Monday, 31 March 2014


I set upon two goals for before turning nineteen this year, clear my skin and whiter teeth. I failed at both due to insufficient funds fundamentally, which sucked. So as soon as I had some birthday money and I gained a new job I treated myself to a supply of Crest White Strips. I was very cautious at first, having to buy these from ebay is quite daunting and for something thats going on your teeth and in your mouth is something to be very careful of. I made sure I found a very safe and really recommended seller and ordered a ten day supply.

My teeth before I used this treatment had braces two years ago and have always had whitening toothpaste used on them but never has one made a significant difference. I don't floss and occasionally use mouthwash but thats about it. Just a usual twice a day brusher!

The strips come on a clear plastic and the strip itself is a textured film that you apply easily to the top and bottom. You apply to dry teeth, best to start bottom first as instructed, applying is super easy, think of it as a plaster for the teeth, really simple. I like to make sure I seal it with my tongue though just to secure it in properly. You wear these for 30 minutes a day, whilst you wear them you don't taste anything as such, the only way you would feel the gel is if you haven't applied properly but it doesn't taste awful, just isn't an ideal taste, and it isn't lethal to you so no problems there! Theres no need to brush your teeth again after using them, they come off dry. 

Here are my results with using them, before my teeth were a off white, the photo below goes accordingly, the flash intensified the discolouration which you can imagine was a nightmare in photos! 

After using them for only ten days you can see the far right is a big change, and its only when I've put these photos together I've seen the huge difference. The middle picture is after day three, this is when its often said you would notice a difference and you can definitely see one. I'm so happy with the results, its exactly what I was after and I think every few months I'll top up and use them for three days just to get the result again. For anyone scared, don't be, as long as you trust the seller you'll get great results too. I've seen too many youtubers come out with sparkly teeth who have used the strips for 20 days, but I wanted a bit more of a natural look. Its surprising how much I enjoy having whiter teeth, I feel like I can wear dark lipsticks again!

Strips vary in prices but on average its around £20 for ten strips, you can buy as many as you require from certain sellers aswell.

Has anyone else used these and been super happy with the results?  Any questions do ask too!

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