Monday, 31 March 2014


I set upon two goals for before turning nineteen this year, clear my skin and whiter teeth. I failed at both due to insufficient funds fundamentally, which sucked. So as soon as I had some birthday money and I gained a new job I treated myself to a supply of Crest White Strips. I was very cautious at first, having to buy these from ebay is quite daunting and for something thats going on your teeth and in your mouth is something to be very careful of. I made sure I found a very safe and really recommended seller and ordered a ten day supply.

My teeth before I used this treatment had braces two years ago and have always had whitening toothpaste used on them but never has one made a significant difference. I don't floss and occasionally use mouthwash but thats about it. Just a usual twice a day brusher!

The strips come on a clear plastic and the strip itself is a textured film that you apply easily to the top and bottom. You apply to dry teeth, best to start bottom first as instructed, applying is super easy, think of it as a plaster for the teeth, really simple. I like to make sure I seal it with my tongue though just to secure it in properly. You wear these for 30 minutes a day, whilst you wear them you don't taste anything as such, the only way you would feel the gel is if you haven't applied properly but it doesn't taste awful, just isn't an ideal taste, and it isn't lethal to you so no problems there! Theres no need to brush your teeth again after using them, they come off dry. 

Here are my results with using them, before my teeth were a off white, the photo below goes accordingly, the flash intensified the discolouration which you can imagine was a nightmare in photos! 

After using them for only ten days you can see the far right is a big change, and its only when I've put these photos together I've seen the huge difference. The middle picture is after day three, this is when its often said you would notice a difference and you can definitely see one. I'm so happy with the results, its exactly what I was after and I think every few months I'll top up and use them for three days just to get the result again. For anyone scared, don't be, as long as you trust the seller you'll get great results too. I've seen too many youtubers come out with sparkly teeth who have used the strips for 20 days, but I wanted a bit more of a natural look. Its surprising how much I enjoy having whiter teeth, I feel like I can wear dark lipsticks again!

Strips vary in prices but on average its around £20 for ten strips, you can buy as many as you require from certain sellers aswell.

Has anyone else used these and been super happy with the results?  Any questions do ask too!

Friday, 28 March 2014


This week I attended one of the Bloggers London Fashion week events. I went with Laura from Lulabelle, and we were treated to a tea party from Debenhams, cupcakes, treats, fashion and then a Q&A from Poppy Dinsey from What I Wear Today.

The event was in Penthouse in Leicester Square and had the most amazing views of London from the top floor! The room was filled with other bloggers, Debenhams' gorgeous new collection and lots to look at and feast upon.

Debenhams shoes showcase

More gorgeous shoes from the newest collection, some real 90's inspired shoes back in fashion!

The jewellery was to die for! I never realised how amazing Debenhams especially the Red Herring range was, and actually how affordable it was too. Luckily as one of the first people there me and Laura got to get our hands on the Haul table where there was loads of gorgeous necklaces and Henry Holland phone cases and purses. I got my hands on two gorgeous statement necklaces which I will be showing soon.

There were lots of treats, marshmallows, cocktail glasses full of goodies, cupcakes which took me and Laura forever to get as they looked too good to eat!!  The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party so all alice in wonderland themed!

Here's Laura taking photos ,sneaky I know. We had a great time, got some real great inspiration for fashion trends of the summer, and am definitely opening my eyes to more items from Debenhams as they are more than just beauty counters. The clothes are gorgeous and most importantly, affordable!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The lack of blogs is because of the topic of this post. University. I'm coming ever closer to the end of my year and feel like its time to reflect on my time here, this is mainly about living and the experience I've had, not necessarily the education side as I've still my summer exams and bits of coursework to go.

When I joined uni I had no idea what to expect. You imagine, drinking, laughter, huge variety and expectations in general that can or cannot be lived up to. I moved to Central London, and when I say Central, I mean Central and that in itself is a huge change for a simple town folk like myself.

Halls of Residence / Accommodation 

I live in halls of residence, I have my own bedroom, and shower-room/ensuite. I had to have my own bathroom even if it cost more, I was not sharing a bathroom on any accord, a beauty blogger can only understand ha! I live with five other people and we share a kitchen. Living in halls has been an experience itself, theres been the odd dispute, people in and out and kitchen inspections failed but all in all it could be a lot worse. I don't like mess so find that quite difficult to handle, everyone has their own ways of living and I have my own too. Its a learning curve in that sense as Ive learnt how clean I actually like to live, which I never felt I had that when I lived with my parents. Halls is noisy too, especially in freshers I hated it, I never slept well, I heard every door, everyone in the courtyard behind my room outside. It was hell for me and what I'll mention soon is that I didn't settle well at first. However, it is now quite homely, I've got used to the bed despite it being small, and things are now my own. I am glad to be leaving it soon though, theres no way you could live here for years ha!

The Booze.

Lets face it, University is very alcohol influenced and is part of the lifestyle. I thought before uni I was quite fun and went out a lot and enjoyed drinking, however, Freshers week combined with homesickness equaled a bit of a breakdown in terms of coping with living in halls. I tried my best but I was just so afraid of the city at that point and I hadn't come to terms with everything. However, I don't feel like I missed out in some sense. When I did go out, I had fun, and don't feel like I wont ever get the opportunity to do nights out again. Drinking isn't the be all and end all. Its not to say I don't drink, I drink a fair amount, and if anyone knows me, I can down a pint of strongbow (classy girl I know) quicker than you count, and will always rely on a glass of wine to get through a long week but I want to reassure anyone who is worried about that side of it all. People aren't going to hate you for it, eventually people give up trying to get you out if you don't want to and you're accepted for your choices. It seems scary at first but rest assured, if you're not up for a week of drinking during Freshers, it wont affect the rest of your year.

Studying at University is what I thrive on. As much as its all very daunting, its a lot of scary big books you never knew existed, a lot of powerpoint slides and essays that are crazy long with references that make you brain fried; personally I enjoy it. I love academia, and even though my essays and work haven't reached the targets Id like, I keep trying. It has been hard not getting where I want to be, I don't want a first, it would be amazing but I know its unobtainable for me, but trying to up what I currently am standing on is hard. My exams will be very very hard for me as I need to revise like crazy to up it as an overall average. One book that has helped me loads is 'The Study Skills Book' it has loads and loads of chapters on how to cope at university, how to take notes, how to organise, how to cope with exams, everything you could possibly need to survive university and I wish I had got it sooner!  Once I've got into Exam Season which is only a month away now I will be doing some tips and help pointers nearer the time! The only thing I worry about is time management but since all my friends and family will be working during the day, if I go home to see them I wont be distracted during the day so its all good there.


Being in London is great, theres always something to do or somewhere nice to go. I love where I live in Islington as I have the access of a town with shops, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets but I also have access to quiet parts then access straight to the City. I can walk to The Gherkin and I see the Shard from my road. Its all quite fancy. I really enjoy where I am and think even if I didn't live in London I'd still want to visit this part. I have also joined the gym at a reasonable rate which is great to do as it gives you motivation, something to do when bored and keeps you healthier than just constant student diet.

Other than that, Uni has been an experience. I've met lots of new people and have a comfortable group of friends, I've met some bloggers and got some events in the running too which is exciting. London is great, homesickness sucks when you're in a big city to begin with though and that was the hardest part but I had some great people back home who got me through it.

Any questions or anything let me know if you're able to tackle university this year, and the next instalment will be exam season!

Sunday, 2 March 2014


A little trip to one of the best store to hit my nearest city was an Inglot Cosmetics store! If you’re unfamiliar, Inglot is a really underestimated brand, admittedly hard to find, they are comparable to mac, the packaging is fairly similar, the quality in products is second to none and offer similar products. The makeup company from Poland, offers ‘Freedom’ palettes similar to MAC eye shadow pallete refills, the choices from Inglot are huge! They have a vast selection of face, lip and eye products as well as brushes. A company that deserves a lot more appraisals, and my favourite part is that their products are nowhere near as expensive as MAC can be.
 I did a mini haul the other day with a voucher I had, I will talk about the eyeshadows I got in a separate post but for today I’m reviewing their Advanced Makeup Components Eyeliner Gel in 77 (Black).

They do their eyeliner posts in so many colours, even a yellow! I needed a new gel liner and needed a full on black. 77, all their shades are numbers, is a bold dark black. No glitter, or shine, matte black. It’s a high intensity of pigment and one swipe is bold! The formula is a creamy gel that doesn’t need working into at all. With one swipe using an eyeliner brush I have a long lasting, smudge and crease proof eyeliner line. Its even waterproof, and yes, tear proof, even that was tested! I was impressed, even a friend I was with at the time commented it was tough wearing too!

Also, for those who are interested, it’s a paraben free product and not tested on animals, so win win! This eyeliner is only £10 too so a great steal for a high end company!

You can buy Inglot from their online store here or you can go to their shops located in Cambridge as well as Westfield White City. 

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