Saturday, 4 January 2014


Living in a place with my own bathroom sounds a luxury to some and an essential to others. This is the first year I've had the luxury of having my bathroom (a ensuite in a halls room...) how I like. I can choose every product I put it in, not that I didn't buy what I wanted at home, but theres not a sight of imperial leather soap sitting on the ledge or dads shaving foam.

After my first pay day for my first job in London, which although only a christmas temp position I knew with my pay cheque I was going to splash out on myself. Besides the usual clothes and makeup, I decided to buy some real treats for the shower. I have been using whichever shower gel that smelt nice in the supermarkets so far. I didnt even own an exfoliator or body lotion either, it was very sad indeed. So decided to pay Boots a visit and stock on some 3 for 2!

I hadn't used an exfoliator since I moved to London, which although sounds odd, I definitely missed them. Especially Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub, this gorgeous sugary sweet scrub is the most grittiest scrub I've ever used. I've owned this exfoliator before and knew I didn't want the scrub of your life or breakfast scrub as have little samples of them already. Sugar Crush is full of sugar, limes, almond oil and lots of goodness. The grains are harsh so probably not for those of sensitive skins but really does the job. It works great on those little pimples you can get on forearms and is great for legs to smooth them and make them look fabulous.  The scrub is £8 from Boots [LINK].

To compliment the scrub I needed a body butter of course, I previously tried a Champney's Distant Shore body polish, I wasn't a fan of that as much as the Soap and Glory however, loved the smell. So I decided to buy me some Body Butter to gain some moisture back in my skin. This smells AMAZING. Its very perfumed and a very indulgent smell, you can easily smell the passion fruit and mango which I really like and it doesn't smell false or a fake fruity smell.  Using this after a sugary scrub makes me smell super sweet and is a create compliment to the scrub. The body butter is pretty decent at moisturising too and makes skin soft and sweet. It sinks into the skin quickly which is great for mornings or evening out if you want the scent to last but not be waiting to be clothed! This is £10 from Boots [LINK]

And whats a shower without shower gel hey! I fancied trying something really new, instead of Clean on Me from Soap and Glory, which although I love and have a travel sized of, I've used it many times before and wanted to try a new one. I chose Foam Call which is a bath and shower wash and smells gorgeous. Its more masculine and musky in scent that other soap and glory products. It has notes of yazu, orange oil, green fig and many other essences I've not heard of before but all great for a bit of a treat to the senses. It really foams up well and you only need a little. I love that it comes with a pump and is a huge 500ml bottle too for only £6.50 from Boots [LINK] . I'm really impressed with this shower gel!

Lastly, as not just a shower treat really but to constantly be showered in great smells is Original Source's Vanilla and Raspberry Hand Wash. I love a good hand wash, sounds crazy but I love that feeling of using nice products you get when you go to hotels and restaurants so wanted to replicate that. For only a small £1 when it was on offer and I'm pretty sure I've seen this in poundland too, its a nice little touch to the bathroom, and when I have people over, I like to give them a nice treat too. I have a irrational hate towards soap, well, good soap is amazing, basic cheap soaps dry my hands out and make them feel really cringy and horrible. *shudder*  So these are really moisturising and do the job!

What treats do you hold in your bathroom, or your secret products you bring out for special occasions?

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