Saturday, 5 April 2014


Effaclar Duo+ is my saving grace, yes I fully believe thats how this review should begin. I’ve found exactly what my skin has needed since I was thirteen. My skin has always been scarred from teenage acne, at nineteen my skin only gets hormonal spots now but it can look like I still have acne when I am not wearing makeup simply because of the scars. Its because of this that I could never really define my skin type, it gets dry easily on the forehead, hormonal on the chin and cheeks are fine, so its all a bit mix and match.

I was in boots about three months ago now and saw this on offer and after so many you tubers especially raving about this, at £10 when on offer I was super excited to try it. The Effaclar duo is anti blemish cream that targets signs of oily, blemish prone skin. It improves the appearance of blemishes, unclogs blocked pores, refines texture of the skin, controls shine and with the new + formula fights against the appearance of marks (scars). The texture is a light well gel and has no scent, no paragons, non comedogenic and is suitable for even sensitive skins.

I used to apply this morning and evening alone after cleansing, it took about a week to see any difference of any sort, after four weeks especially after hormonal spots I did notice dramatic difference. This was a good judge of time to test it too as the skin renews every 28 days. The scars were fading, my nose area was dramatically less clogged and my chin was getting better at less spots.

The only issue I had was, was that my forehead was still dry especially in-between my eyebrow and around and that meant applying makeup looked cakey. I recently decided to start wearing this underneath my moisturiser which is currently L’Occitane Precious Cream (which I love and will review soon) and have seen even faster improvement.

Some scars are going to take time but for the most part I’ve had very very few blemishes if any on my forehead, only about two on my chin during hormonal times and none anywhere else whilst using this. At first I was very cautious of it not working but I have found adding a extra moisturiser increases the skin textures improvement.

I am a big fan and even at £15.50 when not on offer is a real steal to improve the texture of the skin, which many can relate to when they don’t have acne anymore but still suffer years on.

You can buy this product from Boots here. 

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