Friday, 28 February 2014


So like every year, the fourteenth of February comes along and I celebrate another year of my life! This year was a different birthday, my first not being at home or waking up with my parents in the same place so was odd. But enjoyable regardless. I thought I'd show you the makeup and outfits I wore for two events on the day.

For lunch I went to a steakhouse for a valentines/birthday meal, it was so lovely to spend the afternoon with someone who means a lot to me. Excuse the fact I have my eyes closed, but added bonus is that you can see my eyeshadow! Only realised after taking the photo the next day it happened. I am wearing; black dotted lace blouse with black vest underneath tucked into my H&M Black skinny jeans with also my H&M blue blazer.  Primarily all of my clothes are from H&M, love the shop! I wore my trusty and favourite boots of the moment which I have basically worn with EVERYTHING which are my F&F from Tesco Black Chelsea Boots. 

For the night, we went to a bar in Oxford Circus called The Loop, it was so much fun, definitely a 'me' bar, it had two floors, one chart music with lots of cocktails and we had our own table too which was seriously cheap when you get a group together, and then downstairs was a retro disco bar, which was so much fun, had all the classics but good songs going, got to party with all my friends at university which was great! Yes, I had a raging hangover the next day!

My dress is also H&M, surprise surprise! It was only £7.99 and is so flattering on my body shape, I had to wear tights as it was seriously windy but liked how sophisticated it made the dress, and then my gorgeous Next Ankle Boot Stilettos which I got last season. I love these shoes!

I had my hair down all day as its got so long now, its a great length to let it be wild and still look good.

I had a great birthday and will be blogging some of the treats I go too, soon! 

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