Monday, 17 February 2014


Living in London has been a mission. It genuinely has felt at times, that I’ve had to adjust to a new climate. Traveling on the tube can make you swelter, but then you get off the tube and into the street and feel like it’s the coldest place on earth, or its raining. Therefore dressing for London is a whole task in itself.

I’ve been wearing my trusty and pretty old now, mustard yellow duffle coat, but it again makes me too hot and its simply a bit worn now. I was tired of trying to match an outfit to a yellow coat, that is a task.

I had seen a gorgeous mac in marks and spencer’s but they never seemed to have my size, I eventually managed to get one in my size, and fell in love once it was on. It’s the perfect coat for me, its got the properties of keeping dry and warm enough but not too heavy either.

When I saw the grey on the mannequin I was sold too, it is such a pretty colour and looks so much better on than off. They also do these in a number of colours but I only had my eyes on the grey, which will go with many outfits!

You can get this mac here [LINK] for £45 which is a steal for a decent mac jacket and you know Marks and Spencer are a trusted quality.

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