Tuesday, 25 February 2014


On a skincare trial I decided to buy some new peices to upgrade my skincare system! I had heard tons and tons on Bioderma and everyones tried it except me, or so it feels! I decided to find out what the hype was on Micellar waters and what makes this liquid so magical!

The Garnier micellar is new to the market and is always going to be compared to Bioderma, however, since I've not tried that yet this is a rather blunt review. Garnier's Micellar water is to be applied to cotton pads, wiped over the face, eyes and lips to remove all traces of makeup and grime and with no extra toning or rinsing. Simple right? I know I prefer something that doesn't require lots of effort especially after a night out or when you just want to get to bed!

However, unless I'm missing something; I've failed to see the hype! This water doesn't obviously take away the dirt, I cant see huge amounts of the makeup that was on my face on the pad, and Garnier's water definitely does not work on those who wear lots of eye makeup. Eyeshadow can be removed, but eyeliner or mascara is a definite no, unless you want to use the whole bottle. 

In some respects, it does feel like I've purchased a bottle of water... maybe it does work. But I'm also worried it does nothing and my skin has been clogged for the few weeks I've been using this now. Its a good quick fix for sure, but I am worried my skin isn't fully clean after use and still feel the need for a second cleanse. 

If Bioderma is the same then I wont be hatching onto that one, but I doubt it is. Is this one of them products that are a fabulous idea but just wont work on a drugstore market? 

This was £4.99 in boots but is on offer in many places and apparently cheaper in Savers!

What are your thoughts on micellar waters? 

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