Saturday, 11 January 2014


Foundation is one makeup item I will be prepared to spend on. I have tried too many 'drugstore' foundations that end up being more of a waste of money than anything. Colour matching is near impossible and the quality just never seems to live up to high end, and even when I'm convinced it does, I try a high end foundation and realise I was living a lie!

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

I recently blogged about the 'How To Look Your Best At Everything' set by Benefit Cosmetics and mentioned how I loved the Hello Flawless Foundation included in a sample size in the set. You can see my review on that set here [LINK]. At first I was undecided whether to buy this, but after pay day and feeling like I needed a treat, and of course my current MAC Studio Fix was running low, I decided to stock up.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation
This is the most I've spent on foundation at a steep £25.50. Normally £20 is my limit but after knowing how much I trust and love Benefit, I knew I was making a good choice. The benefit assistant matched me to the lightest bar one shade which was considerably different from the shade that came in the set however it was a much better match for my skin-tone and isn't too pasty either. I'm in the shade 'believe in me Ivory'.

This foundation is a dream to work with, its oil free, has SPF 25, so perfect for all year skin protectant. The coverage is medium but definitely buildable and gives a flawless look to the face. Theres also all the science-y facts like having a complex which boosts cell renewal and prevents signs of ageing, natural finis and other goodness. But to me, its the best way to get a perfect base. I love using this and bo-ing concealer to create a full coverage base. They work super well in creating that 'benefit' look.

I use a variation of brushes to apply this, sometimes my sigma flat top kabuki, so trusted which probably could do with a replacement soon. I also love using a foundation brush to apply a lighter coverage too.

The foundation is a dream to use and work with and suits my skin really well. If you're looking for a non drying and long lasting foundation then Hello Flawless is your girl!

You can buy Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation from Boots, Debenhams, Feel Unique and many other department stores.

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