the writer! You don't see journalists telling other journalists how to write a successful article, so why must bloggers do the same! 

Are you a realistic blogger?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


If you've finally got into the swing of things at University, then here's my three final top tips to succeed within your time in university and your first year! 

Being a student is tough on the ol’ bank account at the best of times. A student loan looks pretty in your account for far longer than it should and trust me its actually more scary seeing it all in there when its all about to go on your accommodation. However, there is plenty of way to budget as a student. Infact its the best part of being a student. Uni Days and NUS offer plenty of discounts throughout the year at tons of retailers from Amazon, Topshop and food chains such as Pizza Express, Yo Sushi and more with up to 25% off at some restaurants, WINNER! You can also save on the boring items like food at Co-Op as NUS members get 10% off on your shop too, its no Tesco but every little helps still. For books ABE is my saviour, if you prefer to own the books or your library is a little lacklustre at exam season then Abe Books offers tons of second hand or even longer books that are perfectly good to use for exams at a 10th of the original price. I bought a couple of books for 90p last year. Just check these are the correct year for your references.  Always keep a check of your budget and pre-drink to save even more!

When I joined university I was so over whelmed and didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t drink as much as everyone else and that is quite daunting when everyone drinks so much and you feel like you’re not the student you thought after all. However, drinking is not the be all and end all. Theres always societies to join to be who you are whether that’s a academic, sporty or even religious student. You can be exactly who you want to be because its not like school anymore, people don’t care what you’re doing, its every man for themselves and thats a good thing. Be yourself in whatever you do, how you study, where you spend your money and how you dress. Take the attitude you’re not there to please anyone and you want to make the most of your university opportunities and it will be much more easier and your confidence will shine. 

The academic side of university, yes remember the part you joined for, is tough. And it only gets tougher, I’ve had a bit of a reality shock with the work load in second year however my hours are a lot less so really its balanced out. The work load is different from A-Levels or college but its manageable. University is actually really quite straightforward especially if you’re stuck. You’re paying £9000 a year to be there, if you’re stuck go to the lecturer and say what you’re stuck on. More often or not they’d rather sit and explain it as then they know they’ve helped you grasp the subject. Obviously some are better than others but my teachers always have my best interests at heart and want me to progress as much as possible. Believe you can succeed and find the solution to any problem, there is no fault in not being the one student with a first to every essay, you’re not there to compete but prove your knowledge to achieve what you can do. Believe you’ve got it in you and you will get exactly what you want out of university. 

This is part of Currys Tech Talks competition, have a go here yourself! 

Saturday, 4 October 2014


A new university year is upon me (after the longest holiday ever) so a new bag was well needed, my poor grey new look bag did me well but I needed a BIG bag. Trying to squeeze a Macbook Pro and every other random thing I carry with me everyday was a big push and although I'm not intending on taking my laptop with me to university this year I did want more space for all the other bits and pieces.

I was on the hunt for an exact bag, nothing was screaming at me, I tried everywhere. The last place I looked was Zara and found exactly what I was after. A large bag, big enough for a laptop if needed and with a zip compartment (as well as two others) for my personal and secure items to be stored. I had originally seen this bag when I was on holiday in Madeira in another store but dismissed it but decided this was exactly what I wanted.

I bought this bag in grey/orange however they do a selection of colours and the best part is you can make it work your mood/outfit/season by reversing the bag.

The zip bag inside connects with a strap to the bag handles and is as big as the shopper so you can store items away safely or you can even take this part out! Its really quite functional. The only downside is that the zip insert doesn't have any structures to be held up so goes slack if it doesn't have big items in but once you have notebooks/jacket/ makeup bag/kindles etc you name it, it holds up between items nicely.

This bag was only £29.99 which is really reasonable for Zara and I already want one in every colour!

You can buy this bag here! [LINK] 

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hugely raved about, you guessed it, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets are possibly my favourite lip product I've ever used. I never used to be a huge bold lip girl and admittedly the bold colours I used before didn't have the right texture for me so queue drag queen look however, I am in love with these amazing lip laquers.

Peach Club (04), Personne ne rouge (01), Frambourjoise (02) Ole Flamingo (05)

I currently own four colours in variating shades. Peach Club is very much a pink peach and a very wearable everyday colour, on me people think its red but compared to the other reds in the shade range. Its very light and suits any season. Personne ne rouge is very much a dark red, with no orange undertone so perfect for me for a real dark lip, very Marilyn Monroe red. Frambourjoise is a beautiful colour and sadly didn't show up as well in the swatch, but it is very much a scarlet pink but more muted in colour. Although bold still, it presents more pink undertones than red. And lastly, Ole Flamingo is a beautiful surprising colour, its a beautiful bold neon pink that doesn't actually scream neon on the lips. If you're thinking of a real daring colour that isn't red this is the way to go.

These are amazing in terms of pigmentation and long lasting colour. They are a completely non sticky, lightweight and thin texture lip lacquer that applies easily with a doe foot applicator and once on, stays put until you remove them. I do find the lighter shades last a little less longer but I've never used a product that can keep a lip product on whilst you eat, drink and just general wear. These are really quite unique and I cannot recommend them enough!

You can buy these for only £5 at the moment in Superdrug which is a great saving and price too! They normally retail for £8.99 so this is a great way to try them out too! You can buy these here for only £5 on Superdrugs website! [LINK]

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Does anyone else have a phase about lip products? I often have a big love for them and feel they complete a look othertimes I'm quite happy with a natural lip. However, there is always a small selection I'll happily go to and although they're pretty everyday colours they're perfect for any small collection or any makeup newbies who are looking for their perfect everyday colour from highend to drugstore.

From MAC the only two I own from them currently are Hue and Lady Gaga Viva Glam these two are both great everyday colours. Although quite pricey at £15 which has gone up since I bought these and I don't feel I would buy a MAC lipstick often at that price they are great shades. Hue is a unique brown cream nude that although more brown toned than a nude cream looks great in the Autumn and is a beautiful colour. Lady Gaga's viva glam is an oldie but a winner for me, its beautiful barbie pink that adds a feminine touch to any look.

Bourjois know how to make a good product don't they? Their Rouge Edition Velvet lip lacquers are one of a kind lip product and I currently own four of these beauties. The thick long lasting lipstick stay put all day long and provide a high pigmented colour in a variation of shades. My two favourite and most used colours are great for everyday use. The lighter of the pinks is Peach Club 04 which is a peachy pink with a nude undertone which despite the cliche is a very 'my lips but better' colour and looks great with a variation of looks without looking overdone. For a bit more of a bold colour my favourite darker colour from the range is Frambourjoise 02 which is very much a scarlet red colour for the lips and really compliments my blonde hair but would suit so many people too!

Another Bourjois lipstick I love and use so often, is their Shine Edition Lipstick in Beige Democrachic. This nude with a shine applies so smoothly with the balm like texture yet still provides long lasting colour. This is just a beautiful lipstick to easily apply on the go to provide a hint of colour, although it has a shine too, its not over powering or 90's looking!

And finally a colour bought on a whim but loved is Rimmel London's Kate Moss lipstick in 101 is one of my favourite everyday pink lipsticks. A bit more of a drier formula but long lasting and beautiful nonetheless and a huge dupe for the Viva Glam Gaga too! I think this is a great lipstick from the highstreet and provides a real high quality finish on the lips too, a very matte look so prime the lips well before!

What lipsticks do you wear most often?

Sunday, 28 September 2014


One of the biggest perks of being a student is DISCOUNTS! Even my mum has my student code to buy things cheaper! There is a lot of bonuses to be a student so part of my Uni Advice: series here's the low down to get the best deals and freebies!

NUS EXTRA: For £12 you can receive a NUS Card from the National Union of Students which is a credited student card and identification which gets you 100's of discounts in stores or online. You are offered discounts from Amazon, Apple, Asos, Dominos, Topshop, just to name a few! This is one of the most valuable cards and you can have these as soon as you start college or sixth form too! Although it costs £12, you will definitely reap the rewards back. Normally 2/3 meals out gets me money back if you've spent around £30 and if the discount is £6 at 20%, 2 meals gets you your money back!  You can sign up here for your card! [LINK]

UNI DAYS:Uni days is a fairly new discount service for uni students and in my opinion the best! Theres NO fee to join and can be easily joined online. Most of the services are for online websites and deals however so is NUS so its quite the perk for it to be free on that respect. You have some extras in here too such as Cath Kidston, Hobbycraft, Tesco Clothing, Hollister, Roxy, Benefit, Boux Avenue, I could go on! Many of these can be printed for shop use and has many more premium and high street brands than NUS, infact I rarely use my NUS card for clothing shops! If you sign up to one thing as a fresher or student, make it UNI DAYS! Sign up here! [LINK]

CLUBCARDS: Its a monumental day when you receive your first clubcard.  Be it a Tesco Clubcard or a Nectar card for Sainsbury's, its the day you become an adult. Tesco's clubcard is the best to use as your points can be redeemed more easily for restaurant vouchers or money to use in store, I've had vouchers to use on clothing from there and currently saving for restaurant vouchers.  However, if Sainsbury's is your nearest store then do join Nectar! Although the vouchers take a LONG time to even get enough points for, if you're shopping there anyway you may as well get something along the way. I have a LOT of points as they gave me 1,500 points for buying my Internet wifi through Talk Talk. If you have the Nectar Toolbar they'll tell you every time you can earn points shopping too. There are lots of 'tasks' you can do to earn more points than just shopping aswell. A real investment in the long run, free money at the end of the day. As a student, do not say no to free money! You can join Tesco here [LINK] and for Nectar join here [LINK].

BEAUTY: Make sure you have a Boots Advantage Card [LINK] as for every £1 you gain 4 points which as a beauty addict definitely add up and then when you have lots you can treat yourself! You can also get a Superdrug card [LINK] which is only 1 point a £1 but again, free money! Also, did you know that students receive a FREE The Body Shop card (normally £5) which on your birthday month entitles you to a free gift of £5 (towards any product) and gets you stamps and rewards every time you shop there and spend £10. Although you cannot get it for free online, I got mine in store so definitely ask next time you're near a body shop store!

SPOTIFY: Anyone who knows me, knows me I will promote Spotify to my dying day. Its essentially Itunes, without the 99p a song price tag! I believe there would be no music industry without downloads or money involved. Downloading songs always ends up being crap quality which I cannot stand in a song, so about three years ago I became a member of Spotify Premium. What's that I hear you ask? Spotify is a downloadable program that has an extensive range of songs, like all of them. Full albums, artist directory, every album they've ever made and the best part... as a student, its only £5 a month! The way I pitch it to my friends is, you'll spend £7.99 on an album, why not spend £10 (normal price without discount) and have ALL the music you'd ever want, including that album, available on your laptop, phone or tablet online or offline anywhere you are... I think its the best invention ever and means the music industry can still exist as you're still paying but considerably less for a shed load more! Also being a Premium member means you're not limit to plays of a song, so if you wanna play Taylor Swift 50 times in a row, you can, and you'll have no adverts interrupting your singing. To get spotify discount at half price, join NUS or Uni Day's to get your discount code! Or give it a try (but with adverts and limits here) [LINK] 

Do you have any student discounts that would be great to share, post them below or let me know if these are any use to you! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


For most moving to uni, and halls of residence the biggest thing to hit home to a fresher is all the responsibilities that come with moving out. Yes, no more fresh clothes in your wardrobe without blinking, no meals as soon as you get in set on the table, no one to bring you a cup of tea when you're thirsty. Living on my own, I know this very well and have learnt how to be self efficient but to some this is a big change. So here's my tips on how to survive halls or even when moving out of home!

NOODLES AND PASTA ARE A FRESHERS BEST FRIEND: Let's face it, you're not expected to become Jamie Oliver within a week of moving out. Starting simple is the best way to become more confident at cooking. I constantly was worried about burning something so I started with easy meals like pasta with sauces, noodles and soy sauce and easy fry meat. You can find some of my easiest recipes for student cooking here [LINK].

BUY FOOD FROM YOUR HOMETOWN: If you move to an 'expensive' city eg. London, food is genuinely more expensive this is due to shops being smaller and less choice meaning you have to buy expensive items. My hometown had much more choice, fresher foods and budget brand shops like Aldi and Asda. My shops when I lived in London were very 'commuter friendly' so if you needed washing powder, you had one choice of it. This does vary depending on the area but I lived in Angel, you couldn't be more central. When I would go back home I would hoard on Aldi like my life depended on it. 29p Pasta? Yes please! Check out their 'everyday essential' pages here for all your cupboard essentials. You can thank me later. [LINK]

VEG IS EASY: Moving out makes you feel like you can eat whatever you want without being pressured to eat your greens! But give it time, you'll miss the benefits of veg. I know that if I wasn't feeling good or I was tired making a hearty meal like Toad in the Hole (which is a great one to do as a flat) or a small roast which is easy as you can get lots of frozen veg and potatoes is great. Peas, microwave veg or steamed veg is really cheap and can sit in the freezer and be fine for months. I hated how quickly some veg passed it so fully recommend the microwave bags of veg that take minutes and are perfect to prove to your 'rents its not just McDonalds!

DEFROST IN THE MORNING: The amount of time my flatmates or I forgot to get our meat or food out of the freezer to defrost whilst we were in classes is crazy. Plan meals ahead and then make sure before you leave for a lecture in the morning to get the meat out and store it neatly and cleanly to have it ready for dinner in the evening.  Set reminders if you have to, but not having any dinner and having a substitute dinner is never the same.

DO NOT GO SHOPPING WHEN HUNGRY: This still applies as an adult, you're so much more tempted to buy offers and chocolate if you've not eaten. You'll think of the items you'd want in the next five minutes, not five days. Again plan ahead for the week, buying for the week or two saves you so much more money than buying everyday or every other.

HIDE THE GOODIES IN YOUR ROOM: I had a 'goodies' draw in my halls room as sometimes I wanted to hide away and not have to look acceptable to go to the kitchen. (Trust me, caring what you look like soon diminishes) Also at the fear of losing the good things in the fridge, which never happened to me in terms of food my flatmate I shared with is a good friend so we either shared things or we knew what was ours, but if you're unlucky be careful. If you NEED that chocolate bar at that time of the month, hide it, because we all know World War 3,4 and 5 will break out if someone takes it. Under bed storage drawers like these [LINK] are good for keeping extra stores of rice/noodles/soup too.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Does anyone else ever get so bored they start doing their hair or makeup? I had one of them afternoons recently and rediscovered love for my curling wand. My hair has grown so much in the last 6 months that I wanted to see what longer curls would be like, and most importantly how long it would take. I was so pleased with the results.

My hair looks so bouncy, shiny and so Taylor Swift like. At first this wand provides very precise ringlets, which looks amazing, or you can brush out for a more softer look as I have done above on the first picture.  I think I prefer it as ringlets but I split my hair down each side, then with about 6 curls on sections of hair, I had done it in ten minutes or less! I was amazed.

The curler I use is the Babyliss curling wand, and although they've made many versions of this, they're all very similar. It heats up to 200-210 C and has four settings with an on/off switch and up and down buttons. You can stand your curler on your desk with the little hinge and it does come with a glove, although I no longer have it.

When I first bought this curler I burnt my eye, big blunder so practise makes perfect with these wands. Hold away to the face and wrap round! You can get this amazing quick and easy curler perfect for even short hair (I had it when I had short hair too) for only £25! [LINK] The colour/number is different as they differ slightly but still do the exact same job! Amazon also sell a number of these style curlers with different sizes of the tong which may be more suited to longer/shorter hair styles. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014


L'occitane immortelle precious cream review beauty blogger student blogger

I'm so suprised how long its taken me to write this review, I've nearly come to the end of my pot and have found amazing results from this Precious Cream. A few months ago I worked at L'Occitane and obviously treated myself to a couple of products, one of them being the Precious Cream which after giving dozens of people the sales pitch, I had sold it to myself. 

L'Occitane's Immortelle range has three different ranges within itself, suited to skintypes/ages. The Precious range is the one step before the bestselling Divine Cream which is the top anti aging face cream. The Precious range is better for younger skins as I'm not fighting the wrinkles just yet, but always good to be ahead and on the ball from day one. 

Precious cream is ideal for normal to dry skin, which (seriously, what is normal skin?) and is a thick white cream that provides smooth, younger and firmer skin. It super hydrates the skin, and makes the suface of the skin calm, line free (I had a couple of lines on my forehead that have definitely been reduced) and is perfect for my spot prone skin. I haven't had many spots in the time I've used this and its been great at healing spots when they have popped up! 

Immortelle flower in these products is the flower that doesn't die, so you're helping promote collagen production which is what smooths the skin. I really love knowing that using this cream, I have no trouble with dry skin, spots or lines and I'm keeping my already young skin, youthful. It smells absolutely beautiful with the scent of the flower in there but this is not harsh on the skin and is very soothing especially when you know your skin is parched. 

This cream is £45 [LINK] which isn't what I'm used to paying, obviously when I worked at the store it was cheaper so I was more inclined to buy. I absolutely love L'Occitane products, even though I no longer work there, and would be very tempted to repurchase this as I know it works absolutely brilliantly and when the sales assistant tells you it lasts 6 months, it honestly does!  

A great way to try the L'Occitane Precious Range to see if its right for you, is to try their trial sets which include the best selling Cleansing Foam, Essential Water and a mini Precious Cream which is the great way to trial the products at a fraction of the price. I really love the essential water, it is so soft to the skin and feels really luxurious using the products. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I'm probably not the most pinterest worthy blogger for set up, I don't own a pure white home with a luxurious desk with a big ol' SLR. I'm a student blogger that uses what I've got and keep it easy! So here's my set up for when I set down to get my blog posts written!

I use my dining table in my lounge-come-kitchen and I face the window area as I have a really nice view from my windows. I make sure I'm sitting up rather than slouching to ensure I'm really focused.

More than likely you'll find me with a can of coke (I'm an addict and I know it, but as I bet a few of you are it can be a tough old day without my sugar(free) fix of Coke Zero. To combat the bad, I do ensure I have a pint of water with me too and sip this too. We all know how good water can be to keep your brain awake and mind focused.

I have my filofax open which was prepped ready for the info on my latest Uni Advice: posts and this has also a blogging section which contains any ideas or when I'm a bit stuck in a rut with posts or ideas I've jotted down when out and about.

And lastly, all I need is my Macbook Pro, my best friend, I love my macbook and beats any PC I've ever used. 

When I'm on Pinterest, Blog Lovin', Twitter or just chilling out you'll find me on the sofa but when head down and blogging ahead, you'll find me here ready to get the posts out. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


H&M SLEEVELESS DRESS £10 down from £30 [LINK]

During one evening of our holiday we went for Sushi in the Koi Restaurant in the Vidamar Hotel where we were staying. This was a very swish restaurant so we dressed up a little more than usual. My boyfriend bought me this dress a few weeks before our holiday and it was evident I'd gained just one or two more pounds than I thought so it was a very tight squeeze but it looked so beautiful and I felt all swish in the dress for sure. I loved the way it pulled me in at the right places, looked awesome with a tan and had the nice back line. I decided to wear flip flops to not go overboard but if it was a date night in a different restaurant, and originally I would've teamed it with my nude New Look heels. However, I felt more comfortable in the flats for this occasion.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Last week I was away from the interwebs and England as I went on my first holiday abroad in years to the Portugese island of Maderia. I went away with my boyfriend who kept the secret of the location a surprise for me for endless weeks AND I even managed to get through security in the airport without finding out. You should've seen the security guards face when he asked me where I was going and I said I don't know... it quickly followed by a 'Its a surprise.' I didn't want him thinking something suspicious was going on haha!

The surprise was amazing, we stayed in the most amazing hotel just away from Funchal, the capital city, and we were at a hotel by the sea. We stayed in the Hotel Vidamar which is INSANE. It has two towers, two infinity pools, spa, gym, three extension restaurants, a bar, buffet every evening with sea views, amazing hotel rooms with balcony. It was just amazing how huge the hotel was. 

Each day involved walking. We were a good 20 minute walk from the city but the city held something different everyday. We rarely did the same route twice. We arrived on Friday, walked around Saturday and Sunday, Sunday was definitely an interesting day as it was as you expect. Everything shut up shop, no one around but was such a peaceful change. Such a busy city. It hosts a marina and clearly does most of its exports here.

One morning my boyfriend, Dan, thought it would be a fabulous idea to make me wake up at 7am to go downstairs, it wasn't even ready for breakfast yet so it wasn't my favourite thing to be doing and I was very out of it but we went down by the pool to watch the sunrise. It was a cloudy morning so we decided to go back upstairs instead and when we looked out we had just missed it by a minute rising. It was a beautiful backdrop everyday.

Some of the most recommended things to do in Maderia are to visit the shops, wine lodge which is a very historic traditional wine maker. Maderia wine tastes very much like port or sherry which is NOT my taste, I'm more a white wine, rose kinda girl. So we went to the wine lodge and I tried the Atlantis Rose,  this was so nice so we got a couple bottles and was great to get a souvenir to take back home that wasn't a keyring.

The market was very interesting, a very busy place that did take a good walk to find and admittedly is more busy on Saturdays but just past the trees above in the corner was the fish market. You'd see people bring in loads of fish that probably was caught only an hour or less before and cut up to be sold. My first reaction was that it looked so unhygienic but I have to say I've never eaten so much fish before, it was so nice to try the fish at dinner and lunch as you know it would of been fresh out the sea only that morning.

Not only is ground level the best place to be, or the most recommended but take a cable car up to the mountain tops and you can see the whole south of the Island with the sun lit up. The island had the craziest climates. Down by the Marina and our hotel it was sunny hot, up in the mountains it was so so humid and muggy and even rained a bit and they were only a few miles apart.  The cable cars take you to various gardens, houses and cafes. We went to the botanical garden which was slowly coming out of season but was fun all the same.
And lastly, I cannot fail to mention how good the food was. We never had a bad meal. We got lunch out everyday and we would explore the little alley streets to find hidden gems. Boy did we, the coffee bar was visisted twice, it was an amazing home made, niche cafe that had specials of the day and amazing food and drinks. We loved it there as it wasn't your typical snack bar. We also had a running joke of the whole holiday that we were 'Prego' which in Portuguese is a garlic steak sandwich. We saw this first on a McDonalds advert and then when we tried them we were really impressed by how simple it was yet so tasty. It had ham, cheese, lettuce, steak and tomato in the traditional Bolo de Caco bread and was so good. We will definitely be making these for our lunches at the weekends.

Overall, I had the most amazing holiday. I loved everyday and we got to spend more time together than we have done before. We did lots of exploring, caught a glorious tan, drank lots of wine, ate a shed load of food and enjoyed the beautiful island. I fully recommend this if you're a big explorer but looking for the option of chilling by the pool and sea too.

Friday, 12 September 2014


Being a student isn't all about the partying, living off packet noodles and struggling for a 10 am lecture it's also why you're paying so much, to study. I'm a big advocate of making the most of my time in university as so many people who are older and missed out wished they did it, and that the amount we now pay is ridiculous. Did you know that if you have around 14 hours contact time in university you're paying around £40 a lecture... did that ever occur to you? Thats a lot of money per hour, so make the most of it. In order to make the experience easier rather than strenuous I have some tips ready for your first, second or even third year. I'm only just becoming a second year and have learnt and reflected a lot on my first year so plan to work even harder this time round. 

READING LISTS: As part of your lectures and seminars (find out more about them here [LINK]) you will be given set reading each week, be it a chapter, half a book or even an article these are crucial on excelling and finding out what the lecturer wants you to know. Our lecturers gave readings weeks in advance so we could locate the books. At the beginning of each term I made a word document with the name of the book, chapter, topic, page numbers, and where I could find the book. If it was online I made a hyperlink. I even shared this with a couple of my classmates as they found it really handy to have to look at without logging into moodle everytime. Takes half hour and is probably the most useful document you'll own when it comes to exams.

GRADE LIST: From the beginning of the year I made sure I had written down every grade I received from coursework and tests. I places these into modules. This was a great way to start identifying strengths and weaknesses and as I found, exams were my weaknesses. My coursework grew over the year and tests were steady so I really recommended keeping on track of your grades so if you do slip, you'll be able to identify where you are weaker and then will be able to address that.

BOOK OR LAPTOP NOT BOTH: Over my first year I seemed to alternate from using my laptop for notes to notebook and pen. At first having your laptop in class is so much fun and a luxury. However, buzzfeed soon becomes your best friend and you're notes are unfathomable. Unless you've restraint I recommend notebooks.  You can link things much easier, however, choose from day one. I alternated that my notes were so mixed match that it was a bit of a school boy error. This year I'll be using paper and pen because when it came to exams, my weird little notes on the edge of margins made more sense to me than odd typed abbreviations. 

DIARY/JOURNAL/CALENDAR: Last year I bought a filofax to keep with me throughout the year, I was soon finding my calendar on my Macbook was not good at keeping me organised. So I have been decorating my filofax with washi tape and sections to create an organised planner. This is great for planning out your deadlines, exam dates and holiday times. Its best to keep on top of deadlines as there may be the occasion like I experienced where we had 3 essays over Christmas. It may of been 6 weeks to write each one but if they're all due within 3 days of each other its a big pressure when you've left it last minute. Keep organised. You'll love it when it works in your favour. 

ONLY YOUR GRADES ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU: This sounds odd, but when you're in a big class and you all get your results it can be really disheartening when you got a less than expected score or even when you got an amazing score but they're someone who complains about being 1 off a first or something similar. Its a really awful feeling, because you feel like people will think your score isn't any good, or that you're being belittled. Never worry though, everyone has their own goals and achievements. To me, getting anything over 59 for me was my goal, I was very stuck in a rut at 55 for a while, fixed it and it went up. Others will be crying there eyes out if they had my grades, but overall I was happy with them. Its all about you, and what you end your degree with. Do not feel belittled or less because others have higher goals.

Do you have any other questions or topics you'd like to know more on? Let me know!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Ever since I moved into my new flat I've been swapping up where I store my makeup. Ever since I moved to Essex I've not spent a full week in my flat due to work, staying at boyfriends or my parents. Which is really quite odd, but as my summer calms down and I'm back to uni in a couple of weeks I thought I'd give it the last update so the flat had its final homely touches.

As I rent my flat I cant put nails in the wall (and it shows the black marks on the wall were from previous tenants) so I have placed the Bourjois posters on the wall with non mark fabric which is great. Theres nothing more homely than just having some pictures up. I was given these when I was on work experience at Bourjois just as a disclaimer, you can't buy these.

Yes, I'm still the last blogger on earth to use WHSmiths Drawers, but they still work perfectly for me. I never over own stuff, only last week I cleared out the drawers of just old and never used items. It was a waste and means I can update with freshers products that I know I will use.

I keep my Sigma (old but beloved) brushes in two silver pencil pots from Wilkinsons, these served me well considering I've moved them from three homes in the last year! I also keep odd earrings and my everyday jewellery on the top here too along side my handbag essentials, of hand gel, L'Occitane Shea Butter handcream and Carmex Mojito lip balm. I also have a tiny hand mirror as I haven't yet moved my vanity mirror to my flat yet.

I tend to like having a candle burning to keep my bedroom smelling nice ready for bed and as this is closer to the front door than my lounge, it often scents the whole flat too. This is Sainsbury's 3 wick Apple Blossom and Lotus which is a really warming girlie scent.

When I moved into my flat I had no clothing storage but after a trip to Ikea and a few handmedowns I now have a clothing rail for dresses, hoodies, shirts and blazers and then all my underwear, tops and bottoms are in this Ikea Malm Chest of 4 drawers. You probably think three drawers for clothes is not enough but you'll be surprised how much is packed in here. The bottom drawer has my hair dryer, straighteners, nail polishes, products to review, sun lotion and bits and bobs that I don't want to have lying about.

I am finally really happy with my set up in my bedroom. I find living in a big flat on my own can be quite easy to get scared in, so to know my room is all cosy makes it so much easier.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


University is a big deal for eighteen year olds and over, not only have you just signed away three years of your life to study, you could be potentially moving to a whole new city, and starting life again. The whole time can be very scary and once you start lessons you'll feel even more scared and think it may not be for you. You may well be right, it may not be for you, which is completely ok. However, in my second week I definitely had a moment of 'What shall I do?' and many people have this moment but I got over it and am about to start my second year. So I've some experiences and tips to help you through that moment if you happen to reach it!

TALK TO SOMEONE: Having parents, another half, a friend, or someone who isn't in your university environment to talk it through helps massively. No one will be disappointed with you, your family will always want whats best for you and would hate for you to suffer so talk to them and find a compromise. Just venting will help your head sort it out, and you could be worrying over nothing. 

FIND A HALF WAY HOUSE IF HOMESICK: Luckily for me as I had moved to London, my cousins lived closer to me than my parents did. I got home sick but London is a HUGE city and the biggest quote I remembered from living in London is that even though theres millions of people you can still feel alone. So, to not feel like I was giving in straight off, I saw my cousins the second week I moved in to halls. That way I didn't give in, it was still in London but it wasn't home, and it relieved the pressure. If you can see a friend, relative or have someone come and see you, to take the feeling of homesickness away without going home I'd fully endorce it.  It isn't giving in either.

THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE ACHIEVED: And gained! Not only have you just made it to a new location, a new stage in life, living in your own means. You've made that choice and you've made it so far already, that is something to be really proud of, and you should be amazed by that. You've gained independence and who said it would be a walk in the park! Appreciate it and you'll feel very proud of yourself. 

WHAT'S YOUR PLAN B?: This is a harsh one to say, but for me, that's what stopped me giving up so early, I have wanted to be a journalist since the age of nine, to give up when I felt a bit lost or out of place would of been silly. I've never had a plan B, I've never needed to and I'm very lucky for that, but I fully recommending thinking about a plan B. If you have one, great. If you don't consider sticking it out for a few more weeks. You'll be surprised. 

BUT I DON'T DRINK?: I found freshers very scary, I just was so unprepared for how much drinking was involved, and I thought I liked drinking but I just couldn't afford or keep up with that. At first I worried about being alone through that, but I've learnt after a while, no one cares. And that's a great thing, people wont be mean to you because you don't want to go out because it doesn't effect what they're going to do. I drink often, but I am not a big clubber by any means and I can't afford it, I really don't understand how people can! But if you don't like the lifestyle, seek solace in another hobby or get a job and you'll appreciate money much more.  Drinking is not the be all and end of all of university and anyone who says it is, is a dick. I didn't sign up for £9000 year courses to get ridiculously drunk and I love a drink at the end of exams, and on evenings out, but I refuse to believe you have to get drunk just because everyone else does. 

If you decide the whole lifestyle or course isn't for you, that's ok, there is always help for deciding to change your mind. Give it another week as soon as you hit this wall, because that week will turn into a year of university and before you know it, you'll be ready for your second! 

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